Narugon Ball is a Fan-made story based on an alternate timeline where Dragonball crosses over with an alternate dimension where the Naruto story takes place. Due to the actions of Demigra and Kaguya, both TImelines are ripped from their dimensions and create an anomaly, a Dimension that shouldn't exist, a Fusion between two separate realities, a new Dimension entirely.

The series is obviously a fusion between Naruto and Dragonball, sharing many qualities of the two. It keeps the lore, teamwork, mystery and overall style of Naruto, however it keeps the combat, world, escalation and absurdity of Dragonball.

The first half of the story follows the Z-Fighters and Konoha 11 trying to stop the Time Breakers and Otsutskis. The second half takes place after the fusion of the dimensions and the adventures of Goruto Sozumaki.

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