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The Original Saga is the first saga of Dragon Ball: RP Legends. It follows the heroes as they meet (some of them, anyway) and try to save the Earth from the Original Guardian of Earth.


Shin's theme for this saga: I Made It by Dead By April.

Raiden's theme for this saga: Promise Me by Dead by April.

Karaso's theme for this saga: Mercy by Kanye West (instrumental).

Mayor G's theme for this saga: N***** In Paris by Jay-Z and Kanye West (instrumental).

Complete Dialogue[]

I can't think

of what to say.

So might as well

stop here.



[Opens with a outside shot of a goodly-sized studio apartment with a view of the beach. Cuts inside, where a young man, Shin, sleeping on a large bed. Darksmith appears on the foot of the bed.]

[Darksmith is a tall, hooded figure. Flickers of turquoise eyes can be seen if he turns the right way, where the light hits him. The robe is black and has no marks of identification.]

Darksmith: I brought you the package.

'Shin: [Jerks up, gets in fighting position, then relaxes] Jeeze, Darksmith, stop scaring me. [Pulls a package out of Darksmith's hand, quickly opens it, revealing a simple Gi made of green and red, red on top. As he pulls it on, he removes large amounts of broken glass, tossing them back at Darksmith, who coobles them together into a perfect representation of the statue, 'David.]

Darksmith: <Looks up> Is it satifactory?

Shin: Of course.

Darksmith: <Isn't there. No not a typo>

Shin: <Walks outside, were Raiden is eating cookie crisps, happily>

Raiden: Heya, dad!

Shin: 'Sup, Kiddo? <Sits down next to him, starts pulling some leftover pancakes from the fridge, hands two to Raiden, two for himself, pours thick amounts of syrup>

Raiden: Mmmm! <Begins demolishing them. Shin eats much more slowly, thinking>

Karaso: <Pod opens and she comes out> This is Earth? <Senses Shin and Raiden's Ki> Hehe..some fun. <flies to them>

Shin: <Is standing in a nearby field, talking to Raiden> So, you basically launch your toughest attack, and I'll try to block it. Got it?

Raiden: Yeah, dad!

Karaso: <Lands in the middle of Raiden and Shin> So, you are those power levels. <Brushes hair from face>

Shin: Raiden, get behind me. <Serious voice>

Raiden: But dad-

Shin: Now! <Gets in fighting pose, Raiden is behind him>

Karaso: <Confused> You must have me confused with my ancestor with the same name, Karaso. I am her descendant. If you want to fight..<Gets in fighting pose> I'll gladly fufill your wishes.

Shin: What do you want?

Karaso: Why the hostility? I'm not evil! <Gets out of fighting pose and looks at Shin> Seriously! <Hands near face>

Shin: <Takes a step back> I don't trust you.

Karaso: <Hiding rage> I'm NOTHING like my ancestor of the same name, atleast in demeanor! I care for ANYTHING alive! So..still don't trust me?!

Mayor G: Hey! What are you people doing in my city? Now don't be stirring up trouble now!

Shin: Oh, hello Mr Mayor, I, uh...

Karaso: Mayor? What's a mayor? <Anger wipes off of face> Well..answer me..whatever your name is. <Not looking at Shin, blushing slightly>

Mayor G: You don't know what a mayor is? Where you from?

Karaso: A very far planet where my ancestors fled to. <feels short>

Mayor G: Your from another planet??? How odd................... But it doesn't matter where you're from, another country, another planet, or from the other end of the Universe, you're all welcome!

Karaso: <Looks up at Mayor and then looks at Shin, a slight tinge of red on her face> Like I said, I have no evil intentions.

Shin: So, would you mind.... leaving? I have a friend coming over soon, and he's jumpy...

<Cuts to the base of the Lookout, or, something that looks like it. It's a mix of a cage and a generator a some kind, flashing faintly. Suddenly, a small crack, very, very small, appears, and then gets bigger. And bigger. And bigger. And bigger. And bigger. And bigger, until the entire structure cracks enough for a Namekian hand (old at that), to reach out, and grasp the edges, pulling it open more. A elder, but still muscular Namekian, almost an Albino because of the years without sunlight, pulls itself out. It looks up into the sky, and lets out a cry of vengeance.>

Mayor G: *Looks at Karaso* Hey, you okay?

Karaso: Mayor, I'm okay. Leave, Shin? But where would I go on a weird planet like this?

Mayor G: Come to my city! It's great! Hey, ever heard of a Limo before???

Karaso: Limo? No..and I don't like being around populations of people.

Mayor G: Don't worry. In some hours, the city can be fairly quiet.

Karaso: I know, still, it makes me think I'll get beat up again. I live in isolation; around a few people.

Mayor G: So I guess you wouldn't mind living on the "quiet" side? Barely any people, and it's so quiet, you can hear a pin drop.

Shin: *In mind* Is he doing a COMMERICAL for the city.... in REAL LIFE?

Raiden: *Out loud* Dad, is he doing a COMMERICAL for the city.... in REAL LIFE?

Karaso: I love the quiet side of life. So, Shin, still trust me? <Looks at shin and a tinge of red is on her face>

Raiden: *Teleports in front of Karaso, pokes her*

Karaso: OH MY!!!! <falls anime style on top of Shin, eyes closed>

Shin: <Catches her, sets her down on a rock> Raiden, what did you do?

Raiden: I just poked her arm... <Arms crossed behind back, looking down>

Karaso: <Covering massive bruise on arm> I have bruises everywhere on my arms, they're sensitive.

Raiden: Sorry.

Shin: It's okay, kiddo.

Karaso: Raiden, it's ok! I forgive you. <Scratching head> Now where'd I fall before Shin put me on the rock..?

Raiden: *Somehow in his shoulder position* On my dad!

Karaso: <Starts to blush> Am I blushing...? <Blushes even more>

Shin: Are... you okay?

Karaso: Yeah, I am. You didn't answer my two questions; first- do you trust me? Second- Am I blushing?

Mayor G: Um hello? People???

Karaso: Hey Mayor. <Karaso's theme plays>

Mayor G: What is it?

Karaso: All this talking bores me. Know how to spar?

Mayor G: *Rubs beard* You seem eager to fight. Don't go easy on me 'cuz I'm old. *Puts a serious face on, the most serious face he's had on in years* I'm quite powerful. <Gets into stance>

Karaso: It's in my blood to fight. <Grins> I wouldn't go easy on many opponents..<Gets in fighting stance>

Mayor G: <Rushes towards Karaso>

<Cuts to the Namekian, moving quickly through the plains around the Lookout. He comes across a town, looks at it, then grins. The screen goes black as explosions and screaming are heard.>

Karaso: <Goes up to G and repeatedly punches>

Mayor G: Haha! Nothing could beat my large stomach! That tickles! *Kicks Karaso back*

Karaso: <Catches self> Heh, sounds nice. <Rapidly rushes and punches G multiple times>

Mayor G: Your real good. <Dodges, throws a hook>

Shin: *Takes off with Raiden*

Mayor G: They left. Oh well. <Continues to fight>

Karaso: You're not bad yourself. <Creates a rainbow colored ki blast in hand> OCTOBER'S BOMB! <Fires at G>

Mayor G: GAAAH! <Gets hit, emerges from the smoke> Your good. I never thought I'd have to use ki. <Charges a blast in hands> KAMEHAMEHA! <Fires> *Thoughts: Thanks Roshi, for teaching me this technique. I wonder how that old fool's doing*

Shin: <Is flying when he senses thousands of other ki signatures bliping out, as well as one large one, that gets bigger with every one that vanishes> Oh my god...

Raiden: Dad! Do you feel that?

Shin: <Nods> We're heading toward it.

Karaso: <Is hit and bruises begin to bleed everywhere> Mayor...ya feel that? The ki...people are dying..Let's go to it.

Mayor G: In my city?! Let's take my super fast jet!

Shin: <Is flying with something hits him in the stomach, dislodging Raiden, who quickly rights himself and lands, while Shin falls on the ground, and the figure leaps on top of him, revealed to be the Namekian. Shin and the Namekian begin fighting furiously>

Mayor G: Man, power levels are still goin down! <Jet arriv es> Let's go!

Karaso: Wait..Shin's fighting the big ki level! I'll fly there, because I'm a pretty fast flyer. <Flies rapidly to Shin>

Mayor G: But................. my jet's fast.............................. Oh well! <Gets in jet, it flies away> Man, I'm bored. <Turns on radio, theme plays> This guy will die for messig with MY city!

Karaso: <Sees Shin and Unknown Namek fighting> What the hell....<Concerned>

Mayor G: <Theme still playing> I see 'em. Hand me a parachute.

Hot sexy wife: Okay. <Throws a parachute>

Mayor G: <Jumps out jet>

Insanity for the Blind[]

Namekian: <Backhands Shin back, then lunges at him, reaching out with one hand. Shin kicks him in the chest, then shoots after him. The Namekian reaches out, grabbing Shin by the mouth. Shin slumps for an unknown reason, as his Ki begins to fade.>

Raiden: Dad! <Fires a massive Ki blast, knocking the Namekian back and sending Shin to the floor, unconscious>

Mayor G: <Pulls string, floats, then lands> So is that another alien? Well, I guess there are good ones then there are bad ones.

Namekian: <Turns around, looks at G> .... Bow, foolish mortal.

Raiden: <Runs over to Shin, shakes him> Dad, dad wake up!

Mayor G: Darn it. <Hold onto cane> You've just made me mad........ <Pulls out a sword in the cane>

Karaso: Shin! <Concerned but then looks at Namek> Who are you?!

Mayor G: <Says seroiusly> Yeah, who are you? Answer me or I'll slit you throat.

Namekian: I am.... the original guardian of.... Earth.... bow.

Karaso: Ah, that's where you're wrong. You see, I don't hail from this Earth.

Mayor G: Guardian................. of Earth? What are you talking about??? Answer me!

Voice: DOWN! <Blast shoots by Karaso, hitting the Original. The source is a man who looks like Goku, except for shorter hair, and a black and grey Gi.>

Mayor G: Darn it. <Sword glows with ki> Ha! <Throws sword beam slash>

Karaso: Damn...I might leave..if the people here weren't threatened. TIME TO FIGHT! <Fires October's Bombs at Namekian>

Mayor G: Haah! <Throws multiple but smaller slashes>

Original: <Dodges, then fires a massive Ki blast at Karaso>

Goku-person: Duck! <Tackles Karaso to the ground, just as the blast flies over them>

Mayor G: <Looks at Karaso> You okay???

Goku-person: <Tumbles to the ground, is somewhat hurt by the blast>

Mayor G: He's hurt! <Rushes towards him>

Goku-person: I-I'm okay.... HA! <Transforms into a Super Saiyan, the wounds begin to heal>

Original: <Grabs Raiden by the mouth, begins draining him>

Karaso: RAIDEN! <Takes Raiden away and gives to Mayor> If you want someone to hurt, hurt me!

Original: Hmmm.... you could be useful... Yes, I haven't made a Conduit in all the places I've destroyed yet.... <Grins>

Karaso: In fact, I'll let you take ALL my power, as long as you wont touch anyone else!

Original: <Walks over> Hmm.... yes. <Grabs Karaso by the mouth, but before he can begin, Goku-person (ssj), crashes into him>

Karaso: NO! <Looks at SSJ Goku Lookalike>

Goku-person: Run! Now!

Karaso: No. If this Namek-thing kills anyone else, I'll NEVER forgive myself. I won't run. He can kill me, but he won't hurt anyone else anywhere.

Goku-person: Run, or I'll throw you!

Original: <Grabs Goku-person> Hmm... you Ki is MUCH higher than the girl's. YOU'LL suffice!

Goku-person: Try. <Looks at Karaso> Please, go!

Karaso: I DON'T WANT TO! He can't hurt anyone anymore! <Powers up to SSJ Form>

Goku-person: Karaso... please. <Kicks the Original, who drops him> If he takes you, he'll keep taking us!

Karaso: No...I can't have people die right in front of me. I've had too many times of that, and that's why I vow to protect life. So..I'm not leaving!

Mayor G: You're not the only one who's had people die. <Sword glows, brighter than before>

Karaso: <A golden ki blast, massive charges in her hand> DIE!!!!!!! NOVEMBER'S ENDING! <Fires it at Namek>

Mayor G: Take this! Avenging Slash <Throws humongous blue slash>

Original: <Grins and teleports away from there, the November's Ending hits Goku-person, but the Avenging Slash hits Shin and Raiden, on the ground. The three lay there, battered.>

Original's Voice: AHAHAH! AHAHAH! NEXT TIME, FOOLS! <Ki disappears>

Mayor G: He's gone................ uh....................... <Drops on the floor>

Goku-person: <Pulls self up, keeps SSJ going, looks at Karaso> Are... you.... okay?

Mayor G: <Still on the floor, coughs loudly and is in pain> Hehe, I'm getting old. <Reaches into shirt pocket, grabs pills, eats 2>

Karaso: <Looking at battered Goku look alike, in shock, about to cry> I....hurt someone? <Helps Goku look alike up> Hey, what's your name..mister..um..

Goku-person: I-I don't have a name. Just one nickname someone gave me, years ago... San.

Karaso: <Guilty expression> Well..sorry for that. You alright? I put a lot of power into that blast. So, why'd you trust me with my ancestor with the same name's rep here?

San: Your ancestor? I've... I've only been alive for a year.

Karaso: Well..I'll ask later. You ok, San?

San: *Stands up by himself* I.... I've never been okay.

Karaso: <Concerned> Well...I'll never be alright, but I'll help others. I vowed to my mom, so please, listen.

San: You had family. What's that like?

Karaso: <Sighs, on verge of crying> Well, my family was shunned, but the short few years were the best. Family...is important to anyone. So when they killed them, it was the worst feeling ever besides death.

San: I never had family... unless you count a freakin' test tube. <Humorless laugh>

Mayor G: Well I guess I'm outta here. A lot of destruction has happened that I have to clean up...............

Karaso: Well, I'll be gone in the woods. Building a home there and live life here.

San: I have nowhere to go.

Raiden: Dad, wake up! <Is shaking Shin, who has barely just opened his eyes>

Mayor G: <Looks at San> I can find somewhere for you to live.

San: Thank you.

Mayor G: You a city guy or a quiet peaceful lover?

Karaso: San, you could stay with me. <WALKS TO RAIDEN> Hey, kid. <THROWS RAIDEN GOOD LUCK CHARM> Keep it. You'll need it.

Mayor G: It's okay, I'll find him a place. it's quite easy.

Karaso: <Smirks> Ah, alright. <Walks to Raiden> Hey, kid, is your father ok?

Mayor G: Man, he seems hurt. <Breathes heavily> Gh...................................Gh.................................. <Breaths heavily again>

Shin: <Groans>

Raiden: Dad, are you okay?

Shin: Y-yeah... that's the last time that train will try to hit ME..... <Groans again>

San: I'm.... I don't know. I honestly have no idea where to stay.

Mayor G: <Cathces breath> I asked you a question, do you like the city or a quiet place?????

San: I enjoy a quiet place... but the city isn't so bad...

Mayor G: Ok, then I guess it's a quiet place???

San: Sure...

Mayor G: Come on.

Karaso: <Looking at Raiden> Hey kid, did you catch what I gave to you?

Raiden: <Nods, shaking Shin to more awake-ness>

Karaso: You'll need it. <Shakes Shin>

Mayor G: I have to take your father to some medical attention. He needs help!

Karaso: <Picks up Shin> Should I put him in your jet so you could fly him over there?

Mayor G: Help me take him <Grabs Shin's arms> San, Raiden, come with me.