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オキナロ, Okinaro
Detailed Information:
Appearances: Destroyer of Universes

Trickster is Meaningless

Dragon Ball: Heart of the Dragon

The Great Sushi-Eating Contest (mentioned)

The Monster and the Maiden


The Space Taco Bandit

What Role Will You Play? (non-canon appearance)

Nicknames: Oki, Yako-Okinaro, Okinaro the Unshriven
Species: Inari
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Shantari, Inan
Birthdate: March 17, Age 233
Birth Power Level: 5000
Maximum Power Level: B+ Tier (as of Age 778)
Personal Pronouns: わたくし, ぼく
Height: 6'9"
Weight: 221.4 lbs
Hair Color: Grey-white
Eye Color: Green with flecks of gold
Rank: Grade-Four Zenko
Organizations: Inari Ijo Temple (Age 238 - Age 341)
Starchasers (Age 778 and onwards)
Hobbies: Meditation, water manipulation, training, terraforming worlds
Family: Master Nozari (mentor)
Ledas (comrade)
Linessi (comrade)
Naemi (comrade)
Vizzer (comrade)
Olivien (student)
Chari (student)
Bulla (student)

Okinaro (オキナロ, Okinaro) is an Inari. He is a Grade-Four Zenko (a type of celestial kitsune) who was banished from his homeworld in the Age 341 only to become a wandering Wiyu warrior-monk in search of enlightenment.

He is featured as a member of Ledas' intergalactic bounty hunting team, the Starchasers, during the events of Dragon Ball: Heart of the Dragon.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Okinaro is a tall, somewhat lean Inari. He is recognizable by his long face and large ears. Though he is a biped, Okinaro has youthful, fox-like features that make him appear like an animal. Despite this, he is sentient, being entirely capable of speech and thought. His fur is a smoky grey-white color; his eyes are bright green dappled with flecks of gold. As a Grade-Four Zenko, he possesses four tails.

Okinaro wears only a simple training gi that is white with black bordering. Above his left breast is the insignia of the Ijo Temple. Okinaro's aura is generally white, though when he powers up near his maximum, his aura turns bright green.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Okinaro is a pensive warrior who mostly keeps to himself. He is a devout follower of the Ijo School of Wiyu. After the events of his youth, Okinaro became much more reserved and melancholic. Though he is an introvert by nature, Okinaro can act as a leader if called upon. If he is not fully invested in something, Okinaro has trouble focusing and putting quality effort into it. Okinaro is observant, but guarded. He does not believe he knows much and therefore rarely offers advice to others unless he is certain about what he says.

In combat, Okinaro's tendency is to swiftly deal with his opponent(s). He tries to not let his emotions overpower him as he fights, but that is a struggle he does not always win. Okinaro's style of fighting is mostly water-based, as that is the element he is most attuned to in nature. He is decent with air-based attacks, and to a lesser extent, fire attacks. Okinaro is a master of ki-based attacks; his hand-to-hand fighting capabilities are slightly below average.

Though he is mostly passive in conversations, Okinaro may sometimes be sarcastic, witty, or cynical with others. He generally does not try to make his opinion of others known. That is not to say that he does not have strong opinions about people.

Okinaro's quest in life is to find and embrace purity. That is, in his opinion, the path towards enlightenment. He differs from his former master, Nozari, with this opinion. Nozari believes the path to enlightenment is through tempering emotions with instincts and wisdom. This point of disagreement between the two was partially related to their falling out.

History[edit | edit source]

Origins[edit | edit source]

Okinaro was born in the metropolis of Shantari in Age 233. His parents were terribly poor, and his life was hard from the start. When Okinaro was five years old, his parents abandoned him. However, Okinaro does not remember the circumstances surrounding that pivotal event in his life; he simply does not remember what happened to his parents. They could have simply abandoned him because they could not afford to feed him, or they could have been killed. Either way, Okinaro spent much of his childhood living the life of a street urchin, barely making it by. He became skilled in the ways of pickpocketing and stealing in order to survive. Packs of homeless Inari are not entirely uncommon in large cities such as Shantari, and thus Okinaro's case was neither extreme nor unique.

At the age of seven, Okinaro was taken in by the Ijo Temple, a local sect of the Wiyu religion, after he impressed a Grade-Three acolyte with his quick feet and cunning when he attempted (and failed) to pickpocket the man. A wild and jokester of a boy, Okinaro was often at odds with the temple masters and was kicked out no less than five times for his pranks, lack of civility, and disrespect for authority.

Despite all that, Okinaro was dedicated to Wiyu; from an early age, the religion fascinated him, and he had a burning desire to grow strong and enlightened. For a long time, Okinaro, though he partied and laughed and lived, remained dedicated to his pursuit of Wiyu. His goal was to become the new caretaker of the temple, taking over for Master Nozari sometime in the future.

He had many women and much fun, and for those reasons, Master Nozari thought Okinaro false in his dedication. It was generally considered unbecoming of a Wiyu monk to have relations with women at all, and Nozari held this against Okinaro even as he taught the young Inari the Ijo ways of meditation and training. Okinaro, who knew that most of his peers also ignored the calls of celibacy, was unperturbed, and pushed ahead with his studies. Soon, he became one of Nozari's star pupils, despite his extra-curricular activities. Though he was known as Yako-Okinaro within the temple (Yako being a negative status marker in Inari culture), Okinaro grew to be respected, and by his sixty-third birthday, in a precocious display that drew thousands to the temple, Okinaro completed his meditation on purity, becoming awakened for the first time.

In gaining his second tail, Okinaro became far more powerful than he had been before, and his increase in status made him be seen as one of the most promising Wiyu acolytes in hundreds of years. His vibrant, partying lifestyle contrasting with the hours he spent in meditation each day provided a remarkable contrast for older Inari especially. In a sense, Okinaro, due to his precociousness, became the face of the newest generation of Wiyu monks and was seen as one of the rising talents of their species.

As his popularity grew, Okinaro became even more wild and obnoxious in public. He routinely disgraced the Ijo Temple with how he acted, and yet no one dared to say anything negative about him or his lifestyle. Internally, several of the masters voiced displeasure to Nozari, but he was unwilling to do much, as he thought that if Okinaro could not figure out how to live in harmony with himself, he was not worthy of being taught the ways of enlightenment in the first place.

On the eve of his second awakening, in the Age 341, Okinaro and a lover attempted something that changed Okinaro's life forever. Though Okinaro never revealed the reason why he ended up doing it, it was speculated by members of his Temple, most notably Master Reizashi, that he chose to do it because he misinterpreted the epiphanies of his enlightenment. The night before Okinaro was to gain a third tail at an astoundingly young age of 108 years, Okinaro and his girlfriend, a Grade-Three Inari named Chihako, attempted a double suicide. Only Chihako died in the attempt.

In the aftermath, Okinaro was banished from his homeworld and formally discharged from the Ijo Temple. The news of his suicide attempt left Inan in shock and permanently destroyed Okinaro's reputation. He was seen as a disgrace thereafter by his people. As well, his act had rendered him a one-tailed Inari again, which, in the minds of the Inari public, meant that whatever he had tried had been an utter failure and a show of supreme ignorance (each additional tail signifies a permanent "enlightened" state that the user transforms into; when they can no longer maintain that transformation and revert to a lower tail count, they are seen as having lost a level of enlightenment; this sort of thing is uncommon for Inari with more than four tails but is quite common for Inari with less than four tails to, in their lives, eventually revert to a lower number of tails). They dubbed him Okinaro, the Unshriven thereafter to mark him as a failed enlightment-seeker.

Okinaro became a wandering warrior-monk following his banishment. His personality became much more reserved and contemplative, and he no longer sought out other beings. Though he still followed Wiyu, his approach to meditation and training became more unorthodox without a temple to guide him. Okinaro blamed himself for Chihako's death and was never able to forgive himself for it. His penance since then has to be to seek purity. For more than four hundred years, he traveled the universe mostly in isolation, and sought to regain the inner harmony he had achieved in his youth. So far, through years of dedicated meditation, training, and planet terraforming, Okinaro has gained an additional three tails and has become a Grade-Four Zenko. However, no one on his planet is aware of this.

Destroyer of Universes[edit | edit source]

In the first scene of this story, in Age 433, a one-tailed Okinaro visited Planet Scrote. While he was meditating in the wilderness, a fat man approached him. The man had crashed his car and wanted Okinaro's help. He was also disgusted by the Inari's appearance, stating that he was a mongrel, furry beast, and that once they had fixed his car, he would execute the space fox. Okinaro had heard enough and punched through the man's chins, killing him instantly.

In the second scene, Okinaro visited Quhm, the only town in Scrote. There, he gambled with a man named Manko. When the man started to cheat in their game, Okinaro threw him up against a wall and killed him. Then, he tried to flee, but before he could, a pickpocket accosted him. Okinaro killed the man with a single kick.

At the start of the third scene, Okinaro thought of Chihako, his long-dead lover. He missed her greatly. The Inari visited Gekk's food stand and purchased some muhawi kabobs, thinking about the night of his planned double suicide, when he noticed Whis and Lord Beerus in the middle of town. While he did not know who they were, the space fox could sense that they were unbelievably powerful. This showed that Okinaro, like all Inari, could sense god ki, a rare feat for any species. He overheard Beerus state that after his meal, he would destroy the planet of Mrov and sleep for forty-five years. Then, biting into his kabob, Okinaro was shocked to find it raw and tasting of a different sauce.

Understandably, this caused Okinaro to fall into a cold fury, which drew Whis and Beerus over to him. The two grew curious about the muhawi kabobs, demanding to know where they could purchase some at. Beerus tried the fox's other kabob to confirm his sad tale, and indeed, with disgust, he did (even the Destroyer had to spit out his uncooked kabob like a peasant).

Melancholic over the food quality on Scrote, Beerus and Whis prepared to leave. Before they could go, however, Okinaro revealed to them that he had listened in on their earlier conversation about destroying Mrov. He convinced Lord Beerus to destroy Scrote instead of Mrov due to the slipping quality of Gekk's muhawi kabobs. The Destroyer blew up the planet without hesitation, throwing Okinaro out into space, the force of the explosion knocking him unconscious in the process.

In the fourth scene, Okinaro was found by Genshissa of the Planet Trade Organization and placed in a rejuvenation tank on Planet Icer 005. While the medical attendant was interested in cataloguing Okinaro's species for the Planet Trade Organization's archives, the young lord Icer, who was also there, was more interested in learning Okinaro's strongest techniques. It was at this time that Okinaro realized he had grown a second tail since meeting the Destroyer. He assumed this was for achieving the first tenant of nothingness again (though he could not know for certain). In reality, Okinaro had mastered the tenant of purity with this action, though he was completely unaware of this fact for several centuries to come.

In the fifth scene, Beerus visited Mrov and told Admiral Seigfron about Okinaro's suggestion which had saved their planet. The Destroyer had forgotten the Inari's name and thus was unable to tell them exactly who had saved their planet from his destructive power.

Trickster is Meaningless[edit | edit source]

In Age 608, Okinaro journeyed to the Planet Trade Organization world of Lipanto in order to visit a restaurant called Nindago, which served the most scrumptious meatballs in the universe, in his opinion. His last trip to the restaurant had been thirty-seven years ago. When he reached the restaurant on Lipanto, there were many customers waiting to be seated. The line stretched out the front door. He flew past them, as he did not wish to wait, and made his way to the restroom.

There, he found a Jolean shipmaster pissing into a urinal. Getting an idea, he spilt water behind the pissing Jolean, causing the man to slip and knock himself unconscious when he finished his business and turned around. Okinaro hid the man in a stall and then shapeshifted into him. Then, he returned to the restaurant, finding an unoccupied table. Luckily for him, the dish that had been left behind was meatballs in rice. He scarfed down the food and ordered another bowl from a waitress. Before his second course arrived, however, the female officer whose table that was returned from wherever she had gone off to and screamed at him, forcing the poor Inari to flee back to the restroom.

In there, he found a fat Inovian. He knocked the man out, stashing him in a stall, shapeshifted into his form, and returned to the restaurant. Noticing the Space Dingo talking angrily to the restaurant staff near the kitchen, Okinaro snuck back to her table and stole a second bowl of meatballs and rice from her. He also ordered a dessert.

Just then, a man got to his feet to address the restaurant patrons. He was obviously very drunk, and when his wife tried to stop him, he slapped her across the face and admonished her. He then ordered more Enacir-imported beer and boasted that he was the strongest one around, stating that his power level was forty-five thousand and that his scouter hadn't picked up any readings above eighteen thousand. Okinaro thought back to his lover Chihako and their failed double-suicide (only she had died in the attempt). He missed her greatly.

Annoyed that the boasting man was ruining his vacation on Lipanto, Okinaro got to his feet and accepted the man's arm wresting challenge. They took their seats and a crowd formed around them to watch. Okinaro wasted no time in snapping the man's arm, breaking his bone. The crowd was none too pleased with this turn of events, for they were rooting for the boasting man. Okinaro left Nindago at that point so that he wouldn't have to put up with their passive-aggressive attitudes any longer.

Later that night, Okinaro visited a bar and got drunk off Nyarin gin. When he left, he got lost in the maze of streets that made up Old Lipanto, eventually stumbling across some Jolean drug dealers in a back alley. He swindled some J'tartha off of them without paying (and without alerting them that he had used their own money in the transaction). He soon took a lot of the J'tartha and began tripping in the moonlit streets.

He eventually ran into the boasting man, who was having fun with a whore in a back alley. This scared off the whore, angering the soldier immensely. He verbally assaulted the poor tripping space fox, and although Okinaro did not care about the man, eventually he lost patience and elbowed him in the forehead three times, killing the man.

After many hours of searching for it, he found his hotel. When he entered his room, he walked over to the bed and threw himself onto it, falling asleep immediately. When he woke up in the morning, Okinaro noticed that he now had three tails instead of two. The Inari fled Lipanto at once, before anyone could question him about the death of that soldier the previous night (not that anyone knew it was he who killed the man).

Dragon Ball: Heart of the Dragon[edit | edit source]

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The Great Sushi-Eating Contest[edit | edit source]

In this story, after Ledas convinced Tarble to come with him on the bounty hunting mission to assassinate Haimaru and Raimie, the boy told him that he wanted to introduce him to the other members of his bounty hunting crew. That night, indulging in nostalgia, Ledas took a train out of the city. While he was on the second train platform, waiting for his next train, he was confronted by Vizzer. Vizzer told the boy that the Starchasers had located Haimaru and Raimie and were ready to set out whenever he wanted. He told the genetic specimen that they would be leaving in the morning and that a new member would be joining them for the trip. Vizzer flew off, promising to tell Linessi, Okinaro, and Naemi.

The Monster and the Maiden[edit | edit source]

In the sixth scene of this story, the Starchasers came upon a statue of the Golden Wind on the streets of Loru Qir. Ledas grinned. He told his companions that his mother had known that woman and silently confirmed to himself that the story she had told him so many years ago about the female Legendary Super Saiyan had been true. Memories of his mother and father, of Len and Jaduu, returned to him, and he felt nostalgic and happy.

Girl[edit | edit source]

In the third scene of this story, Jia told Olivien that one of his father's friends had come back to Earth with him and wanted to talk to Olivien. Oli sensed for non-human power levels and realized that it was Okinaro. He thanked Jia and departed for the Inari. He found him near a beach outside of West City, floating, his four tails spread like peacock feathers, as he meditated. Okinaro told him that he had come on Ledas' orders and that he would be staying for at least ten days, for in ten days was Bulla's birthday.

He asked Olivien to show him how strong he was. The boy did not react fast enough, and soon Okinaro was sparring with him. The boy tried to deny having been training recently, but Okinaro rebuffed him, stating that Chari had told him that she had seen her brother training in a storm a few days back (which had taken place during the opening scene of Country Matters). He remembered the events of that story in a blur. Then, Okinaro asked him if he had unlocked any of the Saiyan transformations (aside from Great Ape). The boy shook his head. The Inari promised to train with him and help him do so, for Ledas was worried about his slow progress. That emotionally affected Olivien, but he resolved to use Okinaro's help to become a true Saiyan warrior.

Okinaro requested the boy use his strongest attack on him so that he could judge just how strong he was. Olivien hit him with a Kyorra Flash, but it did not pierce through Okinaro's aura. He tried again with an Aurora Bomb, but that had the same result. He followed that up with an intuitive Feral attack, but Okinaro responded with a Jirako and sent the boy flying into the sand. Afterwards, he told him that he would begin training Olivien soon and that both Chari and Bulla would be joining them.

In the fifth scene, Olivien sensed that Okinaro was out back, waiting for Bulla, Chari, and him to come out so he could train them. Bulla ran out to Okinaro. After a short conversation, the twins followed her out, determined to become the warriors their father wanted them to become.

The Space Taco Bandit[edit | edit source]

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Techniques[edit | edit source]

Non-combative Moves[edit | edit source]

Offensive Moves[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Okinaro's theme song is "Eclippse" by Radical Face:

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