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Pan is daughter of Gohan and Videl, and granddaugter of Son Goku. Later she became wife of Tekka, and mother of Kotarota.

Alternate versions:Edit

Grown up pan

Adult Pan

After GT:
After defeat of Omega Shenron, Pan start training harder, and she became more stronger and she even get ability to turn into Super Saiyan. Five years later she met Tekka at shcool, and at first they didn't come along too, but when Tekka see that Pan can fly, he ask her to teach him to fly, and during the flying lessons, they became more closer friends, and later they going to have feelings for each other. She fight crime in Satan City under the super hero identity as the Great Saiyagirl along with Tekka (as The Great Saiyanboy).

After Super: This version is almost same as after GT, this version is over ten years after end of Tournament of Power.

Transformations and Power Ups:Edit

Great Saiyangirl: Great Saiyangirl is Pan's alter ego, which she's using to fight criminals.

Super Saiyan:  Pan turned into this form as 11 years old, when she was training with her father, and then she was first female Super Saiyan in Universe 7.
Super pan

Super Saiyan Pan

Super Saiyan 2: The characteristics are similar to Super Saiyan, except the hair becomes spikier, and blue lightning surrounds the entire body along with the golden aura. Pan turned into this form after for getting mad when Xicor killed Tekka.

Super Saiyan Goddess Super Saiyan: This form is a unique similar to a Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan. After all of Pan's hidden potential is fully awakened by Wukong, Pan managed to obtain the power of gods and transform into a Super Saiyan Goddess Super Saiyan.

Super god pan

Super Saiyan Goddess Super Saiyan

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