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Piccolo DBSM


Race Namkeian
Aliases Piccolo Jr, Junior, King Piccolo, Ma junior, The Namek,
Debut Appearance Dragon Ball Episode #123
Date Of Birth 753 Age
Father (Before Splitting into two) Nameless Namekian (Katas Jr.)
Father/Incarnation/Permanent Fusse King Piccolo
Father/Good Counterpart/Permanent Fusse Kami
Father/Dued to Fusion With Nail Guru
Permanent Fusse Nail
Grand Father Katas
Unnamed Off springs Brothers
Brother Piano
Brother Tambourine
Brother Cymbal
Brother Drum
Brother (Due to Fusion with Nail) Moori
Brother (Due to Fusion with Nail) Dende
brother (Due to Fusion with Nail) Cargo
Mentor King Kai
Student/Long Life Best Friend Gohan
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