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Goten Savor Kamehameha-

Goten preparing to use the Phoenix Wave (non-canon)

The Phoenix Wave is an energy attack similar to the Kamehameha utilized by Arashi. It is performed when cupped hands are drawn to the user's side and the ki is concentrated into a single point between the cupped hands (and the hands must be really close). Here's where the similarities between it and the Kamehameha end. The user then forms a miniature Spirit Bomb in his hands and thrusts foward a wide or focused beam of energy with the distinctive sound of a Phoenix's screech, sometime used as a distraction due to the loud, irritating volume.


The Phoenix Wave is a very rare attack, implanted at birth for very few warriors. It is assumed Grandmaster Yotchan innovated the blast as he is the oldest known user of it. The Phoenix Wave can be more powerful depending on the person using it and the amount of energy one puts forth. For example, Arashi unknowingly harnessed the energy of the Great Ape for his Phoenix Wave in the battle against Grandmaster Yotchan. That being said, changes occur depending on the energy harnessed. If the Great Ape energy is put forth, the users' eyes will become blank and they will grow fangs until the blast is over. The Phoenix Wave can take alot out of the user, as Arashi passed out every time he used it as a child.


  • 50% Power Phoenix Wave
  • Full Power Phoenix Wave
  • Confetti Phoenix Wave
  • Super Phoenix Wave
  • Ground Phoenix Wave