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Bulla SSj

Paulla is the Fusion Dance of Bulla/Bra/Bura Briefs and Pan Son. The Fusion is in case Gotenks is unable to defeat an enemy. She is 3/4 Sayian and 1/4 Human due to Bulla be Half-Sayian and Pan is Quater-Sayian. They're members of the same familes they belong to. They are voiced by Pariksi Fakhri/Elise Baughman.


Paulla is Bulla's height, Bulla's hair color on the left and black on the right, their hair is Pan's hairstyle, Bulla's headband with Pans Bandanna's colorand wears the same vest as Gotega, white sports bra under, red sash around waist and white Gi pants with Goku's boots with black cloth tied around the ankles. She also has Navy blue wristbands.


A mix of Bulla's and Pan's personalities, a girly tomboy, loves shopping, training and resting, you know if you saw DBGT, they also have their dads main personalities.


Strength: From Pan, mixed with Bulla's strength, she is stronger than Normal Humans.

Flight: The user manipulates Ki to push off the ground and fly.

Masenko: From Pan, Paulla's is orange and turquiose.

Kamehameha: From Pan, a move invented by Master Roshi, launches a very powerful, whitish-blue beam.

Big Bang Attack: From Bulla passed down by her dad,their verison is red.

Instant Transmission: Instant Teleporting.

Maiden's Rage: From Pan.

Can't Lose!: Paulla punches the enemy in the gut, kick slaps them 4 times, kick on the side, headbutt and throws enemy to the ground and uses Masenko.