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This article, Planet Bardock (Goku484), takes place in an alternate universe or timeline,
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Bardock protecting his home planet with his life

Planet Bardock was Planet Vegeta (which was named in King Vegeta's favor after he led the Saiyans to an  overthrow of the Tuffles Planet Plant) renamed in Bardock's favor after his power had ascended high enough to allow him to prevail over King Vegeta.

Planet Vegeta[]

After being exiled from Planet Sadala, then royal guard Vegeta the first, and his loyal followers, discovered the Planet called Plant. Upon this astounding new find, the Saiyans encountered the inhabitants of the planet at the time, called Tuffles. With the Saiyans overbearing and brutish nature, along with their physical strength, they were able to easily overtake the tuffles, forcing them into slavery, and have them devolep advanced technology for them. Among these advancements, were the scouter and space pods, which Frieza, and by extension King Cold, as well as Cooler, forced the Saiyans (after the Tuffles had akready been exterminated) turned over to them. The Saiyans used their Oozaru (Great Ape) transformations to almost entirely annihilate the tuffles existence. 

Stuggle For Power[]

Barodck Seizes Control[]

Who's Planet is this Anyway?[]