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These are the planes of existence in KidVegeta's Universe. All canon and fanon media takes place within one or more of these five planes. The model of existence shown in the anime and in various guides (see the below picture) is considered to be canon, and that picture shows the last three planes of existence. The first two planes of existence, Mytos and Helcio, exist outside of the ball-shape universe, and are inaccessible to all mortal beings, including the Kais.

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The five planesEdit

  1. Mytos - The 1st plane. This is where the Thirteen Divines live. This is the only plane to have Elder Time, so nothing can die within it. Regular beings are unable to reach this plane.
  2. Helcio - The 2nd plane. This is where the Shima and Keishin lived and was the first plane created for housing beings aside from the gods. As of the time of Dragon Ball, this is the only uninhabited plane.
  3. Other World - The 3rd plane. This is where beings that are touched by Sethys go. While they do not naturally age or die within this place, there is nothing preventing anyone from dying. This is where the remaining Shima were placed after their rebellion. There are three main places that dead people are sent to in this realm:
    1. Heaven - This is where generally good people go. It is located at the top of Other World.
    2. Hell - This is where evil people go after dying. It is located at the bottom of Other World.
    3. Purgatory - This is where people who are neither good nor evil go. This place is separated from the other two, and cannot be accessed without King Yemma's authority.
  4. The Universe - This is the 4th plane. This is the universe that houses almost all beings. Almost all of Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and the stories in the KidVegeta Universe take place on this plane.
  5. Underworld - This is where the demons and Makaios live. It is is the smallest plane and is where the remaining Keishin were placed after their rebellion.
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