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Nihl is the believed leader of the Shadow Fighters, an evil organization focused on reviving King Piccolo. Nihl is very strong, and, could defeat Sivus within a Ki Blast

Power Level[]



  • Explosive Demon Wave - He is believed to use a similar attack to this, however, names his attack this, however it's power is much greater.
  • Special Manuver - An attack which Nihl only uses in dire situations. Nihl starts this by sending a flurry of Ki Blasts, then, punches his opponent and moves away from the Ki Blasts, allowing them to explode on his opponent. As this happens, Nihl forms an Explosive Demon Wave, fires it, and forces it through his opponents body wasting all of his power.
  • Finger Cannon - An attack where Nihl binds his two index fingers to make an arrowhead, and forms a Finger Beam which binds the two powerful small Ki Sspheres, and then fires it in a giant beam.