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Planet Cooler 362
Planet Cooler 362
Featured in From Magic to Monsters
Pronunciation pair-ey-gahr-ee
Adjective Peregarian
Alternate Names Planet Cooler 362
Parent star type G-type main-sequence
Orbital characteristics
Orbital period 17483.7 d
Satellites 6
Satellite names Sirkac, Fi Mann, Sol Mann, Fisarc, Elsiran, Li Me
Physical characteristics
Equatorial radius 8439.2 km
Polar radius 8411 km
Surface area 100% water (except during summers, when a 30 mile long land mass rises above the oceans)
Mass 1.43373×1026 kg
24.01 M
Equatorial surface gravity 134.3559 m/s2
13.7 g
Axial tilt 2.08°
Surface temperature
Minimum -257.3 °C
Mean -137.1 °C
Maximum -125.9 °C
Composition 88.73% neon
9.52% nitrogen (N2)
0.72% methane (CH4)
0.71% fluorine
0.21% ethane (C2H6)
0.09% krypton
0.02% trace elements
Sentient Species Heolik, Planet Trade Organization members
Sentient species 1 population 503,671
Sentient species 2 population 33
Number of major cities 0
Technology level Tier 6 (natives), Tier 2 (resettlement)

Peregari (officially known as Planet Cooler 362) is a Planet Trade Organization-controlled world. It is in Lord Cooler's territory.


Peregari is an extremely cold world that is uniformly covered in a light blue ocean of liquid oxygen. However, during the summers, some of the great ocean freezes up and reveals a 30 mile stretch of land the native species, the Heolik, call Mannan. On Mannan, the Heolik gather and lay their eggs, which will hatch on that continent before it is submerged below the waters again. Aside from Mannan, Peregari has no natural landforms, and as such, the planet has no buildings or anything on its surface. When Cooler conquered the planet, however, he placed several Planet Trade Organization facilities high in the atmosphere. These were primarily used to prepare Heolik who were being transferred from Peregari to the warmer planets in Cooler's empire. These floating facilities were manned by several dozen Planet Trade Organization soldiers, though most of them abandoned the planet during the Planet Trade Organization civil war.

Peregari's liquid oxygen was desirable to many different factions after the collapse of the Planet Trade Organization, including the Joleans and the Faereth. However, they have been unable to take any oxygen so far, for Peregari is so cold and its air so toxic that extended operations on the planet's surface are too costly and dangerous to be attempted. Because of this, Peregari is currently at peace and not part of the Planet Trade Organization civil war conflicts.

Around 5 Million Before Age, after Bibidi awoke the true Majins, he sent Majin Hocus to look for Majin Jaduu and Majin Baranduu. Hocus eventually found Baranduu hiding out on a water world with his wife, Majin Uudnarab, and their children. Hocus killed Baranduu's family and then attacked the Majin warrior. Baranduu was no match for Hocus, and after a brief skirmish, even he realized that. Hocus briefly captured Baranduu and tried to interrogate him about where Jaduu had gone, but Baranduu revealed nothing to the true Majin. He bit Hocus' neck and then tried to absorb the true Majin. However, Hocus knew what Baranduu was trying to do and prevented it with several energy attacks. Baranduu, who was greatly wounded, then tried to flee. He did not get far, as Hocus threw a powerful green energy ball at him that vaporized Baranduu immediately on impact.

In Age 758, space pirates attacked Peregari, destroying the moon Sirkac and heavily damaging Fi Maan.

Notable facts[]

  • Konatsu was born on this planet.
  • Peregari's great ocean is the only known natural occurrence of liquid oxygen in the universe.
  • Peregari is usually not cold enough for liquid oxygen to form. At its coldest, the planet is easily able to force oxygen to liquefy. However, the reason why the oxygen ocean remains even when the planet is somewhat warmer is because of the planet's extreme pressure. During the summer, however, some of the surface oxygen will freeze, lowering the sea level and revealing the planet's single continent, Mannan.
  • The Heolik call their planet's world ocean Fi Khalani.
  • Cooler tried to set Peregari's ocean on fire when he was trying to conquer the world, but he was unsuccessful due to the world's air pressure and the gases in the air.
  • Heolik are unable to immediately return to their planet if they have been off of it for a long period of time. They will need to use the Planet Trade Organization facilities in Peregari's upper atmosphere to get re-acclimated to the planet's extreme cold in order to return to Fi Khalani.
  • In Age 758, Xiros witnessed the space pirates destroy Sirkac.


  • Peregari's Heoli population:
    • At height: 503,671.
    • At lowest point: 217,493.
  • Peregari's Planet Trade Organization population:
    • At height: 178.
    • At lowest point: 33.


Peregari is still around.

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