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New Future Kami

Atarashī Mirai no Kami-sama
Manga name Kami-sama
Alternate names God
Debut Manga: "Universe 1 Saga"
Appears in
Resurrection (SSJJ)
Race Namekian
Gender Male
Date of birth Age 461
Date of death Age 993 (Fuses with Piccolo)
Occupation Guardian of Earth
  • Kami (Main timeline Counterpart)
  • New Future Dende (Successor)
  • Sura (Permanent Fusee)
  • New Future Piccolo (Evil Counterpart's Son)
  • Piccolo (Main timeline Evil Counterpart's Son/Permanent Fusee)
  • Master Roshi (Fusee)
  • New Future Kami is the New Alternate timeline counterpart of Kami from New Future Trunks' timeline.

    Biography Edit

    Resurrection and Fusion with Piccolo Edit

    New Future Kami is revived to assist with Piccolo on the dying Planet Plant in Age 993, and is given a Temporal Fruit allowing him to gain equal power and knowledge of Piccolo. During the battle; he fuses with a Mortally wounded Sura, and eventually after being mortally wounded in his Armoured Form; he is assimilated by Piccolo increase his powers to new heights.

    Forms and Namekian Fusions Edit

    Fused with Sura Edit

    After fusing with Sura; Kami's power allowed him to skyrocket to the point that he was equal in power to Piccolo's armoured form, and was able to fight against Ultimate Gohan.

    Armoured Form Edit

    While using the Armour generated from a small red gem; Kami's power increases by 20%, and enables him to defeat Zombie Gohan. He was able to heal wounds that Namekian normally can't regenerate from, but he was wounded by Zombie Future Gohan.

    Fusions Edit

    Master Kami Edit

    Main article: Master Kami

    During a mission in the New Alternate Timeline's Age 753; Master Roshi, and New Future Kami preform an EX-Fusion to form Master Kami to battle Time Breaker soldier wreaking havoc while the New Future Dragon Team are fighting King Piccolo.

    Techniques, and abilities Edit

    • Flight
    • Ki Blast
    • Godly Ki Sense
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