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This article, Pig Out: Who can eat the most, Goku or Naruto, is a work of humor, and is not in any way intended by the author to be taken seriously.

This is a Oneshot


They gathered the ten top eaters in all of Japan for a PigOut. Among the competitors are: goku, Gohan, Naruto, and 7 other random people. The competion began. Based on their favorite food, they had to eat the most of that untill the other person couldn't eat no more of his. The last three competitors would compete in the full PigOut where you can eat anything untill the other two give up. One man had ate 10 hotdogs and couldn't go no more. A girl ate 20 cheese burgers and threw up. Two men were trying to chow down on pizza but couldn't finish. And the three woman couldn't even finish a pizza pie. The last three competitors were Goku, gohan, and Naruto.

Goku in the middle of finishing a full ham in one bite: You can't out eat me son. Then he shoved 5 chicken bones down his throat.

Gohan: oh yeah dad, we'll see, as he swollowed 10 bowls of spagetti whole.

Naruto: I will beat both of you, as he scarfed down 20 bowls of ramen, 15 chicken bones, 30 slices of pizza, and 40 hamburgers.

Goku: You think you're all that eating 30 slices of pizza? Goku then ate 30 whole pizza pies, scarfed down 70 pancakes, 80 waffles, and 10 bowla of cereal.

Gohan just kept eating cereal bowl after cereal bowl. Gohan had drunk 200 milk cartons straight, ate through boxes of Froot Loops, Coaco Pebbles, Fruity Pebbles, Honey Comes, Honey Nut Cheerios, Cheerios, Strawberry HoneyComes, Miniwheats, Captain Crunch, Penut Butter Crunch, Crunch Berries, and Choco Crunch.

Naruto then ate 90 pieces of garlic bread.

Goku ate 100 garlic patches straight.

Naruto ate a carrot, mushroom, and every other vegetable there is.

Gohan then ate 50 beef sausges.

Naruto then ate 90 strips of beaf bacon.

Goku then ate 85 strips of turkey bacon.

Naruto ate 900 whole loafs of French Toast. Naruto then easy went through 5650 bowls of ramen.

Goku went through 807 bowls of spagetti.

Gohan ate OVER 9000 turkeys.

Eventually, 2 chicken bone were all that was needed to take Gohan go out.

But Goku and Naruto came down to the last spagetti strand. It was a tie. At the end Goku and Natuto each held a side of a trophy that said Most greetiest person alive.