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Planet Nitro 297
Featured in Dragon Ball: The Mrovian Series
Parent star type G-type main-sequence
Orbital characteristics
Satellites None
Physical characteristics
Equatorial surface gravity 21.6 m/s2
2.2 g
Surface temperature
Mean 304 K
31 °C
Composition >70% nitrogen (N2)
~20% oxygen (O2)
Sentient species 1 population <200 (at its peak)

Planet Nitro 297 is a Planet Trade Organization-controlled world in Nitro's territory until its destruction at the hands of Nitro himself.

Planet description[edit | edit source]

Planet Nitro 297 is habitable and orbits a G-type main-sequence star very much like Earth's sun. It has forests of green trees throughout much of its landscape.

History[edit | edit source]

A few weeks before April of 739 Age, Nitro's soldiers, facing no resistance from any sentient lifeforms, claim the planet for Nitro's empire, declaring it Planet Nitro 297. On April 7, Chaiva designates Planet Nitro 297 as a temporary destination, not knowing that it had been annexed into Nitro's empire, due to the fact that the computers of the Attack Balls of both her and Cuber are out of date. Nitro's soldiers detect the Saiyans' space pods on their approach to Planet Nitro 297 and report this information to their lord, who decides to visit the Saiyans himself.

In a desperate attempt to hide any traces of their presence, Chaiva, Cuber, and Kailon wipe out all of the Planet Trade Organization soldiers on the planet, but Nitro, along with some of his strongest warriors, arrive before the Saiyans can escape. Nitro offers to have the Saiyans join him and resorts to ordering Nukket to brutally beat Cuber in order to convince them to take his preposition. This, however, angers Kailon, who transforms into his Proto-Super Saiyan state for the first time. With his newfound power, Kailon proceeds to slaughter Nitro's warriors and intends to do the same with Nitro. Nitro proves to still be stronger than Kailon, but the Saiyan boy is able to shake a Death Beam from the tyrant. However, a subsequent Death Ball proves to be too much for Kailon to handle, and Nitro's energy sphere pushes Kailon into the planet and its core, destroying both the Proto-Super Saiyan and Planet Nitro 297.

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