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Olivien and his twin sister Chari
オリーヸエン, Orīvien
Detailed Information:
Appearances: Dragon Ball: Heart of the Dragon

Three Foolish Monkeys

Country Matters


The Space Taco Bandit

Nicknames: Oli
Species: Saiyan
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Mrov
Birthdate: June 11, Age 778
Date of Death: n/a
Birth Power Level: 227
Maximum Power Level: <REDACTED>
Personal Pronouns: ぼく
Height: 5'6" (at 15 years old)
Weight: 132.7 (at 15 years old)
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Grey with flecks of indigo
Rank: Student
Organizations: Starchasers (Age 793 - present)The Pink Taco (Age 794 - present)
Favorite Food: Mango, spicy yellow curry chicken
Favorite Vehicle: Mrovian transport
Hobbies: Cooking, training
Family: Lascon (paternal great-grandfather)
Layeeck (paternal grandfather)
Cyleria (paternal grandmother)
Artachoc (maternal grandfather)
Ocra (maternal grandmother)
Ledas (father)
Chaiva (mother)
Chari (sister)
Yuki (half-sister)
Baochoi (half-brother)
Nir (half-brother)
Okinaro (master)

Olivien (オリーヸエン, Orīvien) is a Saiyan. He is the son of Ledas and Chaiva. Olivien is the twin brother of Chari. He is the protagonist of Girl and is featured as a significant character in Dragon Ball: Heart of the Dragon.



At fifteen years old, Olivien is a Saiyan of average height. He is rather skinny and small of frame for a Saiyan male his age. He has long, spiky black hair that is more in the style of his father than his mother. His eyes are grey, with flecks of indigo. His skin is rather pale, and he has freckles. Being Ledas' son, he never removed his tail. Unlike his mother, Chaiva, he does not wrap his tail around his waist, but lets it hang free. He tends to wear human clothes while on Earth. A typical outfit might include a long-sleeved black shirt with faded, ripped jeans, one black sock and one white sock, and a pair of running shoes. He does not hide his tail from Earthlings. His Mrovian combat armor is turquoise with orange-red trim. His aura is deep pink.


Olivien is a mild-mannered, but highly self-motivated Saiyan. He is an introvert. He does not like large crowds, or indeed public speaking in any capacity. As such, he has few friends, though he is extremely close with those he does consider to be his friends. As a pure-blooded Saiyan, he has a passion for fighting. Unlike his sister Chari, he spent his entire life training. By the time they both reached fifteen years old, he was far stronger than her, though the gap narrowed when they began to spar again together. Though he is able to take a leadership role when asked, it is not his preference. He never wanted to captain the second generation of the Starchasers.

Olivien has a high level of awareness, even for his species, though perhaps not the best memory. He is more hands-on than a theoretical learner. He has shown somewhat addictive traits, as when he drank a lot of alcohol in Country Matters and Girl. While he can be emotional, he rarely emotes in the presence of others, for he finds that embarrassing, unless the emotion is too raw to hold back. In general, he has a mild personality compared to his sister and he tends to make sarcastic or witty remarks at her, knowing that he can work her up. When she tries to troll him back, that doesn't often work.

Due to his high level of awareness, he often sees through his sister's shenanigans. In Country Matters, for example, he hid his alcohol from her after she went overboard with Bulla by drinking too much. He also realized that she was in love with Bulla and told her that suppressing her feelings would only hurt her in the long run, which was something he knew only because he had experienced it himself.

Impatience runs hot in his veins. He can quickly move from one subject to another when he gets bored. He enjoys cooking, but not everyday. Perhaps the only passion he's had that is consistent day after day, aside from primal ones, is sparring. As seen in Girl, Olivien uses alcohol as a crutch because of his depression over his sexuality. He is bisexual, but about 95% homosexual leaning. He considers himself to be messed up, as he said as much in a conversation referencing his and Chari's sexuality in Country Matters.


Dragon Ball: Heart of the Dragon[]

Three Foolish Monkeys[]

In the first scene of this story, Jia came outside and asked Chari where Olivien was. She told her that he was sparring in the gravity training unit. Jia called Oli over, asked Bulla if she was staying for the night (she was), and then told the kids that she had to step out for a few hours for some reason. She did not tell them why, but instructed the three to go to bed at once, though they were allowed to watch television for an hour or so. She promised to tell their father if she caught either of them out after their bedtime. She raced out the front door, not even bothering to take care of the curry. Moments later, it boiled over, leaving Jia a huge mess to clean up when she returned. Bulla laughed at that. The Saiyans went to bed afterwards, though they didn't remain there for more than three minutes before they opened their bedroom window, flew out, and pursued Jia to wherever she was going.

In the second scene, Chari, Olivien, and Bulla tracked Jia to Seikishi City. They tracked her to a Morizakura warehouse on the ocean's edge. There, Morucan and Tresparson, associates of Cardinal, waited for her. They told her that something had gone amiss at Ledas' house. They had installed something there that had run out of batteries. Jia was greatly worried about that, telling them that if anything had happened with the children, she could have died. They promised to replace the device's batteries that night while the kids slept. Morucan did not make it clear what the device they were talking about did. He told Jia that Cardinal was waiting in the warehouse and wanted to talk to her. She went inside to see him.

The Saiyans moved in, trying to see where Jia had disappeared to. Olivien tried to pronounce the kanji for 'Morizakura', but was unable to read them properly. Chari corrected him, although her voice rose high enough for Morucan and Tresparson to hear them. The men ran over, noticing immediately that the kids had tails. They drew their weapons, trying to scare off the kids, for they didn't want them entering the warehouse. At the sight of the guns, however, Olivien instinctively blasted Tresparson with a Kyorra Flash, and Chari did the same to Morucan, lest the men inform Jia that the Saiyans had followed her to that place.

Afterwards, Bulla scolded the other two and then they flew back home in silence. They watched television for a short while before falling asleep. In the morning, Jia returned and reprimanded them for leaving the television on. Regardless, neither Chari nor Olivien felt guilty about killing Cardinal's men, and Jia's words hardly mattered to them, either.

Country Matters[]

At the start of this story, Olivien was seen exercising in the backyard of his house at night during a rainstorm. When he came inside, his twin, Chari, rebuked him for being so foolish. She asked him to clean himself up, for Bulla had come over to hang out. He barely acknowledged the other girl, which embarrassed Chari. Because of the rainstorm, they decided to stay inside the house and play games.

They played some card and board games for a while before Olivien got himself some vodka. Chari was none too pleased with that, but it was not like she could stop him. Bulla didn't care, for she had plenty of texting to do. Once they had finished with their games, Oli went to the kitchen to make handmade pasta, while Chari and Bulla watched a movie together on the couch.

Once the movie was over, Bulla requested Oli to give her the vodka bottle. He did so, teleporting back and forth, while eating his tortellini and pesto. The bottle was empty. Chari was once more concerned that Olivien had drunk the entire bottle, but he dismissively replied that it had been an old bottle. Chari was not soothed by that response, for it implied that he had other bottles stashed around the house. Bulla cut in, telling them that she wanted to play truth or dare with the bottle (after spinning it, whoever it pointed at would have to tell a truth or do a dare).

The first spin landed on Chari. Bulla asked her who her crush at school was. She lied and told them that it was a boy named Billy Shears. She admitted that she didn't know if she wanted to be his girlfriend, though. The second spin landed on Chari again. Olivien asked her how many boys she had given blowjobs too. While she offended at the question, Chari nevertheless admitted that she had gone down on four boys. Her answer made Bulla giggle. The next spin landed on Olivien. He decided to do a dare. Chari told him to spend ten minutes outside in the rain. He did not like that, but those were the rules, so he left.

Later on, Chari grew concerned with how long it was taking Olivien to return, but Bulla didn't seem to think it was an issue. Later on, Bulla and Chari, both woefully drunk, fled to Ledas' gravity training unit to escape the rain. Inside, Bulla drunkenly swung at Chari, hitting her in the nose and breaking it. Then, she passed out on the bed. At that moment, Olivien appeared at the door. He ordered Theo to bring him bandages and tissue paper so that he could clean his sister's face. He then ordered Theo to prepare glasses of water for the girls so they wouldn't get hangovers in the morning. He carried his twin to bed and told her not to do anything stupid. She pretended not to know what he meant. Then, Oli left.

In the second scene, after Bulla left, Chari returned to the kitchen, looking for Olivien's hidden bottles of alcohol. They had been moved, however. Just then, Olivien appeared behind her in nothing but his boxers and socks. She asked him where he had gone the previous night, but he didn't answer her. Instead, he told Chari that she should tell Bulla about her feelings for the girl, regardless of the outcome. Bulla deserved to know, and Chari deserved to know her answer. The boy walked off back to his room with a bottle of pineapple and mango juice, not waiting for a response.

In the third scene, Chari and Bulla began their duel in the gravity training unit. Olivien was the referee. Their fight was bloody and brutal, with neither girl blocking much, but both landing many hits. Bulla got very mad every time Chari hit her in the face, but that did not stop Chari from getting even with the princess. Bulla mocked Chari by calling her the granddaughter of a King's Guard.

Then, Bulla shot off a ki explosion/energy beam (known as Cut Thrust) which overwhelmed Chari. The Saiyan fell to her knees and noticed a ton of blood on the ground. With horror, everybody realized that she had been nicked bad just beneath the heart. One of her breasts had been exposed as the blast had peeled away the armor on half of her chest and left a hole in her lung. Olivien picked her up and told her that he was taking her to Korin while Bulla just stood there, regretfully, crying.


In the first scene of this story, Olivien remembered a memory when he had been eight years old and playing on the playground at West City Elementary School. A boy named Tomi was teasing and goading him. The boy eventually punched Olivien in the face. Though he remembered the words of his father to never hit anyone back, for he could seriously hurt them, he punched Tomi in the face several times, causing him to fall over. His mother came running over, screaming for her poor baby.

Olivien came back to reality. He was standing on a curb with four of his friends: Higasuki and his girlfriend Tia, and Taro and his girlfriend. They went to a small club called the Gotham. There, they argued about what movie they were going to see afterwards. Higasuki thought they should see Shark Attack IV: Revenge of the Trawler, while Tia wanted to see Bedbugs. Olivien felt lonely, for his two friends just wanted to talk to their girlfriends and hardly included him in the conversation. As he sat there, he poured vodka from his personal flask into his sprite and then thought of how he had disappointed his father by not training much in recent times. Higasuki said that they should go to Emile's later and asked Olivien to bring some vodka for the group, which the Saiyan agreed to do.

A comedian named Dangerruss came out and started telling jokes. As Higasuki and his date embraced, Oli noticed a good-looking man sitting at a table nearby. His heart started to beat rapidly, so he teleported out of the room, returning to the street. Oli took the train back home. On his way, he noticed a fox-faced policeman giving an illegally-parked hovercar a ticket. He also saw many people going into a club called 'Great Saiyaman 2'. The bouncer was almost seven feet tall, which the boy found to be impressive.

As the bouncer opened the door, Olivien used his Saiyan speed to shoot into the club without anyone noticing. Inside, he found the place to be essentially a rave. A server passed by him, looking disapprovingly at the underage boy. He stole shots with his speed and drank quite a bit of alcohol. He thought about why he drank, that the burden of being conscious, of being consciously who he was, was too much. It reminded him of a song, Baby Blue Sedan, that his sister liked. He tried to dance with the group for a while. One girl asked him to kiss her, but he did not. Her number ended up in his phone, regardless.

He lost track of time, but ended up outside not long after. The boy felt like he was going to throw up, so he flew off. He met a homeless man at a train station as spittle leaked from his mouth (he was leaned over, trying not to vomit). The man said some things to him, but he couldn't understand him. Eventually, the guy patted him on the shoulder and walked off. Oli remembered that woman biting at his earlobe seductively inside the club, and he started to get an erection. Just then, he vomited. He pressed his face to the ground and continued vomiting for a while.

After some time, a police officer appeared and asked him if he had been drinking. Olivien was too weary and drunk to deny it. The man handcuffed him and threw him in the back of his hovercar for public intoxication. The only reason Oli didn't break free was because he knew if he did, he would throw up again, and that would be the worst thing ever. He fell asleep in the back of the car before he could make up his mind on what to do.

In the second scene, Olivien woke up in the back seat of the police hovercar. The officer had pulled to a stop in the parking lot of the police station. He decided to talk to Oli rather than take him in. He wanted to know why the boy was drinking so much. Olivien denied that he was trying to kill himself. He admitted that he drank to forget. He told the man that he never trusted his feelings, to a fault. The officer told him that he just wanted to help Olivien, but that the boy would have to be more open with him. He introduced himself as Carrow. Oli told him his name too.

Oli admitted that he felt a lot of anxiety about the fact that he only had a minimal attraction to girls. Carrow said that he knew people who could help him, therapists and the like, but the Saiyan was uninterested in talking to them. He also admitted that he didn't want to disappoint his father, but couldn't express exactly how or why he felt he was disappointing him. Before Carrow could respond, Olivien broke out of the car and flew off.

He returned home, sensing Jia, Chari, and his father inside the house. He was unwilling to go inside, for he knew that Chari could get him to spill his guts in the vulnerable state he was in, and he didn't want to do that. He met a drunkard at the bus stop just outside his house, but the man was unruly and vile, so he did not remain in his presence for long.

Olivien returned home. Chari was waiting for him inside. She demanded to know where he had been all night. He didn't answer, but took off his shoes and slid down the cherrywood hallway in his socks, sliding right into the wall, where a picture of his family (including his mother) fell and shattered on the floor. The two went to Chari's room. Oli began texting Akina, the name of the girl he had met at the 'Great Saiyaman 2'. Chari was incredulous that he had met a girl at all. He handed her his phone to prove it.

As she texted Akina back, he went rummaging through her underwear drawer. He pulled out a floppy silicone dragon dildo, which embarrassed the hell out of Chari. She threw his phone back at him. When he saw what she had texted Akina, though, he forgot his trolling and became distressed. He complained that she had made him sound lame in how she had responded to Akina. He asked his sister if he could borrow her dildo, but she refused. He then made a comment about her wanting to save it for Bulla, but left her room before she could respond.

He went to bed, sleeping on his top bunk, finding old Balerion there waiting for him. As he closed his eyes to sleep, he thought once more of that man in the Gotham club and decided to masturbate to him, even as Akina responded to his text, causing his phone to vibrate on the dresser.

In the third scene, Olivien awoke and went to the kitchen, where he found Jia. His caretaker told him that both Chari and his father were out. She did not know where his father was; Chari was at Capsule Corp. He told her he would be going out that day, but did not tell her where or when he would be back. Jia did not press him to answer either question, though. Akina texted him that they could meet up at a place called 'Jupiter', and Olivien agreed. He asked Jia to tell Chari and Ledas that he was staying over a friend's house that night. She promised she would and then told him that one of his father's friends had come back to Earth with him and wanted to talk to Olivien. Oli sensed for non-human power levels and realized that it was Okinaro. He thanked Jia and departed for the Inari.

He found him near a beach outside of West City, floating, his four tails spread like peacock feathers, as he meditated. Okinaro told him that he had come on Ledas' orders and that he would be staying for at least ten days, for in ten days was Bulla's birthday.

He asked Olivien to show him how strong he was. The boy did not react fast enough, and soon Okinaro was sparring with him. The boy tried to deny having been training recently, but Okinaro rebuffed him, stating that Chari had told him that she had seen her brother training in a storm a few days back (which had taken place during the opening scene of Country Matters). He remembered the events of that story in a blur. Then, Okinaro asked him if he had unlocked any of the Saiyan transformations (aside from Great Ape). The boy shook his head. The Inari promised to train with him and help him do so, for Ledas was worried about his slow progress. That emotionally affected Olivien, but he resolved to use Okinaro's help to become a true Saiyan warrior.

Okinaro requested the boy use his strongest attack on him so that he could judge just how strong he was. Olivien hit him with a Kyorra Flash, but it did not pierce through Okinaro's aura. He tried again with an Aurora Bomb, but that had the same result. He followed that up with an intuitive Feral attack, but Okinaro responded with a Jirako and sent the boy flying into the sand. Afterwards, he told him that he would begin training Olivien soon and that both Chari and Bulla would be joining them.

In the fourth scene, Olivien and Akina were inside a bathroom drinking wine. Akina had drunk a whole bottle by herself. She offered to dye his hair pink, which he thought was cool. Afterwards they ran out of the club they were in, though Oli lost Akina in the rush, for he was very drunk too.

Outside, he tried to orient himself, but he was soon confronted by the Dragons of the Dawn. The Makyans transported him to their lair deep in the southern islands of the world. There, in a rocky alcove, they tested him to see if he was the 'One', whatever that meant. They argued over whether or not he was for a while, then one of the hooded men stepped forward and thrust his arm out. Olivien was not ready, nor powered up. The kiai cracked his ribs and sent him flying back. The Makyans confirmed that he was not in fact the person they were looking for and transported him back to the street he had been standing on in West City. There, he tried to catch his breath, for his ribs hurt greatly, and then flew off to get a senzu bean from Korin.

In the fifth scene, Oli and Chari were in their kitchen. It was the next morning. Chari was baffled that a girl had dyed his hair pink, but he swore Akina had. She made some rude comments and looked at him with the disappointment only a sister could, for she believed that he was hiding that he had been out all night with some boy (which was not true). Bulla soon came into the kitchen, yawning. She complimented Oli's hair. Not wanting to confront what Chari was about to say about him, Olivien turned their attention to the fact that Okinaro was out back, waiting for the three to come out so he could train them. Bulla ran out to Okinaro.

Chari asked her brother he if was going out with Akina again that night, but he said he probably was not. He had felt something when he had kissed her, but it had not been enough. She remarked that she was glad she was a lesbian and not bisexual, for to have weak feelings towards one gender, like Olivien did, must be maddening and cruel, knowing that he would never like women so much as to date one, but desired them ever so lightly every now and then regardless.

Oli was happy, at least, that Chari was comfortable with who she was. He asked her if she had slept with Bulla yet. Chari looked away, biting her lip and blushing. He knew she had, and thus revealed to her that he could smell Bulla on her breath. That severely embarrassed Chari, but Olivien just marched off to Okinaro, thinking to himself that he was not nearly as happy as his sister, but perhaps one day he could end up in a situation like hers.

The Space Taco Bandit[]

In the first scene of this story, Chari woke up Olivien and told him that he had a customer at his taco shack. The boy made a snarky comment, then asked her to keep the customer busy if they ordered one of his new tacos, as he would only use fresh ingredients for them. He asked her to be his line cook, but she refused.

Olivien found the familiar face of Dhuka at the cash register. The space fox ordered from his taco/ramen shack almost every day. However, there was a strange lavender antenna jutting out from his forehead. He ordered a #2 (bird ramen), a #5 (aloixu fish tacos), and a side of space ice. Oli completed the transaction and warned the alien that it would take him a few minutes to prepare the tacos. He ran out the front door, hopped into his space pod, and flew down to Planet Xii. Oli's shop had been erected on Xii's moon, Xharon. He had named it 'The Pink Taco', even though Chari had wanted him to name it 'Oli's Ramen Shop'. He had found her name suggestion boring, so he hadn't gone with it. He noted that he had chosen Xharon for the shack as Xii's other moon, Xikal, housed the building for his father's bounty hunting group, the Starchasers.

He landed near the Peyelupo Forest, on a cliff overlooking the Xuai Ocean. He placed his ship in a capsule Bulma had given him. There were ten ingredients for the aloixu tacos. Four of them (tortillas, cheese, cilantro, and pepper) came from Earth, although he and Chari had made the tortillas fresh. He found some of the vegetable meddal (which was similar to lettuce) growing nearby and harvested two heads. He noted that the Xili of the Xuhan tribe had taught him which Xiinian vegetables were edible and which were not.

He flew into the forest and found a Xagi vine. From that, he harvested some Xagi peppers, which he had learned about from the Xuhan shaman, Vai'Dao (who used the peppers in his ceremonies). Deeper into the forest, he found a Xhaichi tree. Most of the fruit had been picked clean, but some remained near the top of the tree, nearly fifty feet up. He flew up there and took one, noting that its flavor was not unlike the Xan fruit's, but it was more savory, less watery, and less overpowering (and of course didn't have an alcohol-like effect).

He returned to the cliff, removed his clothes, and dived into the water. He found some aloixu down by the ocean floor and caught one. As soon as he did, a ganau shark attacked, smelling blood in the water. Oli dodged it, killed it, grabbed onto it, and returned to the surface. He flew south to the Xuhan tribe, noting that the nice weather here was lovely. He desired to live here. He remembered that his father had spent time on Xii as a slave, but it couldn't have been that bad to be a slave on a tropical paradise.

He landed in the Xuhan tribe's town square. Some of the Xili were watching him, but he knew they weren't afraid of him, as he had been here many times. He noted that he had spent the last year trying to learn the Xili language from Vai'Dao. He could understand it better than he could speak it, due to his foreign accent. He was able to communicate with a sign language version of Uydo. Vai'Dao had taught him much about the Xiinian cuisine. He used the sign language to communicate with a woman, Relwu, in order to tell her that the ganau shark was a gift. Three minutes later, he was granted an audience with Vai'Dao. Using sign language, he asked for some aloixu sauce. The shaman happily obliged. Oli noted that the sauce perfectly complimented the fish, though the shaman had refused to tell him its ingredients.

The Saiyan remembered that on the final night of his two-month stay with Vai'Dao, the Xili had prepared a meal of Xuvi bird in a mild salsa. Olivien loved that salsa and thought it would go perfect with the tacos. Anxiously, he asked the shaman for some of the salsa. Vai'Dao shouted something to someone outside his tent, and a few moments later, a boy returned with a jar of the salsa. Olivien thanked Vai'Dao profusely for it, and took three puffs from the man's Ulur spice stick when asked. Then, he ran out of the tent, jumped into his space pod, and returned to the restaurant.

All in all, he had been gone for twelve minutes. The restaurant was a mess. The tables had been flipped (one had been half-melted by an energy attack), the chairs had been broken, and Dhuka had been thrown into a wall near the condiments corner. He was unconscious. There were blast marks on the walls, too. One hole was deep enough to lead out into space, so the restaurant was quickly losing air. He noticed Chari standing near the only standing table. Her clothes were torn and burnt. He noticed that her eyes had gone red and she had a lavender antenna poking out from her forehead. As well, her muscles were bulging out in an unnatural way.

He confronted her, but she responded with unusual aggression. Before he could react, she leapt at him. She launched a flurry of punches at him, and the longer she went at it, the harder it was for him to block and dodge the attacks. The blows started landing, and he noticed that they were growing in power. He was close to falling unconscious, and many fractured memories of old beckoned him to join them in the dreamscape. He barely managed to remain conscious, blocked Chari's attack, and gained space from her.

Spitting blood, he asked her what was going on. She reveled in her power and once more stated that she would destroy him. He didn't understand. She said that he had too much drama, was too stupid, hogged their father's attention too much. She would put a stop to that. He raised his fists, ready to fight her, and went Super Saiyan. He thought of his family line: his father was one of the strongest Saiyans in existence, and the leader of the Starchasers; his grandfather had been King Vegeta's best friend and his Captain of the Guard, and he had distinguished himself in the Tuffle War; his grandfather had been a skilled warrior too, and had taught his father and Prince Vegeta how to control their Great Ape forms. The pride of his bloodline overwhelmed him. He was eager to fight, and it didn't matter that his sister was his opponent.

In the second scene, Chari remembered how half of the items on The Pink Taco's menu were her creations. She and Olivien had come up with much of this when they had been kids. The #2, the Xuvi bird ramen, was mostly Chari's idea, though Olivien had added ginger and saké to spice up the flavor. She noted that it had only been a month since their father had let Olivien open up The Pink Taco. The shop wasn't getting too much business, but it was getting enough to survive.

As she prepared the ramen, she felt guilty, for she knew that Olivien had kept up with his training, while she hadn't, and that he could turn into a Super Saiyan. When Dhuka demanded his aloixu tacos, Chari reminded him that she didn't have the ingredients to make it; Olivien would be back soon with those ingredients. After Watagash infected Chari, she thought of Oli and her father, and how unfair it was that she had to help out at The Pink Taco. She thought that her father liked Olivien more, since they trained together.

Oli entered through the front door, and their confrontation from the first scene played out again from Chari's point-of-view up until the two prepared to fight for real. Oli powered up, his hair turning golden. Enraged, Chari mocked him for going Super Saiyan. The boy said that he had been training with Okinaro in the gravity chamber a lot. This form he was showing off was not Super Saiyan, but Super Saiyan 2. He asked her if she could even go Super Saiyan. Chari had heard enough. She ran at him, but he sidestepped, kicked her legs out from under her, and pinned her to the floor. He asked her what was going on. She thrashed about, refusing to answer. Just then, she felt the power of Watagash leave her, and she lamented that. Olivien stopped talking in mid-sentence, and she felt unbelievably tired. Not understanding how she had gotten there, she looked up at her brother and saw his eyes had turned red.

In the third scene, Ledas and Okinaro arrived at The Pink Taco. They saw Dhuka slumped over by the condiments corner, Chari passed out on the floor, and Olivien sitting up against a wall, eating a Xhaichi fruit. Ledas asked him what was going on, but the boy screamed to be left alone. He fired a mouth beam at them, which Okinaro caught and dissipated. He thought something was wrong with Oli. Ledas agreed. He spotted the lavender antenna sprouting from the boy's forehead. The Starchasers resolved to remove that.

They rushed the Saiyan. Olivien jumped up and transformed into a fifteen-foot-tall furry beast. Okinaro realized that Olivien was infected with a parasite. They would have to remove it quickly, lest the restaurant be destroyed. Ledas and Okinaro agreed to use their new technique to take down Oli. The boy released an explosive wave, trying to push them back, but Ledas cut through it with a one-handed Kyorra Flash. Okinaro distracted Oli with a Shanali Ball, which exploded, sending shrapnel at him. At the same time, Ledas came up from behind with a blue glove of ki. He hit Oli hard on the back of the head, then teleported to Olivien's face. He released a Kyorra Flash at Watagash's stem at the same time that Okinaro released a Karui Beam at it. The two attacks joined together, amplifying their power, and hit Oli hard.

The Saiyan boy fell, and Watagash pulled itself from its host, making for the door. Ledas ended its life with a purple energy sword through the eyes. Okinaro took Olivien, and Ledas picked up Chari. They resolved to return to their base on Xikal.


Non-combative Moves[]

Offensive Moves[]


  • The creation of this page was KidVegeta's 150,000th edit on the Dragon Ball Fanon Wiki.
  • Olivien's name follows the normal Saiyan pattern of being named after vegetables. His namesake is olive.
  • Olivien was named by his father, Ledas.
  • Olivien is approximately one minute younger than his twin sister Chari.
  • Olivien uses an archaic katakana, "ヸ", in his name.
  • In Girl, the Dragons of the Dawn mistook Olivien's power signature for that of Nir. Somewhat ironically, they determined that he did not have as much potential as Nir, despite Olivien growing to be much stronger in his lifetime than his half-brother.
  • Olivien's theme song is "Of the Night" by Bastille:

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Characters in Dragon Ball: Heart of the Dragon
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