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Detailed Information:
Appearances: The Royal Exception

The History of the Decline and Fall of the Planet Trade Organization

Dragon Ball: The Mrovian Series

Species: Arcosian
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Arcose
Date of Death: September 3, Age 766
Maximum Power Level: 110,000,000[note 1]
Height: 158 cm or 5'2" (true/final form)
Hair Color: None
Eye Color: Red
Rank: Co-Emperor of the Universe
Organizations: Nitro's Empire
Family: King Cold (father)
Cooler (brother)
Frieza (brother)
Yuki (partial clone/daughter)
Arcterial (uncle)
Icer (uncle)
Haimaru (nephew)
Raimie (niece)
Kuriza (nephew)
Glacial (cousin)
Frost (cousin)
Hail (cousin)
Polaria (cousin)
Avalan (cousin)

"Shut up, Kirka."
— Nitro

Nitro is the younger brother of Cooler and Frieza, and the third son of King Cold. Like his brothers, he owns a portion of the territory of the Nitro's Empire. He is the main villain of the Nitro saga of Dragon Ball: The Mrovian Series, and is a major character in The History of the Decline and Fall of the Planet Trade Organization.


The Royal Exception[]

At the start of this story, King Cold took his brothers and sons to the Pink Oyster Cult on Poonjab VII, which was an adult resort. Within a few minutes of arriving at their hotel room, Cold passed out in a chair with a glass of ice wine in his hand. Uncle Arcterial had locked himself in the bathroom, while Uncle Icer had gone down to the space sauna.

Cooler, Nitro, and Frieza played Space Super Smash Bros. Melee for nine hours. However, after Nitro spammed with a character, Frieza grew angry and threw his remote at the television, destroying it. He shot a Death Beam at Nitro's chest. Cooler made fun of the name of the attack, since it hadn't killed Nitro, but Frieza said he had weakened it on purpose so as to not commit fratricide. Nitro made a snide comment, so Frieza slapped him with his tail. The two got into a fight while Cooler munched on crackers and watched. The two proceeded to seriously damage the room as they traded ki and blows. Eventually, Nitro bit Frieza's tail, so the other Arcosian shot him in the face with another Death Beam. Nitro collapsed and did not get up.

Just then, the bathroom door swung open and out came Arcterial, furious as ever. He was very mad at the children for making so much noise. Cooler explained that Nitro had been spamming, so the fight between him and Frieza had been inevitable. Arcterial didn't care. Cooler refused to say the fight had been Nitro's fault, however. Frieza admitted that he had knocked out Nitro. Arcterial confirmed that the boy would live, then gave Cooler some space woolongs so that he and Frieza could go down to the gift shop and stop bothering him.

They went on a few adventures before reaching the lobby, but when they finally did, the boys spotted Nitro inside a shop called The Bald Man in a Boat. Nitro told them that Arcterial had thrown him out, too. He revealed that their uncle had given him a space woolong to spend at the gift shop. Cooler noted that Arcterial had given him and Frieza seventeen woolongs. He split the money three ways, giving each of them six space woolongs.

They browsed the gift shop for a while, but after not finding any candy, Frieza called upon the cashier for assistance. The cashier was a man by the name of Ginyu. Frieza asked him where the candy was. Ginyu said that the shop didn't sell any and called him a midget, which upset the boy immensely. Only his brothers holding him back prevented him from killing the man. Cooler told him that after what he had done to the hotel room, Frieza would be wise not to kill the man, lest he incur the wrath of their father.

Cooler asked Ginyu what the most delicious item in the store was. Not really understanding, Ginyu said that the most exciting item would have to be the deluxe 180 color page Wet Hamster space jugs special magazine, which cost ₩55. Since they couldn't afford it, the boys came up with a plan. Nitro would distract Ginyu while Frieza grabbed the magazine. He did so while Cooler grabbed a bottle of the mango flavored edible lube and brought it to the register. Before Ginyu could ring it up, Cooler opened the cap and sprayed it at him. The man slipped and fell while Frieza flew over the counter and plucked three magazines from the shelf. The boys ran out of the gift shop.

Frieza and Cooler didn't understand the appeal of the pictures in the magazine. Nitro kind of found them to be funny.

As they walked back to the hotel room, they met Uncle Icer at the saunas. He asked them what they were doing there, and they told him about Uncle Arcterial kicking them out of the hotel room. He snatched Cooler's magazine and questioned the boys about it. They did not understand why it was the hottest-selling item in the gift shop. Frieza guessed that the answer was because it was in color, but that only made Icer laugh.

He asked them if Cold had taught them about reproduction yet. He had not; the boys were confused as to why Icer had even brought that up. He revealed that the magazine dealt with that subject. He noted that usually, by their ages, the boys would have learned about the space birds and the space bees, but since their family were mutants, they all produced asexually. He took Nitro and Frieza's magazines too and incinerated the trio. Nitro mentioned that one of the reasons why they were so strong was because they were mutants who reproduced asexually. He gave them a lesson on how most species mated, then said that the boys should be happy that they were asexual, as it meant they didn't have to put up with the jive nonsense of space bitches.

Nitro was sad, for he remembered that the drunken Jolean had told him that women loved space flowers. He began to cry, knowing that he'd never give any to any women. Cooler slapped him. Frieza egged him on to slap Nitro even more for crying in public. Cooler refused. They grew livid with one another. Icer commanded them to leave. Suddenly, Cooler pounced on Nitro. Frieza jumped at him, while Nitro lunged at Frieza. Icer created a glove of ki, and sighing, hit them just before they collided with one another, and knocked them out.

The History of the Decline and Fall of the Planet Trade Organization[]

Volume I[]

Volume II[]

Volume III[]

Volume IV[]

Dragon Ball: The Mrovian Series[]

Nitro saga[]

Nitro third form

Nitro in his third form

On April 8, 739 Age, more than a year after the Genocide of the Saiyans, Cuber, Chaiva, and Kailon head towards the recently-acquired Planet Nitro 297, having unknowingly entered Nitro's territory, due to the fact that the computers of the children's' Attack Balls, disconnected from the Planet Trade Organization database, were outdated. When one of Nitro's soldiers report the Saiyans' approach to Planet Nitro 297, Nitro decides to personally visit the Saiyans to recruit them into his army. By the time Nitro arrives there with Kirka, Nukket, Borgur, Srief, and Zota, the Saiyans have destroyed the entire outpost, but have not escaped. Nitro orders Nukket to brutally beat Cuber in order to convince the Saiyan children to take his offer of joining him. This, however, angers Kailon, who transforms into his Proto-Super Saiyan state for the first time. With his newfound power, Kailon proceeds to slaughter Nitro's warriors and intends to do the same with Nitro. Nitro proves to still be stronger than Kailon, but the Saiyan boy is able to shake a Death Beam from the tyrant. However, a subsequent Death Ball proves to be too much for Kailon to handle, and Nitro's energy sphere pushes Kailon into the planet and its core, destroying both the Proto-Super Saiyan and Planet Nitro 297. Kirka, who had fled the scene to earlier to avoid being a target for Kailon, flies Nitro's ship to him, picking up his lord to return to their empire.

In the year 746 Age, Nitro watches the final round of the Galactrix Arena's Premier League. Impressed with the champion, who is none other than Chaiva, Nitro offers to buy the Saiyan off her master, Sowrspot, who charges Nitro far above what he is willing to pay. Having no patience to negotiate, the space emperor promptly kills Sowrspot and "frees" Chaiva before hiring her to work for him as a soldier in his military. Nitro partners Chaiva with Kaesh under the supervision of his general Fassfu, and the three are frequently sent to deal with space pirates at the empire's border. Nitro also tasks his highest-ranked doctor, Nroop to oversee a project that would utilize both the emperor's DNA as well as Chaiva's.

After the deaths of Frieza, King Cold, and Cooler, Nitro sends his armies to forcefully lay claim to his brothers' territories. Once he has control of a large portion of the Planet Trade Organization, Nitro decides to invade the Mrovian Republic for their technology. Having found the location of Kuludug, a Mrovian colony, Nitro sends an invading force to the planet. After most of his soldiers he sent are killed, Nitro himself arrives on the planet to finish what his minions could not. Although his ship quickly shot down by Mrovian orbital defense lasers, he retaliates with a sweeping energy wave that wipes out the enemies that destroyed his vessel. Cuber immediately rushes to fight Nitro and is outclassed, beaten to near death by Nitro's physical strikes and Crazy Finger Beams. Before Nitro can finish Cuber off, the Lance of Mrov teleports Cuber back into itself. Nitro gives the Mrovians a chance to join his empire, which Salhior refuses and orders to have Kuludug destroyed. The surviving Mrovian warships all fire upon the planet with their Sterilizers, blinding Nitro with the sheer volume of fire. Nitro, while stunned, is able to take out a few Mrovian vessels with an energy wave barrage, but the remaining ships jump away from the system in a successful escape.

Following Kuludug's destruction, Nitro sends Fayg to Planet Nitro 458, predicting that the Mrovian Navy will attack its outpost, as it is fairly close to the Mrovian Republic in terms of distance. Fayg is ordered to infiltrate a Mrovian warship so that it brings him to Mrov, allowing him to telepathically notify Nitro of its location. By September of 766 Age, Fayg reveals Mrov's location to Nitro, while his scouts manage to locate the Mrovian planet Typhon. Nitro sends Fassfu, Kaesh, Chaiva, and a regiment of soldiers to Typhon, while he himself leads the majority of his forces to Mrov. Upon arrival, Nitro positions his own ship out of the range of Mrov's orbital defense lasers. Shortly after the invasion commences, Salhior personally flies to Nitro to challenge the space emperor in a one-to-one fight. Nitro accepts, and the two prove to be evenly matched, with Salhior possessing a slight upper hand. The Mrovian Supreme Admiral attempts to defeat Nitro with his Eradication attack, but does not do nearly enough damage to cause substantial injuries. Still, the strength Salhior had displayed prompts Nitro to revert to his true form.

Cuber arrives at Mrov just in time to prevent Salhior from impacting the surface after the now-true-form Nitro had blasted the Supreme Admiral with a very powerful Kiai. As Salhior retreats, Cuber demands from Nitro what happened to Kailon, seeing that Chaiva is still alive. Nitro confirms Kailon's death, motivating Cuber to go all out. Cuber holds his own against Nitro in his true form, but after an intense fight, the space emperor decides to power up to fifty percent of his full strength. The less-restrained Nitro effortlessly beats Cuber down, but before he can finish the Saiyan off, Chaiva intervenes, having succeeded in killing Fassfu. The two Saiyans then try to attack Nitro with energy wave volleys, but the Arcosian stops all of their attacks with a Super Explosive Wave that also blasts them into the ground. Nitro decides to target Chaiva first, and impales her just under the sternum with his tail. This seemingly-fatal attack awakens Cuber's Super Saiyan transformation, and showing no mercy, the new Super Saiyan swiftly kills Nitro with his Off the Stratosphere attack.


  • All Clear – A massive, wide purple-white energy wave fired from an inward sweeping palm
  • Continuous Energy Bullet – A barrage of blue-white energy waves fired from alternating palms
  • Crazy Finger Beam – A barrage of orange-white energy bolts fired from the index and middle fingers together, alternating hands
  • Death Ball – Nitro raises his right index finger high above his head and charges a very powerful black energy sphere surrounded by violet plasma arcs above it, which he then throws at his opponent
  • Death Beam – A very powerful bright pink finger beam
  • Death Cannon – A powerful pink-white energy sphere fired from the palm
  • Energy Kick – An orange-white energy wave fired out of a kick
  • Energy Punch – A punch infused with orange-white ki
  • Eye Lasers – Red or blue-white energy beams fired from the eyes
  • Flight – The ability to fly using ki
  • Kiai – A blast of invisible ki, which Nitro releases from the palm
  • Ki Blast – The most basic ki bolt, mostly fired from the palm – Nitro's are blue-white in color
  • Ki Blast Deflect – Nitro palm-strikes the opponent's ki blast right back to him/her/it.
  • Sonic Warp – A rapid shift between different positions that gives the illusion of teleportation
  • Super Explosive Wave – A powerful orange-white energy explosion released in all directions from the body
  • Tail Impale – Nitro pierces the opponent with his tail just below the sternum, lifts the opponent off the ground, and then drops the opponent back down.
  • Telepathy – The ability to communicate telepathically

  • Third Form – The suppressed transformation Nitro prefers to be in when not fighting seriously
    Nitro third form

    Nitro in his third form

  • Battle Armor – Armor worn by Planet Trade Organization personnel
  • Nitro's Spaceship – A saucer-like spaceship of the same design as Frieza's – Nitro goes through two spaceships, as his first is destroyed by Mrovian orbital defense lasers in orbit of Kuludug, and the second is destroyed by Mrovian ships shortly after his death at the hands of Super Saiyan Cuber
  • Scouter – A communicator used to read Power Levels

  • Lineage[]

    Unknown mutant Arcosian ancestor
    ~Age 200 (†)
    King Cold
    Age 764 (†)
    Age 767 (†)
    Age 766 (†)
    Age 764 (†)
    Age 766 (†)
    Age 764 (†)
    Age 767 (†)
    Age 767 (†)
    Age 767 (†)
    Age 767 (†)


    1. 55,000,000 at 50%