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This page, Niflheim, is property of KidVegeta.

Featured in Dragon Ball: Cold Vengeance
Ice Age Coming
Discovered by Mrovians
Discovery site Mrov
Discovery date April 17th, 539 Age
Pronunciation niv-uhl-heym
Adjective Niflheimian
Parent star type K-type main-sequence
Orbital characteristics
Orbital period 792.18 d
Satellites 5
Satellite names Hrimthursa, Niflungar, Nidhug, Hvergelmir, Elivagar
Physical characteristics
Equatorial radius 8421.33 km
Polar radius 8393.21 km
Surface area 41.8% land
58.2% water
Mass 7.29464×1025 kg
12.21 M
Equatorial surface gravity 68.649 m/s2
7 g
Axial tilt 43.51°
Surface temperature
Minimum −343.5 °C
Mean -10.7 °C
Maximum 11.4 °C
Composition 64.38% nitrogen (N2)
33.27% oxygen (O2)
1.09% methane (CH4)
1.01% carbon dioxide (CO2)
0.25% trace elements
Sentient Species n/a
Sentient species 1 population n/a
Number of major cities 0
Technology level Tier 7

Niflheim is a mining world owned by Audacci.


During Dragon Ball: Cold Vengeance, Ledas was traveling through space, as space bounty hunters are wont to do. It was during a break from such missions that Ledas ventured to Niflheim. It was a cold, icy world. Its entire surface was covered in snow, though it had many frozen rivers and lakes and even some snow-covered forests. Ledas briefly trained on the planet and fought against some bug-like natives before sensing Yuki's invasion of a nearby planet. Feeling her incredible power, he excitedly ran back to his pod and raced off after her, accidentally leaving behind Verlate's mind prison, which was holding The Benefactor at the time.

At the conclusion of Cold Vengeance, Ledas remembered that he had left the mind prison on Niflheim and flew to the planet to retrieve it. However, he could not find it upon landing there, so he destroyed the planet to make sure, even if The Benefactor had managed to escape from it, that he would die with the planet.

In Ice Age Coming, it was revealed that The Benefactor did indeed escape from the mind prison, eventually finding a mining town on the other side of the planet. After slaughtering the miners, he attempted to escape on a cargo ship, but was stopped by Audacci. She took him from Niflheim soon after, offering the warrior an alliance, due to the power she sensed in him.

Notable facts[]

  • This is the only planet Ledas is ever shown to have destroyed.
  • Though this planet was inhabited by a species of bug-like aliens, they were not sentient.
  • Niflheim is one of the nine worlds in Norse mythology. The planet was named by the Mrovians, who had discovered the planet some time before the start of Cold Vengeance.


  • Niflheim's space pirate population:
    • At height: 41.
    • At lowest point: 0.


Niflheim was destroyed by Ledas.

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