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The Planets information is a list that has something to do with Dragon Ball OS and the planets.


Planet Name Terrain
Juju Rocky.
Frieza 21 Sandy
YOLN Earth Like
Uberia None, just has tiles around the planet
Ytra'anka Earth Like
Yadrat Rocky
Cold 1# Ice and water filled planet

A Planet Year in an Earth Year[]

Planet Name Earth Time
Juju 10 Months
Frieza 21 2 Months
YOLN 8 Months
Uberia | Uberian Moons 2 Years | 6 E Months
Ytra'anka 1 Month
Yadrat 6 Months
Cold 1 5 Months

Planet Ranked In Size[]

Rank # Planet Name
1 Uberia
2 Ytra'anka
3 Frieza 21
4(^ Cold 1
5(v) YOLN
6 Yadrat
7 Juju

^= Signifies Bigger Than Earth

v= Signifies Smaller Than Earth 


Planet Name Specialties
Uberia Uberia is known for it's massive and really good shops. It is known as the World Marketplace and others go there to buy things, trade and sell.
Ytra'anka Alliance with YOLN for oil.
Frieza 21 Known for it's control under Freiza
Cold 1 Known for the first Planet conquered by King Cold.
YOLN YOLN is known for their unique cat like species appearance and resemble Saiyans.
Yadrat Instant Transmission
Juju Juju is known for it's Civil Wars
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