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Nap, charging a Nova Ball

Nap is a Namekian warrior who joinsthe group after travelling to Earth to fight Lord Slug and King Piccolo, and, is beaten

Power LevelEdit



* Nova Ball - A technique where Nap forms a ball of bright blueish white Ki in his hand, sends it backwards, then, extends his arm throwing it at his enemy. As it hits his enemy, he takes control of it and wacks his opponent several times, then, dissapears and reappears behind his enemy firing a Buster Beam.

* Buster Beam - An attack where Nap extends his hand infront of him and charges a large full power energy wave in his palm, then, either uses it with a companion of Nova Ball, or, punches his enemy and releases it in a similar way to Vegetas Final Galick Cannon.

* Basic Ki Abilities

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