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Featured in From Magic to Monsters
Pronunciation awr-roo-bah
Adjective Oruban
Parent star type G-type main-sequence
Orbital characteristics
Orbital period 219.5 d
Satellites 0
Physical characteristics
Equatorial radius 3841.9 km
Polar radius 3829.1 km
Surface area 95.1% land
Mass 8.67554×1023 kg
0.15 M
Equatorial surface gravity 3.9228 m/s2
0.4 g
Axial tilt 2.54°
Surface temperature
Minimum -91.4°
Mean 15.0°
Maximum 82.6°
Composition 88.42% nitrogen (N2)
10.47% oxygen (O2)
0.82% argon
0.25% carbon monoxide (CO)
0.03% helium
0.01% trace elements
Sentient Species n/a
Sentient species 1 population 0
Number of major cities 0
Technology level Tier 7

Oruba is a free world.


Around 5 Million Before Age, the Priests of Amoon used Bibidi to create Majin Nikto, whom they planned on using to awaken the true Majins. They thought they pinpointed the true Majins' location from reading power levels across the galaxy as they ordered Majin Nikto to rampage about, but they mistakenly fell into I'Khar's trap when they went to a planet they thought the true Majins were on. There, I'Khar ambushed them in a cave and covered them in rocks. Bibidi escaped and ordered Nikto to kill the Priests of Amoon, which he did gladly. All of the priests Nikto could find were easily destroyed, though not all of them resurfaced from the rocks that had fallen on them. After I'Khar shot an energy attack into the planet's core (which would make the planet explode in a matter of seconds), Bibidi escaped, though Nikto could not, as I'Khar and the last of the Priests of Amoon were fighting him. I'Khar lacked the power to destroy Nikto, but he had enough strength to keep the Majin on the planet long enough for him to be destroyed when the planet exploded. I'Khar was the only survivor of the planet's explosion.

Notable facts[]

  • Oruba was a desert world, covered in rocks, sand, and sparse vegetation. It was not inhabited by any living beings.
  • The ancient cult known as the Priests of Amoon, having existed for more than a million years, met their collective end on this world.


  • Oruba's native population:
    • At height: 0.
    • At lowest point: 0.


Oruba was destroyed by I'Khar.

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