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" Peace I have lived for years many.

Joy attained for centuries a time,

with Calmness following hereafter.

Eons I trained,

with the rise and fall of dynasties witnessed.

Troubling affairs of which to come,

with questions more harmful then when kept withal.

Live long prosperity shall not,

when planted the seeds of chaos,

for peace,

when maintained crudely,

result in pandemonium it shall."

He is the strongest Namekian in Geti186's universe, having learnt every conceivable Namekian Technique. Ever since the Geti Star established connections to this planet, Nacule had been training with whatever he could, excelling in the many ways of the Namekian. His specialty is his immense capability for extreme feats of physical and mental strength, as well as his powerful durability.


He participated in the first Universal Martial Arts Tournament, losing to Taros and taking the place of 2nd in the competition, with Goku and Vegeta tying at 3rd place from a double knockout. Nacule is currently training other Namekians who idolize him, in hopes that they would portray Namek as a strong front. Currently he is going to attempt training on Planet Supreme, after he reaches a satisfactory level of power.


He is often gruff and serious, neglecting others concerns for his well-being. He spends most of his time either training, or in deep meditation, enhancing his mind and body. As a result, his mind is always clear and alert.


He looks like a typical Namekian, with green skin and whatnot, and is nearing the prime of his life.

Natural AbilityEdit

Strength: Utilizing his Namekian biology, he is capable of boosting his muscle mass to extreme densities. turning from a lean, powerful body to a buff, muscular one. At normal form he is as strong as Vegito, far weaker than goku and vegeta in their stronger forms. In his muscular form, he casually exceeds goku and vegeta in their stronger forms. In giant form, he defeats them with ease.

Speed: He is unusually agile for his power level. Despite being supposed to move slow-motion to SS4 Gogeta, he casually matches him in speed. It is also because of this speed that he can easily contend with people of higher power level. In his muscular form however, he is as slow as his normal power should be. However these problems disappear in his giant form.

Durability: Like most warriors, his durability is dependent on his power level, however he is noticeably more resistant to physical attacks than energy ones, as he is able to reduce the impact through telekinesis and muscular enhancement. He is also able to survive extreme temperature changes due to his biology.

Power Level: During the tournament, he was measured at 5 x 10^45 units of Anti Ki, which is quite underwhelming compared to the others in the tournament. Currently, he is 30 times as powerful as current Goku and Vegeta fused, and is capable of boosting his power level through temporary bursts of his giant form.

Powers and Abilities

Namek: He is capable of nigh-instant regeneration based on power, ability to create dragon balls, as well as an affinity towards Telekinesis. With his extreme mental capabilities, he is capable of dealing damage comparable to his maximal strength.

Telekinesis: He is capable of extremely high levels of telekinesis, restraining opponents for far more damaging attacks, or flinging celestial objects at the target. He is capable of casually using it alongside his attacks, making him a very dangerous foe.
Size Manipulation: Nacule is capable of manipulating his size at will, changing his biological structure and strength. Using this, he is capable of achieving a form similar to that of USS2, but fundamentally different.  He can use these muscle boosts spontaneously, dealing immense damage while retaining similar speed. In Giant form however, he has speed, power and durability, at the cost of being more easily blindsided.
Magic Materialization: He has mastered the skill of Magic Materialization, which allows him to create materials spontaneously in battle, which is a vital part of his fighting tactics, often using it to contain significantly stronger attacks. He also uses it to enhance his physical attacks, or tank significantly stronger Ki attacks with Ki Absorbent Material utilized by Dr Gero. Katchin is the material most often created by Nacule, being able to manipulate it with telekinesis to deal lasting damage.
Magic Dematerialization: Through intense mental training, Nacule has discovered how to dematerialize physical objects of most materials in the universe, and utilizes this as a barrier, preventing enemies from using physical objects against him. This is only useable on materials that he knows how to create, with biological bodies are impossible for him to dematerialize, making him a formidable foe. His Dematerialization ability also has a set disintegration rate, which makes extremely dense objects far harder to completely obliterate.
Anti Ki manipulation: He is capable of using Anti-Ki
Perfect Ki Manipulation and Understanding: He is capable of identifying the weaknesses of attacks, utilizing his understanding of Ki to destabilize enemy attacks, making it far easier for his own attack to bypass it. As a result, he is also capable of condensing his attacks far better and easier than most users.
Healer: Being born from the dragon clan, and training to be a warrior type Namekian, he is capable of restoring himself to full energy, and when he does so, often uses his telekinesis to stall the opponent. He has retained both abilities primarily because of his immense proficiency in both aspects.
Fusion: He is capable of performing the Namekian Fusion.
Telepathy: He is capable of reading the minds of his opponents, predicting his next move, or dissecting plans and countering them.
Precognition: His intense mental training has given him limited precognitive capabilities, being able to predict attacks based on intent and movement.

Transformation: He is able to transform into any plant
Fission: Nacule is able to split into  2 different beings of himself, one being more combat-oriented, the other being telekinesis oriented. The benefit of fission for him is that the effectiveness of both portions can be greatly increased due to teamwork and focus. Also, the strength and power of both portions is greatly enhanced, at the cost of more "vulnerability" for both bodies, as the combat-oriented portion can no longer carry out Magic Dematerialization to protect himself, the telekinesis oriented clone being weak to physical attacks, as well as the death of one portion resulting in the destruction of the other.

He is also capable of using the regular form of fission, the one which the Nameless Namek used to separate himself to Kami and Piccolo. This fission is the secret to his power, as not only can he repeat the same training program, he will also get it, with far more benefits and a horrendously huge power multiplier(Piccolo, through this, increased his power from 1 million+(2nd Form Frieza level) to Android/Cell level. This is one of his more preferred training methods.

Knocking: Nacule is capable of Knocking his opponents, based on his extreme familiarity with biology in general, particularly Saiyan bodies because how often they require healing(Namekian treatments are advanced and promote growth of cells). He can knock them at specific points to send them into complete paralysis, or even into a coma, but it can also be used to enhance biological performance.

Exhaustion: The more exhausted he is, the greater his “exhaustion” will be. When succumbing to physical exhaustion, the strength of Nacule’s Telekinesis skyrockets as he no longer keeps attention to his body. Through this, he is totally suppressed, and cannot be sensed even by technology. After which, through this concentration, he releases it in a single Focused attack, either the opponent’s limbs cleanly off or sending holes through him, or shattering every bone in their body. His knocking abilities, if used in this state, would be far more effective.

Exhaustion attacks are undodgeable at close range due to the massive concentration. It maximizes the precognitive abilities of Nacule and is 100% accurate. Also, as the “Exhaustion” Energy ignores any and all physical exhaustion during the use of this attack, it is extremely deadly.

He is in Extreme Defense Mode when he uses this. However, he can be in other states too.


As Namekians have no real transformations, these are merely modes he can utilize, which help him enhance his abilities in various ways
Extreme Defense mode: At the cost of being temporarily stationary, he is able to tank extremely powerful physical/energy attacks through enhancing muscle density, power and compacting his cells into an incredibly solid form. This allows him to tank attacks up to a few thousand times more than he can normally take. He has since mastered the form to the point where he can spontaneously enhance his defense at locations where he thinks he is going to be hit.
Buff mode: At the cost of his unusual dexterity and speed, he is capable of greatly increasing his muscle density, boosting his power similar to extreme levels  and allowing him to tank far more powerful attacks. By the time of the tournament, he has implemented the power of this form to enhance his normal mode, without the cost of speed, through spontaneous activations when he attacks the opponent.
Giant Form: Unlike the common misconception where this form does not increase power, it does, to a certain extent, augmenting his physical capabilities by a huge margin, far greater than extreme defense mode and buff mode. These two modes are accessible in this state as well, enhancing the overall power of the Giant Form due to his mastery over the 2 modes.
In this state, although he is made a bigger target, his own attacks are harder to dodge as well, packing more power, and helps him become more durable to enemy attacks. The power boost in this form is proportionate to the amount of growth. granting a 10,000x boost per size multiplier. He often makes himself 100x his own size, making the power boost 1,000,000x base.


Boosting Troll style: He is capable of instantaneously boosting the sizes of different parts of his body at the cost of Ki, making his attacks extremely unpredictable and nigh-undodgable, due to the extreme power behind his physical blows for his power level.
Unique Concentration: A unique ability which Nacule possesses. Normally condensing attacks requires much concentration and strains the users body. However due to Nacule's Extreme mental and telekinesis training, his attacks are capable of being casually concentrated to the point where beings multiple million times more powerful than him cower in fear.
Focus-Punches: He is capable of focusing an extreme amount of Ki and telekinetic power to his punches, exponentially enhancing the force of his blows to unfathomable levels.
Nacule's Cannon: He concentrates his energy into an energy ball around his size, similar to a big bang kamehameha, it can then be controlled by Nacule, who can use it to either fire extreme bursts of weak Ki Blasts, or fire a condensed beam of power. This can be used with both Ki and Anti-Ki.
Telekinetic Fists: Nacule always utilizes his telekinetic powers, due to it being not limited to his physical structure. As a result, his telekinetic powers are capable of doing far more physical damage. When in hand-to-hand combat, he uses this ability in order to add onto his unpredictability, as attacks done by Telekinetic fists are invisible.
Impaling Doom: Through the use of telekinesis and Magic Materialization, Nacule is capable of sending multiple spikes made of Katchin flying out of the ground, enhanced by telekinesis to impale enemies in a line.
Telekinetic Deflection: Nacule has a personal force field formed from telekinesis which dampens the force behind most attacks. This makes him far more resilient and seemingly more durable than he actually is. This acts in conjunction with Magic Dematerialization, where his own telekinetic object will be dematerialized upon touching his shield.
Atomic Compression: He uses his telekinetic powers to keep the enemy in place. After which, he materializes large amounts of condensed Katchin material to continually bombard him, trapping him within and making it seem like a planet is being formed. After the technique is done, with the enemy being trapped within, he materializes all the materials used in the attack, forming a "planet" with an immensely powered centre of gravity, making it almost impossible to escape, and extremely damaging.
Conjunctive Assault: Utilizing his telekinesis, he materializes and bombards the enemy with barrages of sharp objects. These objects are sent at all the enemy's blind spots, and are sure to weaken the enemy immensely with cuts at many areas. Combined with Telekinetic Fists and Impaling Doom, the attacks can be extremely devastating, as despite the physical attack's capability of being deflected by force fields and whatnot, Telekinetic Fists can bypass it and, upon distraction, Nacule is capable of destabilizing the Ki Shield, making the enemy vulnerable once more, subjecting him to a severely damaging assault.

Proximity Shift Edit

A move learned by the God of Chi Star Serelinity from Nacule (the move was developed by Nacule), and is one of his favoured moves. Firing a blast which seemingly does nothing (and is invisible for the most part), if it strikes the opponent, the opponent then becomes a beacon for this technique to work. Once it makes contact, Star Serelinity may teleport anywhere within a set distance of the opponent (determined by the distance between the user and the target), with little to no energy Expenditure whatsoever. Basically, it allows the user to travel anywhere within the same distance of the target. For example, if the opponent is 10 meters away from the user, the user may teleport anywhere, as long as the distance between the user and the opponent remains at 10 meters.

In combat, this has proven extremely useful, as it grants the user knowledge of his target's position at all times, allowing him to be perfectly wary of his opponent's position, even if they attempt to disorientate/distract him with clones, afterimages and the like. Star Serelinity has only managed to learn it to this level, with the rest being achieved only by Nacule.

Secondly, it can be used for extreme evasive manoeuvres, as the technique forcibly moves the user out of harm's way (an ingrained advantage granted by the technique), placing them in a location where they would be able to carry out a swift counterattack. Also, this technique, as it is command based, also does not rely on the user's speed, and is thus instant.

Third, the user may issue a thought command to the technique, and the technique will carry it out. This command is considered secondary, and unless the first prerogative (teleporting him out of harm's way) is disabled, the thought command may be overridden. This command can range from teleporting into every place that is the same distance away from him (creating an utterly black sphere which prevents opponents from looking out of it), allow the user to continually accelerate (teleporting the user the instant he nears the opponent, to the same proximity at the opposite side), preset the teleported location of the evasive manoeuvres, or even use it for combo attacks.

Fourth, the user may use it to prepare techniques. As he shifts proximities, there is a 1 second interval between shifts (in that moment as he alters his space-time position, if he chooses to prolong the interval), and he may use it to alter his size to immense/tiny proportions, prepare burst attacks, create barriers, or even further accelerate (used to his advantage).

Fifth, it can be used to create temporary clones, the length of which they last dependent on the amount of power put into the teleportation. With enough power, the fabric of space-time distorts, and the power takes the form of the clone, occupying the previous position the user occupied, and can fight for a short while. Normally, this is used to make the opponent think they landed a decisive hit, with the clone lasting long enough for the original to deliver crippling blows.

The sole limitation of this ability, is how long it lasts (based on the power put in), and the area in which the user may teleport to. Even so, this ability is known to last entire battles, and used to great efficiency. Serelinity is a beginner at using this ability (and is thus less power efficient, effective, useful, etc.), while Nacule is a master.

Speaking of which, Masters gain an additional ability, namely applying it to summoned objects as well, through either teleporting them, or even using the energy from the technique to force the objects to rotate around the target object. In the heat of battle, these objects can serve as major distractions, or even deal immense damage if the user decides to orbit swords, shields, and weapons of the like.

Another ability Masters can achieve from this would be achieving a state of "permanence" of sorts. Basically, they can use the powers of Proximity Shift to keep him within that same line of proximity (i.e, a Proximity Lock), and he would forever remain the same distance away from the target, and they would find it impossible to physically close in, as the user will move along with them as well. Often, this is used to obscure the opponent's vision, or allow them to rely on the opponent's energy to accelerate. Another way in which it is used is to place a Barrier within the Proximity Lock, preventing the enemy from firing ranged blasts out of it, limiting their range of attack.

The most useful thing Proximity Shift does, is that it can be used for attacks as well, allowing the attack to continually, dangerously, close in on the opponent while rendering them completely helpless. This is because whenever they retaliate, the technique warps to another location within that same proximity, and continues doing this for as long the technique is active. This would be akin to watching your death approaching you, with no way to avoid it.

Spirit EnergyEdit

Spirit Energy is the pure, unbridled life force of the user. Its use is dangerous, and highly likely to be extremely lethal due to its complete use killing the user. The powers of Spirit Energy are greatest when used in its purest form, and if converted, its powers become highly diluted. Ki, or Chi, is an impure, but less diluted version of life force compared to Chakra itself, hence the difference in power. Also, conversions in Spirit Energy to other forms take on a additional or linear multiplier. In Ki, the use of life force is an additional one, multiplying the user's life force at a set rate. For Chakra however, it multiplies the user's power at an linear rate, an example being the Eight Gates. The reason for this is due to the nature of Chakra and Ki. For Chakra, life force within the Eight Gates are much purer than Ki itself, hence resulting in multiplication. In Ki, it is much weaker, but still a great increase, as seen when Majin Vegeta's barely concentrated explosion almost annihilated Majin Buu, Tien's Neo Tri Beam's capacity to hold Cell back, and Omega Shenron fearing Goku's suicide attack.

For the actual Spirit Energy itself, its increases in power are exponential in nature, therefore making it one of the deadliest energies to use, as even the tiniest of concentrations can possess unmatched concentrations of power. It is noted that once the 50% benchmark of Spirit Energy is used, it requires an unfathomable amount of concentration to utilize, due to its highly unstable nature and the fact that it reaches tetrational levels of multiplication. The second reason is that this is the point of no return, as the incredible levels of power render it almost impossible for the user to revert from the use of Spirit Energy, rapidly exhausting himself by being intoxicated by his own power. The last reason is that Spirit Energy, whilst outside the user's body, disperse extremely quickly.

The last part is that the potency of Spirit Energy depends on the degree of control the user has over it. For example, if the user's level of control is only to the degree of 1% (in that he can only summon 1% at the bare minimal), the Spirit Energy takes this as the starting basis for Spirit Energy's level of strength. Thus, if the above user used 2% of his Spirit Energy, the magnitude of its multiplier for strength would only be equivalent to another user who uses 0.02%, presuming he can summon 0.01% at the bare minimal. As such, maximizing control over Spirit Energy is the key determining factor for maximizing Spirit Energy multipliers (though it requires a far higher degree of concentration, to compensate the fact that less Spirit Energy is used). The Tetrational multipliers, however, only begin at 50% onwards.

To explain why the starting basis of Spirit Energy remains constant, we would have to look at the loss of Spirit Energy. All beings have the same amount of Spirit Energy, but most lack the control required to control it. By being able to only control amounts of 1% and higher, this means that any amount lower would quickly be dispersed to the surroundings, which vastly limits the strength of Spirit Energy for those without the control to effectively use it. For beings which can control amounts such as 0.00001%, it would mean that Spirit Energy is largely preserved and prevented from escaping (this is because the amount of energy required to summon a particular concentration and amount of Spirit Energy is what determines the level of power of the Spirit Energy itself, whereby the greater your control, the greater the strength of the Spirit Energy), and this would allow the being to unleash attacks of equal potency as the previous person.

It stands to reason that this is the case, as it easily explains why people using all kinds of Spirit Energy (such as Ki, Chakra, Reiatsu, Hamon, and to some extent Mana) are able to train and continually expand their reserves limitlessly. They are simply gaining more control over their variation of Spirit Energy such as to use more of it without tiring as much.

Now, for the specifics of this Spirit Energy. Spirit Energy is constant throughout all beings (i.e each of them have the same amount, which caps at 100%). However, the core difference separating the potency of each users' Spirit Energy, is their familiarity with Spirit Energy and their degree of control over it. As control is the only thing which determines the magnitude of Spirit Energy used, this makes it one of the hardest things to utilize and gauge, as there is a very enormous risk of dying. For example, there is a chance that your control only allows you to manifest Spirit Energy only with 10000% of your Spirit Energy. This means that you would die before you would see any difference in yourself. The only way to circumvent this is either through fusion, where the complete use of Spirit Energy would only result in a defusion, or have an intimate understanding of Spirit Energy itself, either through analyzing the Spirit Energy of others, and searching for that same energy within, or through extremely high levels of realization.

Spirit Energy also functions a tad bit differently for fusions. Fusions are capable of using Spirit Energy to its full potential, due to the complete use of Spirit Energy not resulting in their immediate death, only a defusion. As such, they are much more free to experiment with the use of Spirit Energy. Furthermore, the multipliers for Spirit Energy work much differently for fusions. The maximum Spirit Energy depends on the number of fusees. For example, if it is a fusion of 2, the maximum Spirit Energy accessible will be 200%, and the cap as such will be 200% as well. This makes Spirit Energy highly potent for fusions, as tetrational multipliers start at 50% of their total percentage. This means that fusions will end up much more powerful in a contest of power, despite large gaps between their control over Spirit Energy.

Now, onto the separation of other energies and Spirit Energy. Despite Spirit Energy being a constitute of other energies, the use of other energies barely diminishes the amount of Spirit Energy accessible, as these other forms of energy are just fractions of Spirit Energy generated and converted by the body. If the user uses Ki since birth, and trains in its use, his reserves of Ki expand as larger fractions of Spirit Energy are used. However, the thing is that Spirit Energy is an infinite source, and its only limiting factor is the amount you can control. Therefore, the amount of Spirit Energy used to convert into other forms is too small to imagine. Still, to convert this Spirit Energy into any other form of the same magnitude is extremely taxing due to the control required. Hence, it is not usually viable to use Spirit Energy to refuel reserves, as it converts a disproportionate amount of Spirit Energy to refuel it. For example, if a user's control over Spirit Energy is at 0.00001%, the user would require around 0.1% of Spirit Energy to refuel his entire reserves, even though the actual Spirit Energy needed to do so may be 0.0000000000000000000000000000001%. Thus, it is better to actually use pure Spirit Energy, as it is much more potent and powerful.

Next, the drawbacks of Spirit Energy. Spirit Energy overuse may result in the weakening of the user's conventional powers. For example, if the body gets too used to generating and using Spirit Energy, the user's control and generation of other forms of energy, such as Ki, would be drastically weakened, as the body chooses not to generate as much Ki as before. This would impair the user's abilities, as he slowly becomes constrained only to the use of Spirit Energy, which may prove fatal if a far more powerful opponent appears, and the use of Spirit Energy exceeds the 50% tetrational threshold. Furthermore, the use of Spirit Energy is not worth losing other forms of energy use, as it does not cost Spirit Energy to use other forms of energy, where the different forms of energy serve to expand the user's own capacity. Lastly, it takes a long time to get the body used to generating the different forms of energy, where the drop in maximum capacity is exponential and highly noticeable.

Spirit Energy also cannot be resisted and absorbed, due to everyone's Spirit Energy possessing different characteristics, and its entirely spiritual nature. This means that it can neither be absorbed, nor be adapted to, as whatever physical elements which manifest from it are purely damaging, and have no basis for any actual adaptation. Enemy defenses, as such cannot resist the effects of Spirit Energy, nor can they adapt to its nature.

Lastly, the following is how the multipliers for Spirit Energy work. Basically, your control first determines the amount of Spirit Energy needed to summon one "Unit" of Spirit Energy. Subsequent units of energy summoned then act as exponential multipliers to the spirit energy, bringing the base Spirit Energy to a power dependent on the amount used. Furthermore, these multipliers all increase over time, making each successive additional unit of Spirit Energy used much more powerful and effective. An example of this is as such: Imagine a guy with control 1% and another guy with 0.01% control. The first guy, using 20% of his spirit energy, will be the equivalent of the 2nd guy using 0.20% of his spirit energy. Thus, Spirit Energy mastery is more dependent on control rather than actual energy output, whereby even minor differences in control can add up to an unfathomable difference.

For Nacule himself, he has mastered Spirit Energy to control up to 0.0001% of it (due to his insight and incredible experience in condensing and manipulate even Ki), and is able to regenerate all his Ki with 1% of his Spirit Energy (and exponentially more if he uses more Spirit to access the Spirit multipliers).

Below, are the variants and abilities accessible by Spirit Energy

Raw SpiritEdit

Raw Spirit can't be resisted. That is the first rule of Raw Spirit, it ignores all forms of energy-related defenses (even shields and the like) and can even ignore physical obstructions (though Nacule's body is still susceptible to physical obstruction). Still, this means that no energy shield, not even an attack, can resist this technique at all.

The drawback is that when using Raw Spirit, Nacule can't enhance the attack with any other power, such as Anti-Ki for example. Raw Spirit can only be used on its own, and its magnitude of strength is affected only by physical enhancements.

However, due to its incredible capacity to punch straight through and downright ignore any other technique sent its way, there is an enormous drawback to it, and that is it requires a large amount of Spirit Energy to utilize. The minimum amount of Spirit Energy needed to concentrate and create Raw Spirit is around 100,000 times a single unit of Spirit Energy accessible to the user. It's only beneficial, useful part is that every additional unit of Raw Spirit used raises its effectiveness on an exponential level. However, even so, it does not come close to the energy output of Spirit Energy for the same amount (and is in fact much weaker than one would normally expect, almost the equivalent of Frieza-level Ki in power for every unit).

Thus this technique is one of the most useful ones, allowing Nacule to bypass the strongest of defenses and directly attack the opponent. Still, the immense energy requirement is a major drawback, particularly since Raw Spirit is also extremely hard to control as well.

Spirit EnhancementEdit

Using Spirit, Nacule may enhance every section of his body to unfathomable levels, rendering him extremely powerful physically and mentally. This casual enhancement of Spirit Energy creates a flame like aura around his body, which represents the dissipating Spirit from every moment's use. It drains 10 times that of a regular "unit" of Spirit Energy per second, hence it is not viable to use for long periods of time. Still, it increases Nacule's strength to levels matching, and possibly even exceeding, Bisani Toribra's full strength, which is a highly notable feat, and also increases Nacule's already unmatched speed to greater heights, allowing Nacule to likely trash the opponent in the limited time he is in this state.

An alternative to this transformation would be through the use of sheer raw spirit. Luckily, for Raw Spirit the drain is one unit of Raw Spirit per second, but even so, its effectiveness is much lower as compared to Spirit Energy, where the use of Raw Spirit only brings Nacule to the equivalent of enhancing himself with Anti-Ki at half power. Despite this, it grants Nacule complete impunity against all energy attacks, allowing him to pass through all of them without damage, ignoring resistances, and dealing pure damage to the enemy through sheer melee. Yet, due to the immense energy cost, Nacule can only sustain it for a far shorter time than regular Spirit Energy enhancement.

Instantaneous Spirit ReleaseEdit

As mentioned earlier, Spirit Energy has infinite potential and no limit to its concentration and amount, and is only limited by the user's control. Hence, within the same amount of spirit energy, much more energy can be utilized, provided that the energy is released in a very short, instantaneous timeframe, such as to minimize energy loss to the surroundings and maximize energy output. Nacule first did this when practicing with the 14th, channelling the energy through his fist. This allowed him to unleash a technique of far greater concentration and power for the same amount, giving rise to a technique several hundred times stronger than a regular attack of the same amount of Spirit Energy. This technique gets much more powerful in the Spirit Enhancement state.

However, that was not enough for Nacule. He further practiced with this instantaneous release, achieving an even greater energy release which was 10,000 times stronger than normal for that same particular unit of Spirit Energy. He had done so through practice in releasing Spirit Energy instantaneously through a needle, limiting the Spirit Laser with intense concentration until he was releasing Spirit Energy in an extremely high frequency burst of shots. By doing so, he had maximized his reactionary speed and control over releasing small bursts of Spirit Energy. Using Raw Spirit, this technique becomes deadly to enemies without much physical fortitude.

In the process, he also learned how to unleash a "Spirit Laser", where his Spirit Energy, as strong as normal but far more concentrated, is unleashed at a constant rate against his enemies. This allows him to catch enemies by surprise as even a minor point by Nacule's finger in their direction may very well result in them getting impaled. With Raw Spirit, this technique is most deadly.

True Kaio-KenEdit

The reason why King Kai classified this as a forbidden technique was because of the physical strain it causes on the body, and the unwarranted side effect of enhancing the senses. Little did he know that Kaio-Ken was actually a Spiritual Conduit for Ki itself, actually creating Spirit Energy circuits and generating Spirit Energy to enhance Ki Flow within the body.

As seen quite obviously in canon, the Kaio-Ken enhances the physical attributes and senses of the person, at the cost of extreme fatigue. However, what King Kai thought was a side effect of heightened senses, was actually an increase in awareness of the surroundings for the user as a result of an increase in Spirit Energy. The only problem was that none of the characters were able to access their Spirit Energy, and was hence unable to take advantage of this generated Spirit Energy to their own benefit.

The True Kaio-Ken as such, forcefully uses the body to generate Spirit Energy. While the amounts may seem small, giving a regeneration of 0.1% of Spirit Energy per second, multiplying with every increase in multiplier of Kaio-Ken, it is actually an extremely high rate of regeneration. Converting the Spirit Energy within him into a conduit to vastly enhance Ki's potency, as well as changing the ambient spirit energy into pure energy for Spirit Enhancement, he is able to enhance the Kaio-Ken's multiplier from its measly, wasteful 2x variation to that of passive 10,000x boost, and it gets exponentially higher with every level of Kaio-Ken. This makes Kaio-Ken a highly useful ability to have, as it grants the user unprecedented power, even without the use of additional Spirit Enhancement.

Yet, despite its highly useful and powerful benefits, utilizing the Kaio-Ken has its own drawbacks as well. For instance, it causes much more strain on the body than for a regular Kaio-Ken, as the Spirit Conduit for enhancing Ki is hard to maintain, though extremely powerful. It also increases the damage done by other enemy attacks, but by a much larger extent as reminiscent of the original Kaio-Ken. Lastly, it is also relatively harder to maintain as it requires much more concentration, and brings about negative side effects such as weakened concentration and lower physical defense (for the time being).

Lastly, this technique also allows for the ultimate offense to be born. Utilizing Raw Spirit, Nacule's attacks in this state will become nigh unblockable. This means that few beings are able to stand up against his onslaught, especially with his newfound power. This is not even including his ability to use this variation of Kaio-Ken to constantly regenerate Ki.

Pentational MultiplierEdit

The Pentational Multiplier activates once the user uses past the 90% amount of Spirit Energy out of 100%. Unlike the tetrational multiplier, users of Spirit Energy often go out of control and their bodies are likely to self-destruct as a result. The amount of Spirit Energy accessible per additional unit increases exponentially (Spirit Energy's units^itself, so 2^2, 3^3, and so on). Once it reaches 50%, assuming it is 50 units of spirit energy, it'll be 50^50^50....(50 times), which is why control by this point is flimsy at best. For the pentational multiplier, it would be 90^90^90....(90 times) tetrated itself by that number. This makes the pentational multiplier the echelon of Spiritual Energy, and is virtually unmatched.

Only true masters of Spirit Energy may passively enhance themselves with the effect of this multiplier, but few people ever reach that far.

Normal StateEdit

In the normal state, Spirit Energy simply floods the person's body, and increases the more it is accessed. Multipliers (exponential, tetrational, and pentational) all apply, and unlock themselves after the respective amounts of energy are passively accessed. For example, one can call upon more Spirit Energy than he/she is currently using (unlike Spirit Flex and Unitary State), and the Spirit Energy will flood the person's body with its respective multiplier. 50% is thus the mark of no return for most, as the user must be careful and mindful of the current amount of energy he is currently using (and has used), lest he destroy himself.

Spirit FlexEdit

Spirit Flex is the devised state of Spirit Energy for Nacule. Basically the cap is 100%, so the max number of Spirit Energy units the user experiences having would be 100%/(% required to summon 1 unit of Spirit Energy). Only when released, will the number of units of Spirit Energy multiply according to the multiplier. This allows for minimal output with maximum effect, as the energy can easily be directed and unleashed in its maximal output. Despite so, this also means that Spirit Energy draining techniques drain Spirit Energy at a far more rapid rate.

The limitation that the energy used has to be at the amount of the expected effect. For example, once he uses 50% of Spirit Energy his energies won't automatically enter and use the tetrational multipliers. It only works when he uses 50% and above of Spirit Energy at once. The same applies for Pentational Multipliers. Still, using 100% completely means certain death, and often Nacule is left exhausted from the concentration required to remain in this state, and also from the amount of Spirit Energy used.

Potential Form: Unitary StateEdit

Instead of the conventional Spirit Flex State, Nacule consumes energy in the Unitary State. This means that every fragment of Spirit energy will be utilized in the unitary level, thereby maximizing his Spiritual Capacity. It's downside is that for every additional unit, the amount of Spirit Energy that floods his body from accessing the next level may overload him.

For example, when reaching the 100th unit of Spirit Energy, 100^100 units of Spirit Energy will flood his body, and once he uses it up, 101^101 units of Spirit Energy will flood his body. The vast difference in amounts is likely to cause blackouts to Nacule if he does not calculate his use of Spirit Energy properly. This also means he can only use a max of the current "unit" of energy at any time.

The benefits, however, are extending the effects of transformations and forms utilizing Spirit Energy. This allows him better control and extreme endurance, as the control over his output is the same as his input control, with no need of worrying for extreme outbursts (such as unleashing 50% of Spirit Energy in the Spirit Flex state).

The 8 Gates of FocusEdit

The 8 Gates of Focus are techniques which enhance Nacule's ability to access Spirit Energy. These are passive gates which improve the user's energy manipulation, provided the user has sufficient skill and practice in focusing. This is a secondary ability which is derived from the user's training in focus and the mystic arts of telekinesis.

Basically, the power to condense and utilize energy is a physical one, while this technique is one which focuses on the mind. The degree of mental mastery further serves to enhance the user's ability to channel and control Spirit Energy. Hence, those who focus on the more esoteric types of energy are not left hampered when using Spirit Energy, and for those who bring together both, like Nacule, end up much better off.

1st: 10x concentration

2nd: 50x concentration

3rd: 250x concentration

4th: 10,000x concentration

5th: 500,000x concentration

6th: 6,000,000,000x concentration

7th: 90,000,000,000,000x concentration

8th: 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000x concentration

Needless to say, accessing the 8th Gate means complete mastery over the mind. For those with prior practice, accessing the 1st Gate requires 1 day of preparation, the 2nd Gate 1 week, the 3rd Gate 3 weeks, the 4th Gate 6 weeks, the fifth Gate 1 year, the 6th Gate a decade, the 7th a century, and the 8th unknown. Nacule has the capacity to access up to the 6th Gate, and to unlock the different levels of Focus would require MUCH more training and understanding of Spirit Energy. All in all, he had already known about this when he first met the 14th, and worked to further develop it. The reason for the training is to condition the mind to apply its concentrative powers to Spirit Energy as well.

This is a passive ability as it enhances Spirit Energy based on pure focus. Focus is independent of skill and understanding, which is what initially determines your level of control over Spirit Energy. Hence, Focus is the basis of this ability, which further enhances Spirit Energy Mastery.

Flames of the UndyingEdit

Spirit Energy courses through the veins of Nacule, filling him with physical vitality and enhancing all motor functions by eliminating all dead cells within in an instant. This eradicates physical fatigue within Nacule and enhances his strength thoroughly by optimizing all of Nacule's processes and actions. This is a passive effect of the normal state when accessing Spirit Energy, which produces an aura dependent on the magnitude of Spirit Energy accessed by the user. This can also be freely channelled around the user to act as an offensive attack instead of a defensive one. .

True Spirit BombEdit

Draws upon true Spirit for an unparalleled release in power. Rather than going through the rigorous process of converting Spirit Energy to Ki, it draws Spirit Energy directly from beings, one unit to be precise. Hence, most beings can't even feel the energy drain even while the True Spirit Bomb applies the effects of the multiplier to get exponentially more power. The limit to this attack is exponential, however, unless one being decides to channel more than 50% Spirit Energy into it, which would then create a tetrational multiplier. The reason for this is because there is no cap to the maximum amount of energy which can be possessed by a True Spirit Bomb.

Spirit KamehamehaEdit

A Spirit Energy variation of the Kamehameha, which makes it extremely compressed and powerful. It is most powerful when used in the state of Spirit Flex, followed by Normal State, then Unitary State (as Unitary State has no multipliers).

Spirit Conversion: Elemental MaximizationEdit

By focusing on particular portions of Spirit Energy, he accesses the portion which allows him to control the elements, as all physical things manifest, and as such can be affected by Spirit. However, as he is a complete beginner in using the elements, often using Telekinesis to mimic the use and mastery of any element he uses, such as wind, earth and water, he is unable to control the elements to any notable degree, with his capacity to control it insufficient to damage even the most basic of opponents which can be found on Lookout.

As such, he gets over this by unleashing a pulse of Spirit Energy. Even a measly pulse of 1 unit is enough to give him enough mastery over the area to do almost anything with the elements, such as generating vacuums, spontaneously creating massive fires, controlling water to an almost absolute degree, and even generating stationary lightning.

The greater the amount of energy he uses, the stronger his control of the elements within the area. Gaining massive control over the elements has proven highly useful, as it not only maximizes his control over their molecular composition (preventing energy attacks from simply shattering the intermolecular bonds), it also allows him to control the energy travelling through them as he deems fit. For example, if you hit a tsunami Nacule had summoned with an explosion, Nacule could use the energy felt by the water from the explosion and use it to further enhance the speed of the tsunami. The same applies to tornadoes as well. Also, the greater his control, the more stationary lightning he can produce and the larger the lightning strike he can create. As for fire, it is weird in that the fire he generates comes from seemingly nothing. However, the fire he generates is limited to the area affected by his Spirit Energy, and the amount of Spirit Energy he had used.

Nacule controls the elements by "bending" them. Through physical action, he asserts his will on the elements themselves, directing their direction of travel and speed. Other minor things such as their temperature, etc., are all dealt with mentally.

Spirit MasteryEdit

Nacule's Spirit Mastery is such that he can, to some extent, manipulate other forms of Spirit Energy. The energy he is most attuned to so far is Ki, followed by Chakra and Mantra. This does not include Spirit Energy.

This Mastery also allows him to control any derivation of Spirit Energy, provided it is his own. This has also allowed him to create his own in order to attempt using these abilities. However, his control is relatively limited regarding energies he is unfamiliar with, hence he mostly sticks to Ki and Spirit Energy. As for other energies, he often accesses them for fun and to make things interesting. As his body is not attuned to generating these other forms of energy, he has to forcefully create them himself through the next ability, Portal of Conversion.

Portal of ConversionEdit

Portal of Conversion acts as a converter, converting Spirit Energy into any other form of energy, at the cost of reduced efficiency. However, as it is normally very hard to convert Spirit Energy to other forms of energy by yourself, due to it taking time, it is better (and easier) to use more energy to generate these other forms of energy.

He can use this portal to convert Spirit Energy into Kinetic Energy, Ki, Anti-Ki, Chakra, Mantra, Light, Heat, etc. It is inefficient in its process, yet due to the potency of Spirit Energy, it more than makes up for it as copious amounts of energy can easily be generated rapidly.

Nacule uses this to generate Ki when he is running out, often sending a tiny fragment of it into a portal, with the portal then releasing it from the other side in its condensed form, or other forms such as condensed lasers as he sees fit. For example, he may channel his Spirit Energy through all the mirrors, creating an incredibly powerful laser. If he uses it for energy requiring mediums, such as Kinetic energy, he needs to have mediums to transfer the energy.

As for Nacule's degree of mastery over chakra and mantra, it is relatively weak. Nacule as such can only use chakra consuming techniques such as shadow clones if he ever decides to convert Spirit Energy into Chakra.

Activation EradicationEdit

Summoning forth harmonizing Spirit Energy, he disperses a massive amount of Spirit Energy throughout the landscape, which create the reality-warping effect of eradicating Activation Energy for all reactions. Doing so, utter chaos descends across the landscape as anything and everything reacts endlessly in a change reaction, without need for "effective" collisions and orientation.

This has the effect of disassembling all physical constructs such as bodies, armour, etc. It is as such one of Nacule's dangerous abilities.

Harmonic ResonanceEdit

Harmonic Resonance allows Nacule to unleash endless waves of destructive force. Having each and every one of those waves empowered by Spirit Energy, which automatically harmonize to the natural frequency of any and all objects, they quickly fizzle out of existence from the power of resonance. This also prevents energy loss and allows the waves to travel almost endlessly without losing energy.

When applied to Nacule's body, he is able to casually destroy any physical material with ease without even using force, for his body then resonates with anything he comes in contact with. This further allows him to deal far greater damage by merging this ability with any other attack he uses. This way, any techniques used serve to deal maximum damage to any enemy, destroying any resistance with the least amount of force.

Aegis of PolarizationEdit

Aegis of Polarization is a defensive shield, acting as a double layered shield which absorbs and blocks almost any attack. Combining 2 layers with polarizing lines perpendicular to each other, the technique blocks all forms of energy from passing through, due to the remainder wavelengths of power being absorbed by the Aegis.

If insufficient, Nacule may make hundreds more layers, each accounting for even more powerful attacks. As this technique doesn't outright block techniques, merely absorb large amounts of power from them, it cannot be broken. This shield of Spirit Energy, as such, is the most powerful energy shield devised, as given sufficient power, nothing can pass through it, and with it absorbing energy, it would serve to empower the user much more than normal.

This does nothing to prevent physical entry, though this shield can be compressed to form a skin-like layer around Nacule which has the same effect.

Eye of the SpiritEdit

Eye of the Spirit is an extremely powerful suction technique. Acting as the Eye of the Spirit, it absorbs all ambient spirit from dying creatures, drawing immense amounts of power as it gains a suction effect.

Its primary effect in this case is to compress any form of energy Nacule summons, compacting it to the most extreme degree. Concentrating this "Eye" at a particular location, Nacule may casually compress his Spirit Energy to that point, focusing his energy maximally at that point. This applies for other abilities as well, as Spirit Energy has been found to be one of the most potent mediums to concentrate and draw energy into.

Depolarizing EnclosureEdit

Makes use of Spirit Energy's extreme dispersal rate to nullify all techniques. Creating a De-Polarizing enclosure, all energy passing through it, as long as they are derivations of Spirit Energy (such as Ki, Chakra, etc.), will depolarize into Spirit Energy, and promptly disperse rapidly. The Depolarizing enclosure is thus impossible to get out of via brute force.

This is often mixed with another physical barrier to prevent escape. A more energy-consuming method in this case would be the use of even more spirit energy to make the Enclosure solid.

Raw AnnihilationEdit

An explosion with pure, Raw Spirit, utilizing its incredibly high Spirit Energy requirement to circumvent the absurd energy levels generated by any energy past the 50% mark. Creates a massive explosion which can't be resisted.

Mirror of MaximizationEdit

Summons a Mirror which acts as a casual energy condenser. Allows Nacule to condense energy outside his body as easy as within. Energy channelled through this Mirror of Maximization uses the property of lenses to condense energy to a point.

He can summon many of these to further condense energy to microscopic levels, making it the most deadly technique Nacule has as no focus is needed for him to do so, even with unfathomable amounts of energy (for example, converting 49% of his Spirit Energy into Ki, and control it, despite it exceeding his limits by an unfathomable multiplier).

Harmonic Resonance: Effortless Energy TransferEdit

Using the idea of Resonance, he channels energy effortlessly into any target, matching their natural frequency. Energy loss is thus minimal and energy transfer is maximum. This power is capable of allowing Nacule to transfer copious amounts of energy to even the weakest of objects without them shattering. This has many applications for Nacule, as it allows him to buff himself up using the least amount of energy, thereby dealing the most damage.

Using this technique, he surpasses all prior limits in energy channelling, as the energy he channels matches the natural frequency of his body, yet not affixing itself to the physical medium. This means that no energy is ever loss as it never manifests into the physically affected realm. As such, the power surpasses all expectations as all energy channelled is effectively contained, waiting to burst out with unfathomable power once unleashed.

This allows Nacule to channel energy of any amount with the utmost effectiveness, to the extent where nothing may hamper him when he does so. This also removes a large number of potential imbalances to his techniques, as his focus is too great for most disruptions.

Energy SaturationEdit

An extension of an ability he has been using for a very long time. Saturating the air with his energy, he may enhance attacks for the corresponding energy used, manipulating its properties however he likes, and eliminate all resistive forces within the domain of his energy saturation.

Within his domain of energy saturation, the following effects arise. Firstly, he becomes impossible to detect within the area. The only knowledge of his location is that he is within the area where his energy is saturated. Any visionary sight gained would be tricked as light waves, sound, etc. are all distorted to give the wrong perception of his location, and even works for life force energy detection and power detection as well. Next, he is able to teleport anywhere within the area, which is a major advantage since he does not have instantaneous movement or instant transmission. Third, he may sense anyone within the area, no matter how hard they suppress their energy. Fourth, his technique's passive energy loss due to the environment is cut to zero, as he may eradicate all potential forms of resistance within his domain of energy. Fifth, his physical prowess and speed is enhanced several thousand times due to the lack of resistive forces holding him back. Thus, within this domain, he may enter Extreme Defense Mode and still move with the same ease as before. Lastly, he may control the properties of his energy within the area, for example, allowing it to superimpose constructively on each other and empowering it to unleash maximum damage. This comes from converting the area's interpretation of his energy into "waves". He can further enhance this by "refracting" his attacks as well, rapidly shortening the wavelengths despite maintaining the same speed. This creates the power unleashed in "Marked Death".

Other effects vary depending on the kind of energy used. For Spirit Energy, it vastly enhances all forms of energy output and physical power, at the cost of vast amounts of spirit energy required to maintain it. It further enhances Nacule's manipulation of Spirit Energy as well, allowing him to conjure much more massive amounts of it due to the ease of concentration. It also prevents teleportation within the area completely. He can do much more things with this as well, but he has not tried.

For Anti-Ki, it absorbs the ambient Ki in the area, enhancing and spreading the reach of Anti-Ki. The key thing about Anti-Ki is that it acts like a passive defense, automatically pooling together and forming walls to divert and reflect attacks being targeted at the user, and sometimes encasing it if it were absorbable. It empowers Nacule's defense extremely as well, as it forms a powerful, ambient resistive force. If an enemy were to teleport within the area, an extreme repulsion effect would be created, expelling the target out of the area with great force. The same traits apply for Ki as well, only that Ki is much more suffocating and solid, saturating everything within with power unlike Anti-Ki which absorbs things.

Lastly, there is Chakra. Chakra allows for Nacule to perform substitutions and create shadow clones anywhere within the area, creating a more solid illusion that will be believed by people. It also enables Nacule to control the varying types of elemental release with surprising efficiency, not unlike Elemental Maximization. Furthermore, due to it comprising the elements, it can comprise of many deadly barriers which consistently cause damage to the enemy entering within the zone. For example, the Elemental Hellzone he had used against Ares could form the backbone of this technique, combining the powers of the elements to annihilate any physical matter passing through, or diverting energy attacks as well.

All of the above can be used with cunning efficiency by Nacule. The sizes of each of the areas vary, but in general, the size of the the areas in decreasing order are: Ki, Anti-Ki, Chakra, Spirit Energy. When mobile, the sizes of each of these auras decrease as Nacule has to constantly shift it, thereby decreasing its area of effect.

Marked DeathEdit

Nacule, within Energy Saturation, can use a technique known as "Marked Death". This technique collapses the wavelengths from the entire length of the blasts, to the point where it reaches zero at the point of impact, allowing for a 100% transfer of energy at a point in an instant. This can apply for beams, punches and the like, and this is able to push Nacule's techniques to be far more deadly than ever before. For example, he may fire a beam, and have the wavelengths gradually collapse onto itself. unleashing its full power at a single point. The size of this point can even vary as well, to the extent where it is seemingly 2D, and can be used to form objects out of pure energy, and maintained by it as well. This is different from conventional solid objects as its form is maintained by the user's concentration alone, and not by it being stable.

Spirit UnleashEdit

The strongest technique Nacule has, though he never ever uses it. Use of this state rapidly deteriorates a user's control over all energy, reducing the user into a pure physical powerhouse, whom is capable of using Spirit Energy to its full extent. The first user of this technique is The Divine Asura's close friend, whose name is unknown as of now. Spirit Unleash allows the user to access 100% of Spirit Energy, though he/she will be completely incapable of firing it in the form of energy, with only physical powers being available to the person. The user's physical strength will then become unstoppable, capable of shattering concepts, dimensions, universes, and all things tangible and intangible. The only problem is that the user will never have a challenge any more and will no longer be able to be versatile.

Unique Metal CreationEdit

Nacule's Metal: A Metal which can convert energy into different forms and transfer it to different materials, at Nacule's will. Often used as a shield.

Dr Gero's Metal: A Metal that is highly absorbent of Ki, yet requires much less energy to manifest unlike Anti-Ki.

Rildo's Metal: A highly mobile liquid metal which is extremely resistant to Ki-related attacks. Ki attacks' effects will have its effectiveness reduced exponentially when trying to affect Rildo's Metal.

Extra-Dimensional Metal: A Metal completely immune to the effects of Ki and Magic, seemingly created from the extra-dimension of actual reality. As such, only physical attacks may affect this metal.

Shenron's Scales: A magical material which is highly resistant to magic. It can be used to conduct magic attacks and defend against them effectively. It is also extremely hard and can be made into wands to conduct spells with.

The Transcendental Perfections of KiEdit

After more than a decade of training with Ki once more, Nacule developed several new techniques with his Ki, involving beyond perfect levels of Ki control. These techniques cannot be replicated through mere sight alone and require an immensely long time of training to achieve, courtesy of the complexity innate in each technique. Even if enemies were able to copy his techniques, the control and focus required is more than enough for Nacule to discover a loophole in the opponent's defenses.

The First Perfection - Transcendental Ki ResistanceEdit

Through Nacule's unholy control in decades of practice, controlling vast amounts of Ki in an infinite array of different manners, he has gained the capacity to infuse solid Anti-Ki into the 99.9999999999999% Empty Space within his very body, effectively enhancing his durability, mass and speed unfathomably. This grants him absurd resistance to most attacks, as they have to overwhelm and destroy these Ki bits as well in order to affect his internal organs and many parts of his body, and acts as a buffer against most biological attacks.

This technique cannot be copied simply because attempting to do so is highly likely to destroy the user's body, courtesy of the energy interfering with their bodily systems. Only extreme regenerators (such as Regenesis) can bastardize and use it, but it would not be at the same level of effectiveness as Nacule's, whom control is such that he can utilize this as easily as breathing.

This is not including the many manoeuvres he can unleash with this technique utilized, as the Ki is now readily accessible within his body to unleash at his enemies at any given instant. He can now instantly mold and unleash countless techniques, create defenses in an instant, unleash offensive attacks suddenly, and utilize his Ki for momentarily extreme speed bursts, as though the Ki were an automated, self-empowering armour.

The Second Perfection - Transcendental OffenseEdit

This Transcendental Offense is a more advanced variation of the first perfection. While the first involves control to a certain extent, Nacule's Transcendental Offense requires perfect focus and control in every technique involving this extreme offense.

This offense is quite simple, basically, controlling every single particle of Anti-Ki, at sizes smaller than even subatomic particles, Nacule transforms all of these Anti-Ki particles into rampaging, turbulent, Destructo Discs within the sphere of his own attack. As these Destructo Discs are so tiny, they are invisible to all but the most extremely keen of eyes. This causes all of Nacule's techniques to shred and overwhelm any other technique despite the power difference, in particular Ki techniques as the Anti-Ki mini-Destructo-Discs can absorb Ki as they take techniques apart.

Nacule can add this technique into his Resistance as well, thereby eradicating his entire body of impurities such as poison by having his technique annihilate these disturbances. This also magnifies his durability to untold levels, and causes him to be unparalleled in direct offense.

The Third Perfection - Transcendental DefenseEdit

If Transcendental Resistance wasn't enough, Nacule has also developed a Transcendental Defense from his Ki. This Transcendental Defense arises from both Nacule's absurd control, as well as his great focus and capacity to create broken techniques.

This Transcendental Defense comes from Nacule being able to inject a certain "consciousness" into his Ki, as if it were a Ki Clone (or Multi Form), giving them instructions as to what it is supposed to do. Through mastering his very own fission technique, he managed to discover how to imprint his own consciousness into different forms, in this case, shields are included.

As such, now his Ki shields are imprinted with several unseen-before qualities. Firstly, it is extremely compact, with every single Ki "atom" bonding itself to countless other Ki atoms, effectively dispersing most forms of attacks by having the damage distributed throughout, or even effectively transferred and dispersed at another side. Next, there is also 2 additional layers of Ki, one inside the compact shield and one outside, both of which travelling counter to each other (i.e one is going around clockwise and the other anti-clockwise). This additional force redirects and weakens most forms of enemy attack, and serves to effectively nullify any real attack, even if they manage to pass through the compact defense. Third, there are also many more additional layers around these, each serving different purposes. For example, there is the Destructo Disc layer, splitting up most gigantic warriors, the Ki-Absorption layer (covered by ambient Anti-Ki), the spiked layer (discouraging physical assault), and the laser layer (which shoots down physical attacks, and redirects and splits enemy energy attacks).

This additional Transcendental power also reinforces his previous Transcendental Offense, where he may imbue all his Ki with the Transcendental Offense capability, or even his Transcendental Resistance.

The Fourth Perfection - Transcendental SenseEdit

Vast training in the use of Ki has granted Nacule supernatural senses through the use of Ki. It is not that his very body becomes capable of sensing all sorts of things, but rather his Ki becomes sensitive enough to detect almost every form of disturbance, becoming capable of interpreting images when electromagnetic waves come into contact with it, pressure differences (detecting sound), and different physical compounds (through both his Ki and his telekinetic sense for matter in general). This vastly enhanced sensitivity allows Nacule to fight blind in almost any situation, where he becomes able to rely on his advanced senses to interpret battles far faster than what his eye can see.

This Transcendental Sense also far enhances his previous abilities, where the Transcendental Defense, with an implanted consciousness and capability of sensing, is capable of detecting and countering attacks on the fly. His Transcendental Offense also becomes far more capable of homing into targets.

This additional sense also prevents him from falling into the trick of illusions, as his Ki sense disregards them entirely.

The Fifth Perfection - Transcendental AmbienceEdit

This very ability sprouted from Nacule's desire to further refine his control to absurd levels (even though his is already far superior to most regular Ki users). To do so, he continued his training in Destron Gas, which was designed to prevent the formation of Ki and weaken the user's control. Training to keep vast amounts of Ki, uncondensed, in its original form without being dispersed for an extremely long period of time vastly increased Nacule's Ki capacity as well as control and "feel" over his very own Ki. This was followed by training with Anti-Ki, and progressively condensed amounts of Ki within concentrated Destron gas.

Later on, he realized that this training had given rise to a new ability - Transcendental Ambience. This ability allows him to leave his Ki floating around the air without losing any of it due to his vast control. Basically, it acts as an ambient aura in which Nacule can casually tap into, vastly increasing his reserves as he no longer needs to keep his Ki within his body, but rather can continually expel it and keep it unsenseable through preventing his Ki from ever "emitting" anything, examples include light, sound, smell, physical touch, and energy.

An additional advantage this gives is that he can imbue this very aura with any one of the previous Transcendental abilities, generating attacks out of thin air as well as shields to do his bidding, or even compress all of this energy into his very body to empower his resistance to drastic levels, possibly even acting to enhance all his physical traits to phenomenal levels.

It should be known that while this Transcendental Ambient aura is invisible, the techniques unleashed from it aren't. Thus the attacks and defenses which come from it are not invisible.

Also, this Transcendental Ambient aura also allows Nacule to sense everything within it.

Still, this does not make invisible air suddenly turning into Destructo Discs any less terrifying.

The Sixth Perfection - Transcendental KinesisEdit

Using his vast knowledge over Telekinesis, he gains that very same control over his very Ki.

Utilizing his Transcendental Ambience, he develops a Transcendental Kinesis, where he utilizes the Ki in the air in similar ways as his very own Telekinesis, vastly increasing the strength of his Telekinesis as Ki Ambience itself is invisible.

The main difference between this and his Telekinesis is that Transcendental Kinesis can reach levels far beyond his telekinesis, mainly by manifesting and channelling more energy, rather than simply relying on mental fortitude. Yet, it still remains invisible due to the perfect efficiency of this Transcendental Kinesis. It is only when vast amounts of energy are used in this (such as extremely concentrated amounts of Anti-Ki), will it become visible due to Nacule being incapable of limiting the emission of energy.

The Developed Perfection - Invisible KiEdit

Through immense practice, and adding onto the Sixth Transcendental Perfection, Nacule has developed Invisible Ki, a spinoff from Transcendental Kinesis. It is where Nacule becomes capable of making regular Ki blasts invisible, though this does not apply to extremely condensed attacks, such as Anti-Ki.

Still, this ability is incredibly dangerous to most, as it allows Nacule to imbue objects with Ki without the opponent's knowledge, and create a horde of invisible Ki swords which the opponent remains unaware of.

In a way, it can be considered a more refined version of his Transcendental Kinesis.

Transcendental KiEdit

After mastering these perfections, Nacule also unlocked a new form of Ki - Transcendental Ki. Transcendental Ki is the next level of Ki perfection, coming after Anti-Ki. It has similar properties of Anti-Ki, in that it absorbs Ki (and also Anti-Ki in this case), and is immensely concentrated. An additional property it has is that it also disperses Ki as well, to an extent more deadly than the Destron gas developed by Hatchiyack's creator. Nacule speculates that this might be a result in training within highly concentrated amounts of said gas, which granted this new form of Ki the same properties as the gas itself, (and to himself, a seeming immunity).

Transcendental Ki is also immensely concentrated, far more so than Anti-Ki, to the extent where Transcendental Ki is to Anti-Ki is far greater than what Anti-Ki is to Ki itself. For Anti-Ki, one unit of it (enough to create a visible anti-ki ball), is equal in power to Omega Shenron. As for Transcendental Ki, it is greater to the extent where 1 unit of it would require unholy amounts of Anti-Ki to manifest. As such, Nacule can only create it when he grows to immensely gargantuan proportions, or when he utilizes Spirit Energy to aid himself.

Transcendental Ki is also extremely unstable, able to warp reality and the dimensions around it extremely casually if uncontrolled, and capable of annihilating solar systems, if allowed to revert back into its Anti-Ki, or its regular Ki state. If it were to remain in its Transcendental state, its Area Of Effect would be the same as a tiny, unfocused Ki blast from Videl, capable of dealing an immense amount of damage.

If enough Transcendental Ki is concentrated, it can also become solid, similar to Anti-Ki. However one variant property of Transcendental Ki is that it can exist in the Liquid State and even the Gaseous state, given enough of it is present. This is due to it gaining balance and uniformity, where the presence of more Transcendental Ki solidifies its presence as Transcendental Ki, preventing it from reverting into its previous states.

Also, Transcendental Ki is dark purple in colour, unlike Anti-Ki.

Transcendental Ki SenseEdit

Years of training in manipulating the tiniest of Ki amounts to achieve deadly effects has allowed Nacule to sense even the barest of disturbances in the form of Ki. This means that even Godly Ki is within his sensing grasp, for even the most minute of alterations to dimensional space due to Ki can be sensed by his pure will and familiarity alone.

Transcendental ConcentrationEdit

Defying the very laws of physics and the inapplicability of electric repulsion, Nacule is capable of condensing his attacks to impossible levels after developing Transcendental Ki. This has many implications to his already massively diverse arsenal and incredible condensing capacities, as it makes the task far easier than before. This increases Nacule's capacity to condense Ki to "Transcendental" levels.

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