Narugon Ball Zhippuden is a sequel to the original Narugon Ball. Here is where the story of the fused reality gets into high gear and the true villains reveal themselves. This is where the story earns more of Dragonball Z's over-the-top combat and more of Naruto Shippuden's mystical story.

Much like the original Narugon Ball, this series is a clear fusion of Naruto and Dragonball. But here, we don't see the individual series first, we only see the fused dimension.


Sageta Saga-Edit

Z-Recovery ArcEdit

Kiminyu 5 ArcEdit

Mountain Valley ArcEdit

Gegato Saga-Edit

Dr Gegato ArcEdit

17 and 18 ArcEdit

Truntachi ArcEdit

Orieza Saga-Edit

Goruto's return ArcEdit

Coobutos Revenge ArcEdit

Orieza ArcEdit

6 Androids Saga-Edit

Majin Akatsuki ArcEdit

Return of Coobuto ArcEdit

Super Kazekaige ArcEdit

Cellain Saga-Edit

Tobo's revival ArcEdit

#17 ArcEdit

Cellain Games ArcEdit

Majin Tobo Saga-Edit

Otherworld Training ArcEdit

Fusion ArcEdit

Obuuto ArcEdit

Janidan ArcEdit

Obuuto War Saga-Edit

War ArcEdit

Juudegarn ArcEdit

Sarugetto ArcEdit

Legendary Uchiha Saga-Edit

Brodara ArcEdit

World of the Kaige ArcEdit

Legendary battle ArcEdit

Majin Sageta ArcEdit

Demon Queen Saga-Edit

God of Destruction ArcEdit

Kamigra Reborn ArcEdit

Time Patrol ArcEdit

6 Paths Angel ArcEdit

Saiyan God ArcEdit

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