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"It is truly a wonder how you people managed to survive even for two minutes on this planet without any fighting skill."

Obes is an alien being who (unwillingly) lives on the planet Regedown, and is the tritagonist of Dragon Ball: Survivor. After crashing on the planet while trying to flee a pandemic which afflicted his own home planet, he defends himself from the savage, monstrous Regedowns which inhabit the planet, while trying to rebuild his damaged ship.


Obes is a serious, brooding individual who intimidates people with his size, strength, and deep voice. Despite this, he maintains a strong sense of right and wrong, which he inherited from his father.


Despite being unable to utilize energy as a weapon, Obes' intellect manages to get him out of a tight spot one way or another. His intellect also allowed him to create the weapons necessary for defeating Regedowns. His extremely swift and deadly fighting style succeeds in killing any enemy, no matter how huge.


Obes' appearance consists of clothing made from the softened skins of Regedowns, and hidden armor fashioned from Regedown bones. He also has a massive "backpack" of sorts that holds various weapons used for battle against Regedowns.