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Pan (RFyle11)
1/2 Human - 3/4 Saiyan
Date of birth
Age 779
Z Fighters (Warrior/Supporter, 789- 790 Age)
Grandpa Gohan (Adoptive Great-Great Grandfather)

Gohan (Father)

Videl (Mother)

Kohan (Brother)

Goku (Paternal Grandfather)

Chi-Chi (Paternal Grandmother)

Goten (Uncle)

Geki (Uncle)

Gina (Aunt) Mr. Satan (Maternal Grandfather)

Ox-King (Paternal Great Grandfather)

Bardock (Paternal Great-Grandfather)

Raditz (Paternal Granduncle)

Goku Jr. (Grandson)

Pan is an fictional character in Dragonball Extreme.Pan is the granddaughter of the main character Goku, the daughter of Gohan and Videl, and the sister of Kohan. She admires Piccolo as a friend because she knows that he was Gohan's first mentor and one of his closest friends. She wants Piccolo to train her just like he trained her father. She's 3/4 human and 1/4 saiyan.



Forms and TransformationEdit

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  • My Pan is very different than the GT one because she's a grown teenager (like teen Gohan's age), and she can go Super Saiyan.
  • Her personality is serious, fun loving kind, tomboy, mixed with a bit of her GT personality, and the end of Z personality.
  • Pictures of Pan / SSJ are from Dragonball Mutiverse, the greatest awesome fan manga ever. (I love Pan from Universe 16 a lot better than the GT one. I kind of like Pan from Universe 18 because she's from DBZ not GT).
Pan SSJ by firebladenatjox


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