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Dragon Ball HSN (Humans, Saiyans, Namekians) is a series created by Nobody700. Dragon ball HSN, is a series about the future, 200 years after the final death of Son Goku. 

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Plot[edit | edit source]

Two hundred years have passed since the final death of Son Goku. A new Saiyan descendant is born. The child's name... Is Goar. He leaves his home when his father wants him to meet the 'most powerful warrior in the universe' and soon he meets another person of Saiyan descent, Bultra. At first at odds with each other, but soon they team up together and soon another one of Saiyan blood, Appele all go on a search for the dragon balls and have adventures along the way.

When they discover a dragon ball is in the championship belt awarded to the winner of the World Martial Arts Tournament, they decide to enter the tournament and aim to win the tournament. They soon meet a old man named Master Roshi and his student Koah.

The three get past the preliminaries and go on to fight in the main tournament. They soon encounter two mysterious competitors, Geetar and Broccolo, both of whom who are in the tournament; these two want to win, more than anything.

Soon, after battling both Shan, Koah, Geetar, and even Brocccolo, Goar is declared the winner of the world martial arts tournament. While traveling, a Strange event happens and they enter the Capitol.

Arcs[edit | edit source]

1. The introduction arc

2. Relation arc

3. King of fighters arc

4. Requiem of the old war arc

Chapters[edit | edit source]

1) Here's the start!

2) Fight!

3) Rage and Sit

4) Bad girl

5) Dragon Ball?


7) Push ups

8) Fight to fight

9) Tomorrow is a new day

10) Who fights who?

11) Prepare for the show down

12) Goar VS Shan

13) First Round Knockdowns

14) Finishing the first round

15) Let's take a brake

16) Goar Makes a new friend

17) Goar VS Koah

18) Bultra and Broccolo get disappointed

19) Geetars warning

20) Goar VS Geetar

21) Goar's new move

22) Bultra VS Broccolo

23) The true terror of God Killer

24) Final clash between giants

25) Goar VS Broccolo

26) Goar takes down the beast

27) The colors of a beast

28) Why... Why does he kill?

29) Where we will go

30) Big sisters can be a pain

31) Fight the POWER!

32) Follow the POWER!

33) Coming soon

Specials[edit | edit source]

1. Vegeta the 2nd: Before HSN. Coming soon

Movies[edit | edit source]

1. Galactic overlord Bice: Saiyan Rampage

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