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Negative super saiyan

The Negative Super Saiyan form.

The Negative Super Saiyan form is an extremely powerful variation of the Super Saiyan transformation. It is completely made up of the hatred, malice, and anger that resides within the heart. The only way to transform into a Negative Super Saiyan is to feel an extreme, or even deadly, amount of hatred.

Plot overview[]

Singan was the first to unlock the Negative Super Saiyan form. After Rayen was killed by Agafh, Singan was so enraged that he unlocked the extremely rare Negative Super Saiyan form. Agafh was shocked at this new form, but still confident that he would win. However, Singan brutalized Agafh, using incredibly powerful techniques that, in the end, incapacitated Agafh. Singan refused to kill Agafh out of pity, and reverted back to his original self shortly after Agafh's defeat and passed out. After awakening, he was told by Gnik that his power level had been lessened by a massive amount of points. Singan discovered that this was the downside to using the Negative Super Saiyan form, and vowed never to use it again.

Later on, Agafh unlocked this form after feeling a great deal of betrayal when his family refused to do evil. He then killed every single member of his family, then went after Singan, who was easily dominated in the battle. Agafh, however, had much of his energy taken by this form, and, soon, couldn't sustain it, so he reverted back to his original form with a relatively weak power level of 114. Since Singan still had quite a bit of energy left, he killed Agafh with a One-Hand Kamehameha.

Appearance and powers[]


When transformed into this state, the appearance of the user will be altered drastically. The colors of his clothes and skin will be reversed, the color of his energy will be altered from blue and white to red and black, and the golden color of his hair will be replaced by blue.


While in this state, the user will be given vast amounts of power, energy, strength, and speed, converted from little bits of his own power. His strength, speed, and agility will be 30,000 times stronger, and his power will increase to levels higher than a Super Saiyan 4. This state will last for as long as the user feels a deep sense of hatred within his heart; when that feeling is gone, he will revert back to his original form. However, when the user reverts back to his original form, his power levels will be heavily depleted, probably due to the fact that much power is used while in this form.