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  • Nameekian
  • Alias:
  • ナール別名
  • Naraka
  • Gender:
  • Male
  • Date of Birth:
  • 770 Age
  • Date of Death:
  • 779 Age
  • Debut:
  • Dragon Ball SF Chapter #
  • Appears in:
  • Dragon Ball SF
  • Family:
  • Marimba (father)
  • Harp (Brother)
  • Cobra (Boss)
  • Medamatcha (Cohort)
  • Egon (Cohort)
  • Thon (Comrade)
  • Mata (Cormade)
  • Conda (Comrade)
  • Tara (Comrade)
  • Tort (Comrade)

  • Naraka (ナール別名) is a Namekian that appears in Dragon Ball SF, who works under the Prince of all Tritekians, Cobra as one of his top henchmen. he is the son of Marimba and the twin brother of Harp.


    Naraka's name comes musical instrument called "Maraca".

    Dragon Ball SFEdit

    Early LifeEdit

    Naraka was born on Planet Zartar along with his twin brother, Harp. At a young age, Naraka devleoped a love for the darkside and the joy of detruction. During his adult years, he attacked the planet, but he was defeated by his brother and sufered a severe head injury and sent off into space.

    In the 790 Age,  A time breaker finds him  in space and revvies him. he is then ordered to reveal the Gold Star Dragon Balls to a Triekian named Cobra on Planet Tritek. This allowed Naraka to join the Tritek Army and become a Superior. dued to a head injury from his fight with Harp, it took Naraka serveral year to find Zatar

    Gold Star Dragon Ball SagaEdit

    Years late rin the 799 Age, Naraka and his cohorts, Medamtcha and Egon go o Plane Zartar and begin to attack the Namekians for the Gold Star Dragon Balls. during the findings of the 5th dragon balls, they encounter Trunsk and the others and assumed that, they are also after the Dragon Balls. After the defeat Medamatcha and Egon, Naraka reveals that he is infact a Super Namek God and he easily overpowers the Z Fighters. with the help of Harp (who is also A Super Namek God), they finally defeat him. Before his death, Narka reveals that Cobra won't stop until he gains eternal life and gains his revenge on the Saiyans and Frieza.


    Super Namek:Edit

    Naraka is able to transform into a Super Namek, dued this vast natural potential.

    Super Namek God:Edit

    Naraka has the ability to transofmr into a Super Namek God. Naraka was born a Super Namek God. 

    Techniques and Power UpsEdit

    Flight: The ability to fly with the use of Ki.

    Ki Blast: The most basic form of ki based attacks.

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