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ナエミ, Naemi
Detailed Information:
Appearances: Memories of a Bloodless Thrall

Dragon Ball: Heart of the Dragon

The Great Sushi-Eating Contest (mentioned)

The Monster and the Maiden

Nicknames: Nae, Ahjivash, Ahji
Species: Neldirion
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Melirion
Birthdate: September 3, Before Age 8577
Date of Death: November 16, Before Age 8603
Birth Power Level: 2
Maximum Power Level: B Tier (as of Age 778)
Personal Pronouns: あたし
Height: 7'2"
Weight: 214.7 lbs
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Rank: Protector Deity of the Crimson Throne
Organizations: Crimson Throne(Before Age 8583 - Age 717)
Starchasers (Age 778 and onwards)
Hobbies: Meditation, training
Family: Ledas (comrade)
Okinaro (comrade)
Linessi (comrade)
Vizzer (comrade)

Naemi (ナエミ, Naemi) is a Neldirion. After being ritually killed and resurrected by her captors, the Cyrens of the Crimson Empire, she was brainwashed into believing that she was the Cyrenian protector deity Ahjivash. For thousands of years, bound by Minister Vok's blood magic, she aided the dynasty of the Crimson Emperors with her power whenever they called upon her. In Age 717, she came face-to-face with Lord Cooler, who, using his massive energy reserves, blew her off the planet and into deep space. Thereafter, she wandered the universe, testing her powers and searching for a new home.

She is featured as a member of Ledas' intergalactic bounty hunting team, the Starchasers, during the events of Dragon Ball: Heart of the Dragon.



A Neldirion, Naemi is a bipedal being with yellow skin and lithe, elvish features. Her hair is shoulder-length and blonde; her eyes are a dark shade of blue, almost appearing purple. A tall and bulky warrior, Naemi remains in peak physical condition due to the blood magic of Minister Vok. She is eternally 26 years old for this reason, which is the age at which females of her species are at their uttermost prime. She wears light armor that is golden in color, modeled after the style of the king's guards of the 17th Crimson Emperor.

Naemi's aura is gold.


Due to Minister Vok's incantations and psychological manipulations, which began when she was six years old, Naemi lacks a firm base of memories, remembering only fragments of her life at any given time. Her ability to recall the past grew stronger after she was blown away from Cyren by Cooler. She was heavily influenced by the minister to become loyal to the Crimson Empire, though this urge faded as well when she left Cyren. She felt tremendous guilt after leaving the planet, finally remembering how she had been coaxed to abandon her mother and father in Mar Vash's dungeons. This guilt and regret over the decision she had made as a young girl haunted her to the present.

Additionally, Naemi was taught at a young age by her Cyren captors not only their language, but how to properly act. She was meek, subserviant, but unrelenting and bold against her enemies. As another result of her training and the blood magic placed upon her, Naemi has an urge, not unlike hunger or sexual desire, to grow stronger, to train and fight, despite her reserved nature. As she was only rarely called upon by the Crimson Emperors to fulfill one duty or another, she spent the majority of her time - over 9000 years - training in solitude in her underground quarters. As this action had become such an intregal part of her life for so long, Naemi maintained interest in it after she left Cyren. Even so, she struggled with understanding the scope and power of her desires, having spent the vast majority of her life in obedience to others, and thus remained guarded and introverted around any aliens she came into contact with.



Naemi was a female Neldirion born into an aristocratic family on Melirion. In Before Age 8583, when she was six years old, she and her parents went on an interstellar vacation. On their way back home, they were attacked by space pirates, forcing their ship to land on Cyren. Crash-landing in a burning ball of fire on the beaches of the Ish'Kar Ocean, the three were soon found by the Vash Tribe of Cyrens. The avians imprisoned the three at once, putting them in their deepest, foulest dungeon below ground.

Soon, Minister Vok convinced Naemi to leave her parents and join him. Thereafter, he submitted her to psychological torture and conditioning in order to make her an entirely loyal, destructive killing machine for Emperor Mar Vash. At the age of 26, she was unbound from her body by the minister's black magic. He then drained her body of its blood, replacing it with a bright green liquid of unknown properties. A year later, after her body's preservation was assured, he re-bound her spirit to body again. She had not technically died, as she did not possess a halo, but her body, for all intents and purposes, had shut down, and had only been reawakened by blood magic. When Vok bound her again to her body, due to the magic he had exerted upon her, she lost every memory of who she had been before that ceremony. She was told at that time, by the minister, that she was the incarnate guardian deity of the Crimson Empire, Ahjivash, and thus began believing that lie.

Memories of a Bloodless Thrall[]

At the start of the first scene of this story, Naemi remembered when she had been awakened to pursue assassins who had killed Emperor Sul Vin and gravely wounded his son. She looked upon the dead emperor and the bleeding prince before a guard told her to pursue the fleeing assassins. She did so, using her sense of smell to track them. She reminded herself that she was Ahjivash, the guardian deity of Emperor Mar Vash's bloodline and that it was her duty to protect his descendants at whatever cost.

She followed the assassins into a forest. She thought of her parents briefly, remembering that they had looked like her and that she was in fact an alien, not a god. She briefly switched to a memory of her eating a spicy lunch with the emperor and a retinue of noblewomen. Focusing, she returned to the memory in the forest. The assassins were being attacked by a twelve-foot-tall beast. One had already been killed. Naemi pounced on them, killing the other two Cyrens without much effort.

In the second scene, Naemi's memories turned to an earlier point in her life. She remembered a guard dragging her to Emperor Mar Vash. Minister Vok presented her to the emperor, telling the man that he had successfully performed all of the incantations on Naemi to make her immortal, loyal, and unbelievably powerful. She would serve the Crimson Throne for all of time. The girl agreed, telling the emperor that she was his to command.

Then, her memory shifted to a later date. A young emperor named Bek Raan summoned her to deal with Ar'Suc, a gargantuan world-eater. His hunters were ready to join the fight. Ar'Suc was currently besieging the neighboring Yurok tribe who lived in rocky alcoves rising from the Ish'Kar ocean. Bek Raan led the group, Naemi included, to assault Ar'Suc. The emperor led a detachment to the left, while Naemi led a detachment to the right. Ar'Suc had many serpentine heads which attacked them independently. Most of the Cyren hunters were killed by Ar'Suc. Naemi managed to decapitate one of the heads, which infuriated the beast. Many more of its heads pursued her, trying to gain retribution for their lost comrade. She then used Ar’Suc's Bane on the heads, severing them from their necks. When she returned to the battle, Naemi saw that Ar'Suc had grabbed Bek Raan out of the sky. His soldiers were almost entirely wiped out. She rushed over to him.

At that moment, her memory switched to an earlier time. She was sitting in a cell in the dungeons of Mar Vash' palace. Her mother told her that they would be leaving soon. Then, Minister Vok appeared. He told Naemi that she would be a fine candidate for something. He thought she had the right body for it. Naemi tried to not remember this event, but it was no use. Vok coaxed her to go with him out of the dungeon to somewhere else. Naemi buried her parents' cries to get her to come back out of this memory to sooth herself, but that was not to say they were not begging her to stay with them.

In the third scene, Naemi remembered how the dying 47th Crimson Emperor, Nug Tel, had asked her to kill his daughter, Princess Cek Rith, so that she would not be his heir. Naemi did so with some measure of guilt. Her memory shifted to when Fen Vex, the 19th Crimson Emperor, named her his champion in a duel to the death with Gruk Mol, the chieftain of the Vekdus tribe. She defeated Gruk Mol with little effort, much to the onlooking crowd's delight.

Next, she remembered when Mar Tulvith, the 64th Crimson Emperor, had summoned her to prevent Cooler and the Planet Trade Organization from enslaving the Cyrens. Cooler, escorted by his guards, walked up to Mar Tulvith and punched him in the face, killing him instantly. She attacked Cooler, but he put up a good fight. She wasn't able to land a blow. Eventually, he shot an energy beam at her that wrapped around her body and shot her from the surface of Cyren into space.

She came out of her memories in that instant, using an explosive wave to shatter Cooler's energy blast. Naemi found herself drifting through space. She could not sense Cyren nearby, although she was approaching an alien world. In cold resignation, she reflected that she was no longer Ahjivash and that the Crimson Empire had fallen to Cooler. She did not know how he could be so strong. She was happy to be alive, at least.

Dragon Ball: Heart of the Dragon[]

To be added.

The Great Sushi-Eating Contest[]

In this story, after Ledas convinced Tarble to come with him on the bounty hunting mission to assassinate Haimaru and Raimie, the boy told him that he wanted to introduce him to the other members of his bounty hunting crew. That night, indulging in nostalgia, Ledas took a train out of the city. While he was on the second train platform, waiting for his next train, he was confronted by Vizzer. Vizzer told the boy that the Starchasers had located Haimaru and Raimie and were ready to set out whenever he wanted. He told the genetic specimen that they would be leaving in the morning and that a new member would be joining them for the trip. Vizzer flew off, promising to tell Linessi, Okinaro, and Naemi.

The Monster and the Maiden[]

In the sixth scene of this story, the Starchasers came upon a statue of the Golden Wind on the streets of Loru Qir. Ledas grinned. He told his companions that his mother had known that woman and silently confirmed to himself that the story she had told him so many years ago about the female Legendary Super Saiyan had been true. Memories of his mother and father, of Len and Jaduu, returned to him, and he felt nostalgic and happy.


Non-combative Moves[]

Offensive Moves[]


  • Naemi inherited her eye color from her mother.
  • Since her ritual rebirth, Naemi has been rendered nearly immortal. She cannot die of old age or disease in her thrall state though she can still be killed.

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