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ナイロス, Nairosu
Detailed Information:
Appearances: KidVegeta's Theogony: From Silence to the Greater Kais
Gender: Male
God of: Luck
Preferred Plane: Mytos
Percentage of Universe's Energy Owned: 3%
Rank in the 12 Divines: 12th
Personal Pronouns: 僕 (ぼく)
Rank: Original Divine
Family: Chivin (son)
Selphos (son)
Dynae (daughter)
Bhusho (daughter)
Garrios (son)
Macklan (son)
Gyx (daughter)
Forel (son)
Dencion (son)
Lorelos (son)
Xelia (daughter)
Jesino (son)

Nylos was one of the original Twelve Divines. He was mostly known as the god of luck and youth, and he was by far the weakest of the Twelve. He likes to take the form of a half-octopus half-humanoid figure, though when on land, he takes the form of a blue-skinned tall man.


Nylos was the eleventhborn of the Twelve Divines. He resided in the lakes of Mytos until the Shima called the Divines to Helcio. There, he helped Zentryx and Valcia, his sisters, to banish the Keishin to the Underworld. Thereafter, he mated with many of his sisters to create numerous children. He fathered, by far, the most second-generation gods.


  • Whose appearance was the envy of all
  • The forever-young
  • Who walks with luck
  • Health-giver
  • The god of fear
  • Who lives in water

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