Anime name Goter
Alternate names Sonfin
Race Saiyan/Human
Gender Male
Allegiance Z-Fighters
  • Goku (SSJJ) (Fusee)
  • Peter Griffin (Fusee)
  • Griffin Family (Half-wife, Half-sons, and Half-wife)
  • Christen (SSJJ) (Fused Son)
  • Peku is the EX-Fusion of DBZ's Goku and FG's Peter Griffin.

    Overview[edit | edit source]

    Appearance[edit | edit source]

    Peku has Peter's phyisque, but Goku's facial structure. His hair is mixture between the colour of Peter's Hair, and Goku's hair. He has the Metamo-Ring on his ring arm, and has Goku's orange ki over Peter's white shirt, and Goku's pants, and boots. He also has Peter's glasses, and half his hair is flat like Peter's, and spiky like a Saiyan's hair.

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