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Planet Nitro 338
Planet Nitro 338.jpg
Featured in Dragon Ball: The Mrovian Series
Parent star type K-type red giant
Orbital characteristics
Satellites 2
Physical characteristics
Equatorial surface gravity 17.7 m/s2
1.8 g
Surface temperature
Mean 322 K
49 °C
Composition >70% nitrogen (N2)
~20% oxygen (O2)
Sentient species 1 population <200 (at its peak)

Planet Nitro 338 is a planet that was controlled by the Planet Trade Organization in Nitro's territory until its abandonment during the year Age 766.

Planet description[]

Planet Nitro 338 is on the border of the habitable zone of a K-type "orange giant". The planet is primarily desert, composed largely of purple soil and rock, and is known for its massive canyon that is over 8 kilometers deep and 5,000 kilometers across. Meteor showers also occur fairly frequently, due to the large number of meteoroids in the planet's solar system. Planet Nitro 338 and the star it orbits are positioned fairly close to the center of West Galaxy, giving the planet a bright night sky with a far greater concentration of visible stars when compared to the skies of other planets.

While habitable to most species in regards to temperature and atmospheric composition, life did not evolve on its surface due to its location in its galaxy. At the galactic center where there are a larger concentration of stars, supernovae within only several tens of light-years occur at an average frequency of about one every eighty years, bombarding the planet's surface with ionizing radiation; any life that attempts to surface within those short decades is instantly sterilized whenever a nearby supernova occurs. That being said, reasonably powerful beings can easily survive on Planet Nitro 338 for extended periods of time, provided they bring their own supplies of food and water to sustain themselves.


At some point after Age 739, Nitro's forces discovered the planet, which was promptly named Planet Nitro 338. Nitro garrisoned a small company on the planet, although Chaiva would occasionally visit between missions in order to appreciate the view of its environment. After the planet was abandoned in Age 766, Chaiva brought Cuber to Planet Nitro 338 to share her experiences with him.

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