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A young Saiyan from Earth. He easily rivals Goku in the Kid Buu Saga. His sword can't break easy as he has a-lot of power and it was made out of Pure platinum. He often fights with Goten. He was first brought to earth with Kay after they were seperated he just decided to find himself avoiding people often. He is smart and has stratigies that are really easy but deadly effective.

Moves used[]

Nano Blaster-Nano puts his hands together making them resemble a barrier then a gold or red(Super Saiyan 2 only).He then fires a beam that splits into millions of nano energy allowing them to come from no where which is effective to confuse enemies.

Crimson Arrow-Hepoints a finger then a arrow made out of energy then it shoots away tiny crimson arrows as it fires many other ones


His name refers to nano as tiny which is his main move property