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New Future Piccolo

Atarashī Mirai no Pikkoro
Manga name Piccolo
Alternate names Future Piccolo
Piccolo of the New Future
Debut Manga: "Universe 1 Saga"
Appears in
Resurrection (SSJJ)
Race Namekian
Gender Male
Date of birth May 9th, Age 753
Date of death Age 993 (Fuses with Piccolo)
Occupation Guardian of Earth
  • Piccolo (Main timeline Counterpart/Permanent Fusee)
  • Future Piccolo (Alternate timeline Evil Counterpart's Son/Permanent Fusee)
  • New Future King Piccolo (father/incarnation)
  • New Future Nail (Permanent Fusee)
  • New Future Gohan (Student)
  • New Future Cell (Modified Clone)
  • New Future Piccolo is the New Alternate timeline counterpart of Piccolo from New Future Trunks' timeline.

    Biography Edit

    New Future Piccolo is revived to assist with Piccolo on the dying Planet Plant in Age 993, and is given a Temporal Fruit allowing him to gain equal power and knowledge of Piccolo. During the battle; New Future Kami is mortally wounded, and the two nearly died again, but they are assimilated by Piccolo increasing his powers to new heights.

    Forms and Namekian Fusions Edit

    Fused with Nail Edit

    Like all incarnation; New Future Piccolo Future fused with New Future Nail on Namek. But because of his death at the hands of the Androids; he never fuses with New Future Kami.

    Armoured Form Edit

    In attempt to save New Future Kami; Piccolo puts his Armour gem on New Future Piccolo, but it fails to heal him as he is linked to Kami's life, and as such is assimilated by Piccolo.

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