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Paragus is the father of Broly, he was executed by King Vegeta, because the saiyan king saw the power and (discovered by his wife) the potential danger of Broly. However when Freeza destroyed planet Vegeta, he and his son survived and landed on an planet, Paragus swored revenge on the king's sons - Vegeta and Tarble

BH Saga[]

In the BH saga he was brouth back to life to fight the saiyan quartet of heroes


His power is unknown, but he has super saiyan 2


He was killed by Prince Bartek for losing (in the censored version he "escapes" after the battle with Goku, Bardock, Gine and Turles)

Post BH saga[]

After dying, he swores to get revenge on BH for betrayeting him. In the 101 year skip after DBGT Paragus escapes from hell, reaches super saiyan 3, but is killed by his younger son - Groly and Broly kills him as well