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"You won’t be facing her. You’ll have to get through me first. That’s not happenin'."
Naro, scoffing at the idea that Ledas could beat him and challenge Yuki

character image
ネロ, Nero
Detailed Information:
Appearances: Dragon Ball: Cold Vengeance
Species: Thekar
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Sivannon, Thekar
Birthdate: June 29, Age 744
Date of Death: September 2, Age 777
Birth Power Level: 4883
Maximum Power Level: 17,000
Personal Pronouns: おれ
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 312.1 lbs.
Hair Color: Orange
Eye Color: Blue
Rank: General of Yuki's armies
Organizations: Nitro's Empire (Age 744 - Age 766)
Yuki's Empire (Age 766 - Age 777)
Favorite Food: Blue Cillisan*
Favorite Vehicle: Space Pod
Hobbies: Training, bloodletting

Naro (ネロ, Nero) is a Thekar in Dragon Ball: Cold Vengeance. He is introduced in the chapter "The Empire Strikes Back".



Naro is an orange creature with blue eyes. He is a large, hulking mass, furry, but not too furry. His chest and face are hairless. He can be most compared to a sloth, but he lacks any claws on his hands. His face looks like a shrieker's, and his height is only average, although he has a thick chest, so he remains large. His armor is red with grey trim. He wears a helmet, and a scouter locked into it. Naro's scouter is orange.


Naro is an exceptional fighter and is a good-judge of character. His rise to being captain of Yuki's forces is not only based on his power, but in his inherent awareness and quiet determination to get things done. He rarely slacks off. Naro can get cocky if he judges the odds to be very much in his favor, in battles, but this is rare. He usually has the ability to sense and see exactly how much effort he will have to put into fighting. Naro never puts more energy into things which he does not need to.


Dragon Ball: Cold Vengeance[]

In chapter 1, as Yuki prepared to invade Typhon, Naro mocked the Mrovians, stating that he would tear them limb from limb, greatly underestimating his foes in the process. Later, he, along with the rest of Yuki's forces, entered the solar system containing Typhon.

In chapter 2, Yuki and the rest of her forces invaded Typhon. Cuber arrived not long after, prompting all of their scouters to explode when they read his restrained power level. The Saiyan and hybrid Arcosian soon began fighting, though they did not concern themselves with any of Yuki's soldiers.

In chapter 3, one of Yuki's soldiers noticed that Ledas was amongst their group watching the fight between Cuber and Yuki, alerting the rest of Naro's elites to his presence. Naro became enraged upon noticing Ledas, realizing after Kirka's comment that the boy was not a Mrovian, but a Saiyan. Naro and Ledas then fought, with the Saiyan easily outclassing the Thekar, ripping off his arm and using an invisible Lightning Strike to destroy the weaker members of Yuki's forces. Naro and his elites tried attacking Ledas again, so the boy put up an Adaptive Barrier and self-destructed it in order to destroy them (sans Kirka).



  • *The Blue Cillisan (above) is a type of small fish native to Naro's homeworld, Planet Thekar. It is Naro's favorite food.
  • Naro's theme is Blow Me Away.

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