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Detailed Information:
Appearances: Dragon Ball: The Mrovian Series: Nitro saga
Species: Arce-Albumian
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Arce Album
Date of Death: 8 April 739 Age
Maximum Power Level: 830,000[note 1]
Height: 178 cm or 5'10"
Eye Color: Brown
Organizations: Planet Trade Organization
  • Nitro (boss)
  • Borgur (comrade)
  • Srief (comrade)
  • Zota (comrade)

  • "Heh, what are you going to do with a power level of only 4,000?"
    Kailon's True Power

    Nukket is an Arce-Albumian and a member of Nitro's army. His name is a pun on nugget, as all Arce-Albumians are named after various fast food.

    Physical appearance[]

    As an Arce-Albumian, Nukket looks very much like a human, except with red skin. He is bald and has brown eyes. His Planet Trade Organization Battle Armor is of the pauldron variant, except without leg or crotch guards, and is the same color as Raditz's set. He also wears a pair of armored boots with the same color as his armor, and the pants part of a jumpsuit, which is black. His scouter is red.


    On April 8, 739 Age, more than a year after the Genocide of the Saiyans, Cuber, Chaiva, and Kailon head towards the recently-acquired Planet Nitro 297, having unknowingly entered Nitro's territory, due to the fact that the computers of the children's' Attack Balls, disconnected from the Planet Trade Organization database, were outdated. When one of Nitro's soldiers report the Saiyans' approach to Planet Nitro 297, Nitro decides to personally visit the Saiyans to recruit them into his army. By the time Nitro arrives there with Kirka, Nukket, Borgur, Srief, and Zota, the Saiyans have destroyed the entire outpost, but have not escaped. Nitro orders Nukket to brutally beat Cuber in order to convince the Saiyan children to take his offer of joining him. This, however, angers Kailon, who transforms into his Proto-Super Saiyan state for the first time and vertically bisects Nukket with his Cho Shoenken attack.


    • Energy Kick – An orange-white energy wave fired out of a kick
    • Energy Punch – A punch infused with orange-white ki
    • Flight – The ability to fly using ki
    • Solar Power – The ability to absorb energy from a nearby star – blue stars allow access to full power, while red stars provide the least amount of energy

  • Attack Ball – A space pod used for interstellar travel
  • Battle Armor – Armor worn by Planet Trade Organization personnel
  • Scouter – A communicator used to read Power Levels

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