"You think you're in control?"
Netto, enraged by H

Netto is a saiyan born in Planet Uma, in the north galaxy where he explores that segment, in age 775, he starts exploring the universe. He is the main character of Dragon Ball Gamma, alongside Bakuda and Zash. He is a saiyan from universe 7 who likes fighting and is quite energetic, he joins the Galactic Patrol after the Pikza arc (Mid DBG) aswell. His father is called Punkai, who is a bio-saiyan (which makes him half Bio-Saiyan).

Anime name Netto
Manga name Netto
Debut Dragon Ball Gamma
Appears in Dragon Ball Gamma (Protagonist)

Dragon Ball Gamma: Goku's Debut (Deuteragonist) Dragon Ball Fighterz: Ultimate DLC Pack (Character, Lobby Avatar, Music, Z Union)

Race Saiyan
Gender Male
Date of birth Age 755
Status Alive
Height 5"10
Weight 90 kg
Occupation Galactic Patrol (Head Elite Officer)
Allegiance Chaotic Good
Likes Fights

New Things

Dislikes Nettles

Disruptive People

Affiliations Unknown

Backstory[edit | edit source]

It dates back to when Netto was a 5 year old and talked to his mom about when he'll go to missions, she assures him he will get to soon. A year passes and he still asked her the same thing, she got angry enough but she had a solution, she looks for someone near his power level and tried to get them to arrange a meeting, turns out, they were a boring and sassy saiyan who stayed at home to eat all day. She arranged another meeting and it didn't work, Netto asked her about when he will be able to do mission but she ignored him. She always ignored him after that. After about 2 months, he had enough and walked out, he really had no where to go, he tried to come back in but she would ignore him or push him away. He would do some training as if he was fighting some bad guys like he says Father did so, he eventually got hungrier and hungrier...

He became an independent boy, he stole spaceships and flew off to other planets, hunted his own food and all the usual, he went to a space ship named Sorbet's. He busted the door open because he was gonna invade it, he was seen to be strong, so they knocked him out and brought him in for them to work for him in the Next Gen Section, there he met a couple of interesting people, he met another saiyan but he wasn't too interested in him, though an extra special person named Bakuda caught interest in his power as she saw his potential in him despite her being a high class frieza warrior, they would train together and fight untill one got injured, Their power was rising. When they were about 10, they were surpassing some of the Soldier's power levels and were classed as Child Prodigies. Now they go out to do their very first mission, Netto was excited to do this, he was gonna fight baddies for the first time in his life, he was gonna conquer a planet! He was so excited that he ignored Bakuda's orders. Then he got into trouble, but more is explained in Dragon Ball Gamma.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Netto is very ambitious and likes to do difficult things to make himself happy and make himself know, he is a brave young man who takes challenges on every time and is ready to do any new thing that comes his way.

Techniques[edit | edit source]

General Techniques[edit | edit source]

Ki Bullets: As a galactic patrol member, he uses a gun in combat to fight, he manipulates the shape of the ki into many ways including normal bullet like ki blasts transmitted through the gun he uses.

Ki Blasts: Netto can use basic ki blasts.

Flight: Netto can channel his ki to make him levitate and fly up in the air.

Other Basic Combat/Ki Techniques: These include things like energy volleys or wild sense.

Bolt Retract: Netto can create a sticky ki attachk and trap the foe, this is good for setting up attacks, especially team attacks. It can clash with beams. He moves his hands in circles creating an affect and to make the attack more stickier and more effective and then joins it into one and opens his hands to release the beam.

Super Bolt Retract: Netto has an enhanced version his previous technique Bolt Retract, it is much durable, bigger, stickier and hurts the opponent on contact now. It can also clash with beams.

Bolt Tornado: Netto can create a tornado with his finger which scratches opponents rapidly.

Retract Kamehameha: After meeting Goku in age 779, Goku teaches him how to do the kamehameha technique, therefore he mixed it with Bolt Retract to create a all powerful technique. Non-canon.

Kamehameha: After meeting Goku in age 779, Goku teaches him how to do the kamehameha technique. Non canon.

Super Strength: Unlike his power level may be, his power is much higher than that, x1.2 of his power level.

Transformations[edit | edit source]

Super Saiyan: He can go super saiyan and all the grades with it, he unlocks this in Pikza Saga and the grades while he was trained in Galactic Patrol Recruitment. It is a maroon colour with greenish blue eyes due to genetics.

Super Saiyan 2: Netto can take it a step above super saiyan, he can power up to an extreme extent and gain the power double of a super saiyan or 100 times his base power. He unlocked this on a dangerous mission, it is a maroon colour with greenish blue eyes due to genetics.

Super Saiyan 3: Netto went beyond limits to fight Zash, this took him to a level beyond comprehension! This power brought him to a stage 400 times stronger than the average saiyan! It is a maroon colour with greenish blue eyes due to genetics. 

Super Saiyan God: Netto has reached his third highest stage yet, he can use god ki after training with 5-star Super Elite, Jaco! After, he met his father and his troops, shorlty after he is able to awaken into this state while he was in a dangerous battle. It keeps the same colour.

Super Saiyan Blue: Netto breaks his limits when he fought Bakuda in a training area designed for them, he often uses the Chisaiken on this form. It is a purple state with blue eyes due to genetics

Perfected Super Saiyan Blue: Netto perfected Super Saiyan Blue early on in Dragon Ball Gamma, he is able to use it without drain of ki but stamina itself. It has the same colours as blue except for his eyes becoming purple.

Concentrated Super Saiyan Forms: Netto is able to concentrate Super Saiyan onto his body parts, if not on his head, his hair will go black but stay the same hair shape as the form, his strongest he can do is Concentrated Perfected Super Saiyan Blue which he does at the end of Dragon Ball Gamma as it has a toll quarter that of Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken x80 (x20 SSJB) while keeping the same multiplier, it is as good as Ultra Instinct Omen in combat strength due to this (Dodging makes UI.O superior).

Super Saiyan 4: A certain Netto is able to transform into this, this is only available to an Alternate Version of Netto. Still, when Netto goes beyond hs limits he can reach this stage, it has much more Ki and stability than his God form variants. He can also concentrate this form.

Apperances[edit | edit source]

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