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Noah (son noah) originol

noah as he first appears before being frozen in ice

        Noah is a powerful young full blood Saiyajin and the son of Raditz, brother of Tony, Dax, Razits, Lacob, Gale, and Omni, nephew of Goku and Chi Chi and Turles, cousin of Gohan, Goten, and Pan, grandson of Bardock, and the youngest son of Raditz. His mother is unknown and he is the husband of Makiza and father of Isaiah.

    Noah's age is unknown, but is about Gohan's age or older. Noah's personallity is a mixture of Raditz's and Vegeta's. His original  power level is 30,000.

     Noah's early life is unknown but it is proven that at the age of 4 he almost went super sayian when he was punched in the face by a Namekian. He does not spend time with family much. He is hot headed, has a temper, and Vegeta calls hin foolish. Noah does have a tail but he does not show it much after he joins the Z fighters. In Noah after the ice he has a more calm fun loving and childish personality. He acts like a small child but gets a more mature personality later on. He also gets a more of an angry attitude.


Noah's hair looks like his father's and Goku's mixed. As a Super Saiyan, his hair looks more like Goku's. He wears custom armor. He has blue eyes, black hair, and a scar over his right eye in later chapters of noah after the ice he has short spikey hair.


noah ssj infinity


noahs home planet till he was 4


noah after being freed from ice stuck in what he calls ssj xl with a power level unreadable

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noah ssj3


noah ssj2

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noah ssj4

Noah ssj

noah ssj

Ssj5 and 6 noah

noah ssj 5 and 6 appearence


noah as a great ape with his scale armor


noahs attack ball uaed to gwt to earth