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Nobu Ren
蓮 延
Ren Nobu
Anime name Nobu Ren
Manga name Nobu Ren
Debut Chapter 1
Appears in Dragon Ball: Fate of Two Worlds
Race Human
Date of birth Age 1,822
Height 169 cm
Weight 55 kg
Family Tobi Ren (Father)

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"Strength under a uniform"
— Davidchola2

Nobu (蓮 延 Ren Nobu) is a Human and the main protagonist in Dragon Ball: Faith of the Worlds. He is a Pilot of the Aerial Forces of Earth (AFE), as well as the Commander of his Division.


Creation and Concept[]

Ren and Nobu mean, respectively, "lotus" and "prolong".




Nobu is a young man as well as the main character of the fanon Dragon Ball series. His hair is dark blue and reaches down to his jaw. He has a muscular, lean and well-built body.

His clothes rarely change throughout the storyline and consist of the traditional Pilots outfits. The clothes are composed of a simple jacket, usually red or blue, with several emblems and symbols of the Pilots. They have brown shoulderpads which are pointy on the tips. It also has a belt that ties it. Usually, the pants are the same color as the shoulderpads.



Early Life[]

Skills and Abilities[]