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Osaka is a major villain in DBZC. Continuing with the theme of warriors cursed with what other consider a blessing, Osaka has been cursed with an unlimited power level. Once a mighty hero, Osaka became to his planet what Goku would become to Earth. Like Goku, Osaka has many enemies. Two of which get the better of him. Osaka soon becomes one of the greatest threats the universe has ever faced.

Early Heroics[]

Long before the start of Dragon ball but after Majin Buu there existed a hero known as Osaka. The planet Osaka had been born on was under constant attack from evil forces that had begun to rampage after Majin Buu disappeared. In order to fight the attackers Osaka trained himself in ways that would have killed anyone else. The only thought Osaka kept through his training was to protect his planet he must be the strongest there is. Osaka's training included; meditating on top of a burning pile of wood, throwing boulders into the air and breaking them into dust with his punches, and attacking some of the weaker villains.

The Battle[]

After Osaka's training was complete he revealed himself to the villains. They thought very little of him. That was until Osaka killed hundreds of villains by blowing up an incoming spaceship. Furious all of the villains attacked. Osaka had reached the power of a super Saiyan 2 through his training and he easily slaughtered his would-be killers. After a week of pure fighting Osaka had killed all but two of the three thousand man strong villain army. Osaka had no idea that anyone had survived so he returned home to greet the citizens.

The Return of Old Foes[]

Slowly through time Osaka's planet rebuilt itself. Osaka gained a wife and soon had a child. Osaka became well known for his power. Unfortunately the two villains Osaka had left alive had come up with a diabolical plan. One of the villains was a witch who had come up with a devastating curse and the other was a muscular mad man who hated Osaka with all of his being. On a peaceful sunny day the two villains struck. Osaka responded to the explosions that they had created and he faced his old enemies once more. With the muscular villain distracting Osaka, the witch cast the curse on Osaka. The curse covered Osaka's body with a biological amour that made Osaka's body nearly indestructible. The curse also stopped Osaka's aging completely thus making him immortal. The curse also made Osaka's very soul burn with the fury of the fires of hell. As soon as the burning began, Osaka fell to the ground in pain. The witch told Osaka that he would have to everything the witch wanted otherwise she would never remove the curse. Osaka became enraged that he had allowed himself to be cursed so easily and out of rage Osaka blasted the witch. The blast carried with it more power than he had intended it to. The resulting explosion destroyed Osaka's beloved planet taking with it his family. Osaka quickly realized his mistake and he was suddenly struck with extreme grief. The explosion didn't hurt Osaka in the least bit. Now without anything to live for except to die, Osaka wondered his galaxy in search for someone who could kill him. Unfortunately the training that had made Osaka strong enough to defend his planet had made him far more powerful then any other being in his galaxy. Slowly over hundreds of years the pain the curse caused Osaka and the grief in his heart began to make him insane. One day while searching yet another planet for someone who could kill him Osaka lost his temper and destroyed the planet and the ones surrounding it. It was this act that began the terrifying tale of Osaka the destroyer of worlds.

Present Times[]

It had been about a million or so years since Osaka had been cursed and life on Earth had become what is known as of today. Goku had defeated Kid Buu and everything on Earth was at peace. Two years had passed since Kid Buu had been defeated and everything in Goku's galaxy seemed peaceful, that was until a sudden explosion rocked the entire galaxy. Goku asked King Kai what the source of the might tremor was and the Kai told Goku that the tremor was caused by the explosion of a several planets from some strong force. With no idea of what had caused the explosion King Kai and Goku turned to Elder Kai for answers. The old Kai told Goku the story of Osaka and how he was coming to Earth having sensed the massive powers of Goku and Kid Buu. Unfortunately for Goku, Osaka had already made his way through the galaxy to Earth where he quickly landed. To draw some attention to himself Osaka destroyed the city beneath him. Goten, Trunks, and Videl who had been watching the two half-Saiyans, responded to the explosion. Without hesitation Osaka devastated the three. Gohan arrived and saved the three from certain death. Osaka became intrigued of Gohan's powers so he charged a blast that only someone as strong as Osaka could block. Gohan went Super Saiyan 2 and deflected the blast easily. Osaka attacked Gohan and surprised the half-Saiyan. Gohan was beaten into a mountain where he retaliated with a strong punch. Seeing an opportunity, Gohan lunged and began to throw extremely fast and powerful jabs at Osaka which ended with a strong kick. Osaka was thrown back and Gohan fired a powerful Kamehameha wave at him. The wave hit full force and it seemed as if Gohan had won. An instant later Osaka emerged from the rubble of dirt covering him and his power suddenly jumped far higher than Gohan's. The instant increase in power confused Gohan. Gohan asked the strange warrior who he was and Osaka replied with a cold grungy voice, "I am Osaka the destroyer of worlds and ender of lives." Gohan heard similar speeches from criminals on a daily basis due to his alter ego as the Great Saiyaman. Gohan laughed at the comment in an egotistical way. Osaka became furious with the powerful half-Saiyan and replied through pure hatred that made the air around him tremble with fear, "You have mocked the wrong man." Before Gohan could react to the statement, Osaka started to pummel Gohan with startling speed. Gohan couldn't fight back in any way. It was like Osaka had gotten stronger since Gohan attacked him. Goten and Trunks found themselves taking care of an unconscious Videl and watching Gohan get beaten. Osaka, seeing Goten and Trunks watching his attack, grabbed Gohan by the throat and turned to face the two young half-Saiyans. With the same cruel voice as before Osaka addressed the boys, "Is my audience entertained?" Trunks made a face at the frightening warrior. "If I am not entertaining you then I apologize but I will have to kill you!" Osaka threw Gohan's motionless body down to Trunks and Goten. "Such a pity for a second there I actually thought he could have finally ended my long life." Osaka muttered this vocal thought of anger as he pointed his hand at the three half-Saiyans. In Osaka's hand an energy ball begins to charge. Goten and Trunks get in front of Gohan and Videl's motionless bodies to protect them from the blast. Suddenly an energy blast hit the back of Osaka. Osaka isn't fazed by the attack at all, but instead he turns to face who had attacked him. When Osaka turned around he came face to face with Vegeta. Vegeta went Super Saiyan 2 and flew up to confront Osaka about his attack on Gohan, Trunks, Goten, and Videl. Before any words could be said, Osaka attacks Vegeta only to find he is even in power with the Saiyan prince. Knowing that at any moment Osaka could turn around and kill the wounded half-Saiyans, Vegeta lured Osaka away from the injured warriors. Vegeta knew he would have to be quick in leading the dangerous warrior away from his fallen comrades because he could feel his Super Saiyan 2 form draining his energy. By the time Vegeta had gotten Osaka a safe distance from the others, Vegeta's power had diminished greatly. Osaka continued his merciless beating of the Saiyan prince and now with Vegeta rapidly becoming weaker the beating was about to become a slaughter. Death now seemed inevitable for Vegeta as Osaka began to over power the prince. Vegeta's Super Saiyan 2 transformation finally failed and he reverted back to his base form. Now Vegeta floated in front of Osaka still willing to fight even though his power was nearly exhausted. Osaka cocked back his fist to deliver a punch to end Vegeta's life, as Osaka threw the punch he felt a strong power appear in front of Vegeta. Osaka's punch was caught by Super Saiyan 2 Goku who had used his instant transmission technique to get to the battle. Goku told Vegeta to rest and focus on healing while Goku battled Osaka. Vegeta did as he was told and Goku began to fight Osaka. The battle between Goku and Osaka was just as balanced as the battle between Vegeta and Osaka. Like Vegeta before him, Goku began to become fatigued from the continued use of the Super Saiyan 2 form. Osaka began to overwhelm Goku. Desperate Goku quickly moved back from Osaka and began to charge a Kamehameha wave. With the last of his strength Goku used his instant transmission to teleport right in front of Osaka. Goku then unleashed the blast at a defenseless Osaka devastating the mighty warrior. As Goku slowly floated away from the where Osaka had been he sensed Osaka's power. Goku turned around to see Osaka was injured but not dead. Suddenly Osaka's power rose above that of Goku's Kamehameha wave. Goku and Vegeta were struck with fear as Osaka became instantly stronger and healed himself. Osaka pointed his hand out and fired a violet colored beam at Goku. The beam travelled so fast that Goku didn't have any time to move and was hit. The beam went straight through Goku's stomach and he fell to the ground and reverted back to his base form. As Goku lay on the ground in extreme pain and on the verge of death, Osaka prepared to destroy the hero. Goten and Trunks had seen enough damage be done so they fire twin energy blasts at Osaka. The blasts hit Osaka and all they did was get his attention. Osaka turned around and looked down at the two injured half-Saiyans and he fired a small energy blast. As weak as the blast was, it was plenty strong enough to kill Goten and Trunks. Too injured to move away from the oncoming blast, Goten and Trunks braced themselves for the sure to come pain. While Trunks had closed his eyes out of fear of the blast, Goten had only barely closed his. Goten was watching the blast fly to him when someone moved in front of the blast blocking it and letting it hit them instead. The person who had saved the two boys was none other than Gohan's mentor, Piccolo. Fortunately for Piccolo the blast was weak enough so that it only caused him a few bruises. Piccolo had come to bring senzu beans for the z-fighters and to help if he could. Without a moments hesitation Osaka attacked Piccolo and quickly began to devastate the proud Namekian. After a few seconds Osaka was able to knock Piccolo to the ground. Thinking his opponent defeated Osaka began to return his attention to Goten and Trunks. Piccolo continued his attack buying as much time as possible. Osaka easily countered the attack and grabbed Piccolo's leg and began to taunt him. "Why do you continue to fight me?" Now in an angered state from Piccolo's persistent and useless attacks, Osaka ribbed Piccolo's leg in half at the knee and let the fallen Namekian fall to the ground. Osaka threw the bloody leg to the side as he watched Piccolo slowly pass out. Out of no where Osaka began to sense a powerful energy from behind him. Osaka turned to face a now rejuvenated Gohan. While Osaka looked upon his next opponent, Videl helped Goten and Trunks run away. Not only did Videl help the two little half-Saiyans, she picked up the almost lifeless bodies of Goku and Vegeta and flew with them off to the look out for help. Gohan watched as Videl faded away with the four injured warriors and the he began to raise his power level. As much as it would have helped earlier Gohan didn't want to use his full potential form due to how hard it was to obtain, but now he had no choice. Gohan then achieved his full potential form.

Gohan's Beating[]

Osaka charged Gohan and before he could land a blow, Gohan countered Osaka and began vicious beating. Gohan was trying not to give Osaka any time to breath because Gohan had noticed that every time Osaka was over powered and given time to rest he became suddenly more powerful than what ever had overpowered him. Sure enough as Gohan kicked Osaka in the face he was able to get just enough time to breath. Osaka's power skyrocketed and Gohan began to tremble with fear. It was clear to Gohan now that only Goku and Vegeta could kill Osaka, but they needed time to heal. Gohan was determined to give Goku and Vegeta as much time as they needed so he decided he would fight to the death if he had to. Suddenly Videl landed near the battle and Gohan was distracted by her arrival. Videl told Gohan that Goku and Vegeta were at the lookout getting healed. Osaka, tired of the constant interruptions, attacked Gohan. Even with his full potential being utilized Gohan didn't stand a chance against Osaka. Quickly the battle became a mauling as Osaka threw Gohan's body around the landscape as Videl watched in horror. Goku and Vegeta arrived just in time to see Osaka punch straight through Gohan's chest. The pain knocked Gohan out and Videl screamed as she watched her love being destroyed in front of her. Goku knew that if the battle took place here then there far too many casualties. Osaka threw Gohan's bloody body over his shoulder and looked at Goku and Vegeta, "Will you kill me?" Vegeta almost rushed forward but Goku grabbed his shoulder and told Vegeta his plan. Goku told Osaka of his plan and Osaka decided to go with it. Goku began holding back his emotions about Gohan's injuries Goku teleported himself, Vegeta, and Osaka to the look out. Quickly Goku lead Osaka to the Hyperbolic Time chamber. Goku's plan was that in the chamber there is no one to get hurt. Now that they had reached their battle field Goku and Vegeta power up to their Super Saiyan 2 forms. Almost immediately Goku turns into a Super Saiyan 3 form. Osaka's eyes went wide as he looked upon his new opponent. Both Goku and Vegeta charged Osaka at the same time hoping to overcome Osaka with their combined might and skill. Vegeta reached Osaka first and he began to have an even brawl with Osaka. As the two did battle Goku quickly waited for the perfect moment to strike. Goku found it when Osaka caught Vegeta's kick. As Osaka was prepared to rip Vegeta's leg off Goku delivered a powerful roundhouse kick to the head. Osaka was thrown out of distance and a crash was heard signifying him hitting the ground of the chamber. Before Goku could even flinch a massive power surge was felt. Osaka rose from the ground and his power had risen above that of Goku's Super Saiyan 3. In order to get the advantage Goku taunted Vegeta until his anger got the best of him and he transformed into a Super Saiyan 3 as well. They both attacked Osaka and even though their attack was impressive Osaka dealt with them quickly. It became obvious to Goku and Vegeta that they needed to use fusion to win. So as Super Saiyan 3s Goku and Vegeta fused to form Super Saiyan 3 Gogeta. Osaka was amazed that a fusion could manifest such a powerful warrior. Osaka had run into the race that had taught Goku the fusion dance and due to them not killing him, Osaka destroyed their world. SSJ3 Gogeta knew that if he couldn't kill Osaka with one hit then the fight would become completely one sided due to Osaka's ability to become more powerful than whatever had hit him last. Gogeta charged Osaka and punched him so hard that Osaka flew out of view deeper into the chamber. Without a seconds hesitation Gogeta attempted to get to Osaka before he could gain any power. Gogeta made it to Osaka, but by the time he had gotten to him Osaka had become more powerful than Gogeta. Osaka began to mercilessly pound Gogeta without trouble. The fused warrior proved to be a true fight for Osaka, but thanks to his ability the fight was one sided now. Now enraged that his only chance of being killed was gone Osaka charged up his second most powerful attack. The aura that surrounded the charging attack was almost enough to overwhelm Gogeta by itself. This was the moment Gogeta had waited for. Osaka launched his Cyclone Bomb attack and SSJ3 Gogeta countered with a 100x Big Bang Kamehameha wave. The Cyclone Bomb was stopped in mid air. Gogeta then began to use his immensely powerful beam to push back the Cyclone Bomb. Osaka was unimpressed with Gogeta’s powerful attack. As SSJ3 Gogeta’s attack pushed back the Cyclone Bomb to Osaka, Osaka charged another more powerful Cyclone Bomb and fired it at the first Cyclone Bomb. The two attacks fused and became an attack that surpassed both SSJ3 Gogeta’s 100x Big Bang Kamehameha and Osaka’s power level. The super powerful Cyclone Bomb easily pushed the 100x Big Bang Kamehameha back to Gogeta. Gogeta knew that it was now or never. Drawing from what Goku had learned from King Kai, Super Saiyan 3 Gogeta used a X20 Kaio-ken to boost his power level high enough to push back the deadly super Cyclone Bomb. The now unimaginably powerful Big Bang Kamehameha wave was able to finally push back the super Cyclone Bomb. Osaka powered up to his very limit and tried to stop his own attack. The super Cyclone Bomb was slowed down almost to a stop. Gogeta couldn’t believe his eyes, but even as amazing it was for Osaka to slow the massive attack down, it was still moving. Gogeta launched the last of his strength into the Big Bang Kamehameha and launched the super Cyclone Bomb into Osaka. The super Cyclone Bomb suddenly was absorbed into Osaka’s out stretched hand. The Big Bang Kamehameha had dispersed and Gogeta had un-fused having used too much power. Goku and Vegeta watched in horror as the massive attack disappeared into Osaka’s hand. Goku noticed that Osaka had a similar look of horror in his eyes. That’s when Goku saw blood dripping from where the super Cyclone Bomb was absorbed. Osaka’s arm was bulging from the absorbed power and the pain was unbelievable. Then for the first time in a long while Osaka regained control of his own mind, something he had lost due to the curse. Osaka then looked at Goku and Vegeta and thanked them for killing him and ending his reign of terror. Then in Osaka’s final moment he told Goku and Vegeta, “I highly advice you run now.” Suddenly Osaka exploded. It started with his arm where the attack was absorbed and then the rest of his body exploded too. Every little bit of Osaka’s power and the power of the super Cyclone Bomb was released in a massive explosion that nearly killed Goku and Vegeta. Osaka was beaten. Goku and Vegeta returned to Earth to tell the tale of the battle and to help rebuild what Osaka had destroyed. Osaka was sent to hell for his actions while under the influence of the curse. King Yemma gave Osaka the punishment of being locked away in an eternal jail. Osaka accepted his fate on the condition he got to see his family one last time. King Yemma granted Osaka this. After the brief reunion Osaka was sent to hell to serve his eternal punishment.


It has been one year since Goku departed with Shenlong. Since then nothing has changed except that everyone has aged and that Vegeta and Majuub have trained. The peace that Goku sacrificed himself to keep was about to be disrupted. In hell all seemed peaceful. Goku had yet to get Piccolo back into heaven so he remained hell’s guardian. Piccolo had done a good job maintaining the peace. Not even Piccolo could foresee the events about to unfold. The old witch that had cursed Osaka so long ago was rallying help. The witch had been able to get Cell, Frieza, and Cooler to help her. Osaka had not moved from his prison cell in hell since the day he was put in there so everybody knew where he was. Suddenly in the peace that had been around since Super 17 had been killed, an explosion was heard. It was the Ginyu Force doing their part in the plan. Piccolo quickly went to stop the dead villains. The witch, Cell, Frieza, and Cooler attacked Osaka’s cell. Osaka’s attention was drawn to attack on his cell. Cell used the Solar Flare technique to stun Osaka while the witch cast the curse again. Piccolo arrived to see what was going on and Frieza, Cooler, and Cell attacked him. All four of the fighters stopped fighting when they heard the screams of agony coming from Osaka. The witch had cursed Osaka once more, but this time was different. The first time Osaka had a body the curse covered. The body became the curse while Osaka’s soul remained locked away inside the body. This time the curse was taking over Osaka’s soul. The curse worked and Osaka’s soul was overtaken by the curse. That meant that the previous hero Osaka no longer existed. The curse had succeeded in gaining its own body. All of Osaka’s screams stopped and now where his soul once stood there stood the curse manifested. The witch started to bark orders at the curse trying to get the manifested spell to obey. The curse told the witch that even though Osaka no longer existed it was due to his body he was able to get so much power. The witch back away in fear as the curse told her that he would become the new Osaka. Osaka killed the witch which erased her from existence. Frieza, Cell, and Cooler ran away in fear and Piccolo couldn’t believe what he had just witnessed. Osaka was still as powerful he was at the time of his death and he was now powerful enough to escape hell. Osaka disappeared as he ripped his way back into the universe. King Kai instantly warned Earth’s warriors of the return of Osaka. King Kai also told Earth’s warriors that Osaka was looking for revenge. Osaka appeared in the universe in another galaxy and he instantly began to make his way straight to Earth destroying any and all planets that got in his way. As powerful as Vegeta had become not even King Kai believed it was possible to defeat Osaka without Goku. Elder Kai then told King Kai that even though he was right about Vegeta being unable to defeat Osaka alone that there was another being to do it. Elder Kai was talking about a legendary Saiyan who had helped out the Kai that preceded the current Supreme Kai. The Saiyan was known as a god to the Saiyans as well as the first Saiyan. The Saiyan’s name was Onon. Earth’s warriors had met Onon before when he stopped his son’s rampage, but since then Onon had not been heard from. Elder Kai searched the universe for the legendary Saiyan. Onon was found by the Kai on a distant planet on the outskirts of the galaxy. Elder Kai asked Onon to fight Osaka for them. Onon agreed to the challenge.

Onon vs. Osaka[]

Osaka soon reached the galaxy the Earth was in, but standing in his way was another planet. Thinking nothing of it Osaka threw a weak energy blast at the planet. The blast was met with another blast that knocked it away. Osaka seeing a potential threat decided to eliminate the source of the attack. When Osaka landed, he was met by Onon who told him that it was tome for Osaka to be sent back to hell. The threat was empty to Osaka who charged Onon. The two super warriors fought. As powerful as Osaka had become due to his fight with Super Saiyan 3 Gogeta he was still even with Onon. Onon found that fighting Osaka was far more difficult than he had imagined. The cursed warrior wouldn’t back down from any of Onon’s devastating attacks. The attacks were doing little than slow down the mighty Osaka. The same could be said for Osaka’s attacks. Onon was hardly fazed by any of the attacks. They were at a perfect even balance. Osaka was quickly becoming annoyed with his worthy opponent. So he decided it was time to end the fight. Osaka jumped high into the air and hovered high above the planet. Never one to back down from anything, Onon was about to fly up to meet him when he saw that Osaka was charging an attack. Instead of flying up to fight Osaka, Onon stayed on the ground and charged an attack of his own. Osaka saw this and decided to put everything into his attack. After a minute of charging, Osaka threw the massive Cyclone Bomb at Onon. Onon fired his Impact Blast which pushed the Cyclone Bomb into space and exploded destroying the attacks. Onon smirked as Osaka was clearly enraged. Now with no other option Osaka decided he would not only kill his opponent he would destroy the galaxy. Osaka assumed a stance and began charging his ultimate attack, the Harbinger. The sky turned a fiery red color as Osaka’s attack charged. Onon charged his own attack, but he doubted it would make a true difference. The sky had turned black and red with purple lightening. Onon fired his attack and pushed everything he had into the beam. The attack was indeed powerful, but Osaka thought nothing of its power. As the beam was about to hit Osaka he released the Harbinger. Onon’s attack did little to slow down the Harbinger. The sheer power of the Harbinger was devastating and it was about to his Onon full force. The mighty Onon had used all of his power in the fight with Osaka so he had nothing left to even attempt to hold off the blast. When the Harbinger hit Onon, the planet Onon had been standing on was instantly destroyed. The explosion that came from the Harbinger rocked the entire Galaxy. Even Kabitto Kai and Elder Kai felt a shockwave from the power of the Harbinger. Not only was the once immortal Onon killed by the blast, but every planet, star, nebula, solar system, anything that was even remotely close to where Onon and Osaka battled was destroyed. King Kai didn’t have to tell Vegeta that Onon had failed. Vegeta could sense that the ancient Saiyan’s power was wiped out. Osaka had done what no one else was able to do; kill an immortal being. Without hesitation Osaka continued his rampage to Earth. King Kai informed Earth’s warriors that Osaka wasn’t killed by the blast he created. Everyone began to train hard for their fight with the mighty Osaka.


Three weeks after the death of Onon, Osaka had made his way to the solar system. King Kai warned everyone that Osaka was within a day away from Earth. Knowing this fight could very well be their last; everyone spent time with their loved ones and said their goodbyes. Osaka landed an around noon. Without even a second to pass Osaka made his presence known by destroying a city. Goten and Trunks went into their Super Saiyan forms, Gohan went into his full potential form, and Vegeta went into his Super Saiyan 3 form. As the Saiyans powered up, Majuub attacked Osaka. It was a quick and painful loss for Majuub. Majuub was thrashed violently and having seen this Vegeta told Goten and Trunks to run. Vegeta knew that Goten and Trunks were sure to die if they stayed. The two Saiyans did as they were told and left. Gohan caught Majuub’s body as it fell and he put it on the ground. Gohan flew up to Vegeta and together they attacked Osaka. The two warriors were met with pain. Gohan was met with extreme pain in the form of Osaka’s fist. Vegeta was met with pain in the form of Osaka’s foot. Gohan quickly began to see that he was of no help to Vegeta so he flew down to Majuub to give him a senzu. Majuub flew up to help while Gohan watched. Vegeta went Super Saiyan 4 and attacked Osaka. For a brief period of time it seemed like the two warriors were going to win, but Osaka quickly regained control of the fight and bashed Majuub into the ground. It was almost immediately that it became obvious that Osaka was going to win at the current rate the battle was going.

Return of Goku[]

Having seen the certain death of the z-fighters at the hands of Osaka, Kabito Kai allowed Goku to return to Earth to participate in the battle. When Goku teleported himself to Earth, Vegeta was about to charge Osaka. Goku quickly went to his Super Saiyan 4 form and ambushed Osaka as Vegeta attacked the cursed warrior. Osaka was caught off guard and he was beaten into a mountain. The two powerful Super Saiyan 4’s were in hot pursuit of their foe, but they were unable to surprise Osaka. This time it was Osaka who delivered yet another beating to his determined opponents. For the second time in history Goku and Vegeta faced Osaka at full power and just like before they were unable to gain any kind of advantage. Goku was able to teleport Vegeta away from Osaka so they could come up with a good strategy to end the unstoppable menace that is Osaka. The plan the two Saiyans came up with was simple; fusion. They had only used it very rarely and it made a big difference when they did use the technique. Together the two Super Saiyan 4’s fused into Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta. Osaka sensed the massive power increase and he quickly found the source. Osaka made the first attack and he was amazingly unable to faze Gogeta. Gogeta began a vicious assault on Osaka. The speed of the fused warrior was enough to ensure that escape was impossible and Osaka had no time become more powerful than his new opponent. Unfortunately for Gogeta, Osaka had an attack that would be able to give him enough time to become stronger. Gogeta continued his beat down of Osaka. Osaka was able to avoid a kick and he released a sudden bright beam of light from his middle and index fingers. The light went straight into the eyes of Gogeta. Now unable to see anything Gogeta couldn’t stop Osaka from becoming stronger.

The Ultimate Battle[]

As Gogeta regained sight, he could feel an unimaginable increase in power. The power was Osaka. Gogeta looked to Osaka and saw that his aura had become so large that it now penetrated into space. The clouds had disappeared and ground was turning to dust from the immense power of the aura. The z-fighters had never seen Osaka fight Gogeta before. The first time they fought, they fought in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and no one could see what had happened. Now they could see the terrifying power of Osaka. Osaka again made the first move and this time Gogeta was the punching bag. It seemed like it was inevitable for Gogeta to lose. There was one last technique that Gogeta had yet to use, but he was afraid that if he missed then Osaka would destroy everything. In an attempt to end the threat of Gogeta, Osaka knocked Gogeta away and began charging his Cyclone Bomb. Gogeta thought for that instant he could use the bomb to destroy Osaka. As soon as Osaka unleashed the Cyclone Bomb, Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta released a Big Bang Kamehameha wave. The two attacks clashed and Gogeta’s attack proved to be just strong enough to push the Cyclone Bomb back to Osaka. To Gogeta’s horror Osaka knocked away his attack with an energy beam. Gogeta’s strategy had failed. Osaka laughed and began to charge up an attack that he thought Gogeta couldn’t even imagine the power of; the Harbinger. Like before with Onon, the sky turned red as fire. Wind began to blow by so fast that even the strongest of the z-fighters who were watching the battle could barely stand. A large red ball of fiery energy began to form in front of Osaka. From Gogeta’s point of view he could only see the red sky, the fiery red energy ball, and Osaka’s glowing eyes. The sight frightened Gogeta, but he knew that he had to stand up against the villain. In response to Osaka charging the Harbinger, Gogeta began charging a 100% Big Bang Kamehameha. Gogeta let loose the mighty beam. The beam flew through the air to Osaka at a blinding speed. Osaka threw his Harbinger and it not only stopped the beam; it immediately pushed back the attack without struggle. Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta was able to put enough power into his beam to hold off the Harbinger just in time to stop it form killing him. Gogeta knew he couldn’t defeat Osaka, and if there was a chance it was long gone. The time for the fusion to end had almost come and the strain the power of the attacks wasn’t helping. Gohan rallied the z-fighters and they gave their energy to Gogeta. Everyone gave everything they had. Gogeta suddenly felt his power increase greatly, enough to kill Osaka. With a massive push, Gogeta used all of his power and put it into the beam. The Harbinger was sent flying back to Osaka. Osaka knew the power of the Harbinger was too much for even he to hold off, so Osaka crossed his arms and created an energy barrier between himself and the Harbinger. The Harbinger proved strong enough to destroy the barrier Osaka created and Osaka was thrown back into space. The explosion of the Harbinger was stopped when Gogeta’s attack pushed the near explosion Harbinger into space and engulfed the dying attack just in time. Osaka was hit with the full force of the beam and his body was destroyed. It had finally ended. The un-killable warrior had been killed.


  • Ki blast- a basic energy blast.
  • Death Drill- an attack the Osaka uses often. It is a small condensed beam of energy that is purple. The attack is like a fusion between Frieza’s Death Beam and Piccolo’s Special Beam Canon, only far more powerful.
  • Cyclone Bomb- is Osaka’s second most powerful attack. This attack is the exact opposite of the Harbinger. The Harbinger uses a massive explosion to defeat its enemy, while this attack invades the body of its enemy. The attack will often be absorbed through the first body part it touches. The attack then explodes from the inside of the enemy using not only its own power, but the power of its victim.
    • Super Cyclone Bomb- is two Cyclone Bombs that have been fused. This can be called a powered up version of the attack. Osaka does this by firing a second Cyclone Bomb into the first one and the attacks fuse and become far stronger.
  • Harbinger- is Osaka’s most, feared, and most powerful attack. Osaka rarely uses the attack due to his desire to be killed. The Harbinger is capable of destroying entire galaxies at a time. It gained infamy among the Kai due to one occasion where Osaka destroyed two galaxies in one massive explosion. Osaka also doesn’t use the attack because it could backfire and cause him pain.

The Curse[]

The curse was created by an evil witch back when Osaka was still in his mortal form. The curse gives Osaka immortality. It also grants Osaka the ability to become stronger than anything that was stronger than him that hit him. This ability is a fail safe so that Osaka will stay cursed forever. The curse also creates violet body armor on Osaka’s body that makes it hard for even more powerful attacks to kill him. Alongside with his near invulnerability, the curse has made it so that Osaka can't intentionally kill himself. The exception to that rule is if one of his attacks is thrown back at him. The curse has the downside of creating an incredibly painful burn that hurts Osaka’s very soul.


  • Osaka is the favorite character of the DBZC series creator and writer.
  • DBZC series creator has been in discussion with Dragon Ball New Age creator about a one shot story between Osaka and Dragon Ball New Age’s first major villain Rigor (DBNA).