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Paragus Paragus DBG
Age 711
  • Assassinated (Age 769)
  • Location:
    Planet Sadala
  • Saiyan reformation
  • King of the Saiyans (Assassinated)
  • Paragus is male Saiyan of the Saiyan Imperium. He later becomes the King of the Saiyans and forges a alliance with the United Earth Alliance and brought an end to the Human-Saiyan war in Age 749.


    For a Saiyan, Paragus has shown to be less savage and fierce like many saiyans. Even though he like a good fight, he does not dwell on it. He is excellent motivator and a natural leader. During the Saiyan-Tuffle wars, it was his idea to attack during the full moon on the Tuffle's last city. He is proud of his race and strongly believes that Saiyans should help others who are oppressed.


    Paragus was born into slavery under the Tuffles, he too fought to regain the saiyans freedom against the Tuffles. At that time he supported Hanasia when she became queen, but began to have doubts when she made a alliance with the Planet Trade Organization. During that time, his son Broly was born to him.

    The Ploreans IncidentEdit

    Paragus protest about the annihilation of the Plorean species to Hanasia and reminds her that what they did is no different from what the Tuffles did, but he was met with ki blast from Hanasia. Paragus was presume dead after what Hanasia did to him, but he survived. Together with his son Broly, the form a underground Reformation movement in hopes to remove Hanasia from the throne and end her reign of terror. The opportunity arose during the Human-Saiyan War

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