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Featured in Monster
Pronunciation pas-een
Adjective Passeinian
Parent star type G-type main-sequence
Orbital characteristics
Orbital period 158.5 d
Satellites 2
Satellite names Gheulo, Bapali
Physical characteristics
Equatorial radius 3489.6 km
Polar radius 3477.9 km
Surface area 82.4% land
17.6% water
Mass 3.93658×1024 kg
0.66 M
Equatorial surface gravity 21.5754 m/s2
2.2 g
Axial tilt 32.81°
Surface temperature
Minimum −65.3 °C
Mean 3.9 °C
Maximum 15.5 °C
Composition 84.80% nitrogen (N2)
14.73% oxygen (O2)
0.32% carbon dioxide (CO2)
0.12% argon
0.03% trace elements
Sentient Species Legutholo, Planet Trade Organization members
Sentient species 1 population 0
Sentient species 2 population 3258
Number of major cities 49 (natives), 3 (resettlement)
Technology level Tier 6 (natives), Tier 2 (resettlement)

Passein (officially known as Planet Frieza 023) is a Planet Trade Organization-controlled world. It is located in Lord Frieza's territory.


Passein was conquered by Frieza in Age 621 and was renamed Planet Frieza 023. Its native species, the Legutholo, were enslaved and several Planet Trade Organization outposts were placed across the world. This world mainly functioned as a military outpost, with several cities being used solely to train soldiers. Additionally, the planet was valuable for rare metal mining, and several such mines were set up across the surface, particularly near the north pole.

In Age 701, an infestation of space-badgers led to the deaths of all PTO soldiers as well as native Legutholos within six months of the spread. Years later, Cui was sent to the planet to cleanse it of its infestation, and he was mostly successful in doing so. As of the time of Monster, which took place about two decades after the outbreak, the Planet Trade Organization was re-populating the planet, but many of the cities were still uninhabited.

Notable facts[]

  • Frieza, Kuriza, and Lingon once stayed at this planet for two weeks during the events of Monster. Frieza's "palace" was actually an abandoned warehouse, as the local soldiers had not had enough time to build him one before he arrived.
  • Lingon was born on this planet.
  • Cui was not entirely successful at eliminating the space-badger infestation, as during the events of Monster, Kuriza spotted at least one feral space-badger rummaging through the trash outside.


  • Passein's native population:
    • At height: 253,495,209
    • At lowest point: 0.
  • Passein's Planet Trade Organization population:
    • At height: 12,605.
    • At lowest point: 0.


Passein is still around.

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