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Planet Frieza 302
Planet Frieza 302
Featured in Black Dawn
Pronunciation plan-it freez-ah three huhn-drid too
Parent star type G-type main-sequence
Orbital characteristics
Orbital period 515.2 d
Satellites 1
Satellite names Mulean
Physical characteristics
Equatorial radius 8275.1 km
Polar radius 8247.5 km
Surface area 41.9% land
58.1% water
Mass 8.04973×1024 kg
1.35 M
Equatorial surface gravity 7.8456 m/s2
0.8 g
Axial tilt 2.31°
Surface temperature
Minimum −92.6 °C
Mean -4.5°C
Maximum 15.4 °C
Composition 79.62% nitrogen (N2)
19.48% oxygen (O2)
0.48% water vapor (H2O)
0.22% carbon dioxide (CO2)
0.15% methane (CH4)
0.05% trace elements
Sentient Species Unnamed natives Planet Trade Organization members
Sentient species 1 population 0
Sentient species 3 population 1404
Number of major cities 91 (natives), 4 (resettlement)
Technology level Tier 5 (natives), Tier 2 (resettlement)

Planet Frieza 302 is a Planet Trade Organization-controlled world. It is located in Lord Frieza's territory.


In Age 737, Kolhrai, Cyleria, Nazumi, and Araegon were sent to this planet to conquer it for Frieza. After they destroyed a single town, an army of Frieza's soldiers, led by Captain Ajira, showed up. Those aliens attacked the Saiyans, for during the Saiyans' trip to the planet, Frieza had begun the Genocide of the Saiyans. The four Saiyans and all soldiers sans Ajira and Zarbon were killed in the conflict. Ajira herself cleared the planet of its native life.

Afterwards, Planet Frieza 302 was transformed into a mining world, with deep extraction outposts placed all across its snowy surface. Due to the extreme cold of this world, much of the mining was automated, with only a few scientists and overseers being permanently stationed on the planet.

Notable facts[]

  • Cyleria died on this planet.
  • The natives of Planet Frieza 302 were small creatures, slightly fetus-like in appearance, who rode on fleshy blue flowers. They could fly naturally and were only about two feet tall.
  • The natives' cities were crafted by architecture that seemed to honeycomb together. Their buildings were tree-like and were not very tall.


  • Planet Frieza 302's native population:
    • At height: 249,545,011.
    • At lowest point: 0.
  • Planet Frieza 302's Planet Trade Organization population:
    • At height: 1404.
    • At lowest point: 0.


Planet Frieza 302 is still around.

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