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New Red Ribbon Army

May 12, Age 750







Main Members:

Supreme General Silver (†)
Captain Green (†)
Private Wisconsin (†)
Alabastian (†)
Dewberry (†)
Eugen (†)
File (†)
Glase (†)
Kindler (†)
Morucan (†)
Tresparson (†)




The New Red Ribbon Army is a group formed following the fall of the Red Ribbon Army. Headed by Cardinal, also formly known as General Crimson, it is a small group mostly focused on seeking world domination through the manipulation of government institutions and partnering with various yakuza groups, such as the Morizakura-gumi, to profit off of illegal drug trades. It has a small standing army, known as the Silver Legion, who are used as enforcers. They are led by by Cardinal's son, Supreme General Silver, a former employee of the Red Ribbon Army himself.

This group formed as soon as Commander Red ordered Colonel Silver's execution. Crimson was able to save his son, though they both left the Red Ribbon Army immediately after. None of the soldiers in this army, sans Silver and Crimson, were originally members of the Red Ribbon Army. This organization is funded by Earth's government, and King Furry in particular, although they are officially known as the Super Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program. This organization, officially, is in charge of hunting down, capturing, and cataloguing any aliens who appear on Earth.

History[edit | edit source]

During the Planet Earth Saga of Dragon Ball Z: The Forgotten, the army led the investigation of an alien menace in the ocean town of Seikishi. The political associates Kindler, Dewberry, File, as well as Cardinal's son, Supreme General Silver, assisted Cardinal in the search for the alien. They searched for Ledas after recovering his space pod, assuming that he was a Saiyan like Vegeta and Nappa. Their investigation eventually led them to believe that the Saiyan was a student at the local middle school, which prompted them to fire blutz waves into the school during a play that all students attended. This led them to positively ID Ledas as the Saiyan, as he was seen transforming into a Great Ape by Kindler.

Later on, they engaged Ledas' escaped Saibamen in battle, though they suffered massive losses during that fight. Later, after Captain Green captured one Saibaman, the army scientists attempted to interrogate the creature. This led to Sonfla blowing himself up and killing even more of the army. By the end of the saga, there were only about 80 soldiers and 10 scientists left. They were later able to capture Ledas after baiting him by abducting his friend Ryori and tranquilizing him. All of them piled aboard Ledas' gravity training unit to escape Majin Buu.

The soldiers of the New Red Ribbon Army survived the destruction of Earth in Ledas' gravity training unit. After the Earth reappeared and Dewberry returned them to the planet, most of the soldiers remained under Kindler's control. He was supposed to use them to kill Ledas and Ryori. That did not go as planned, and Ledas ended up killing all of them. The remaining soldiers returned with Cardinal to his temporary base in the city. After hearing of Kindler's and Dewberry's deaths, Cardinal worked up a new strategy with his remaining soldiers. They created poisonous bullets, which they wanted to use to take out Ledas and Ryori.

Silver led the remaining soldiers to the site of the monumental fight between the Z Fighters and The Benefactor. They began shooting the poison at Ledas when the boy sensed them. Ledas shot a Lightning Strike at them, but not before being afflicted terribly by the poison they shot him with. The Lightning Strike then destroyed most of the soldiers. Later on, Ryori stumbled across Supreme General Silver, who was heavily wounded, and shot him dead. At the end of the saga, only Cardinal, some of his political assistants, and the scientists appear to remain for the army. Wisconsin actually survived for some time later, but was ultimately killed by The Benefactor.

Later, in the Fulfillment Saga, Cardinal declared he would disband the New Red Ribbon Army, following the deaths of all of his soldiers. However, this was not the case. As of Age 778, the organization still existed, although it operated out of the shadows more than ever and no longer fielded a standing army. Notably, Jia, Ledas' caretaker who watched over his children Chari and Olivien throughout Dragon Ball: Heart of the Dragon, was an agent of Cardinal's New Red Ribbon Army.

In Age 787, Chari and Olivien killed two of Cardinal's associates, Morucan and Tresparson, after the kids (along with Bulla) followed Jia to a Morizakura-gumi warehouse in Seikishi City and were found by the men.

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