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Mystic Gohan

Ultimate Gohan.png

1/2 Saiyan, 1/2 Earthling
  • Mystic Phantom of the Opera
  • Mystic boy
  • Mystic pansy boy
  • King Gohan
  • Date Of Birth:
    Age 757
    Date of Death:
    Fanfic: The power rangers assemble
  • Great Saiyaman (alternative universe)
  • Future Gohan (alternative universe)
  • Ceri (alternative universe)
  • Princess Pan (dauther)
  • ??? (son)
  • Prince Goten (brother)
  • Queen Videl (wife)
  • Goku (father)
  • Chichi (mother)
  • Bartek (future son-in-law)
  • Evil Kakarot (uncle/father's clone)
  • Evil Bardock (granduncle/paternal grandfather's clone)
  • Mystic hound (dog)
  • Princess Valese (sister-in-law)
  • Appears in:
  • Dragon Ball Z Power Rangers Mystic menace
  • Dragon Ball BH game 3
  • "Wow, my mom's bikini armor looks good on you"
    — Gohan after seeing his wife in her bikini armor

    "Please I beg, spare my life"
    — Gohan before he dies

    "Why are you naked? I know! To absorb all the healing juices! Right?"
    — Gohan to naked Bartek and Bardock

    "Hello, this is my wife Videl"
    — Gohan to his alternate self at the BH game

    Mystic Gohan aka King Gohan is the evil form of Gohan in DBZ Power Rangers mystic menace he's the main villain there, he ordered to change Satan city to Gohan city after he humanilated Mark infront of his fans, he also killed Erasa and Sharper and molested Videl, he also chocked the king in order to became king. He's also the fan of Phantom of the Opera, singing it (his child, Princess Pan is also a opera singer) he often slaps some sense into his wife when she says the Great Saiyaman poses are stupid.

    Evil story[]

    Gohan was sent by Goku to help him fight Kid Buu, after winning, some evil force possessed him, causing him to go mad, forcing Vegeta and Goku to leave Earth and leave the Earth to his ruling. At the end of the saga however, he returns to his normal self.


    This is no doubt the strongest of Gohans in all universes as he rejected his mother. After calming down, he doesn't trains as much, but still remains the strongest Gohan in multiverse


    He died more times than any other DB character mostly due to his arrogance:

    • Bartek shoots a mouth beam through his heart.
    • Aelita enters the BH Xana code, reducing Gohan to bones.
    • Evil Bardock snapped his neck.
    • Sonic made a hole into his body, causing him to explode.

    In BH Game 3[]

    He fights Evil Turles and is easily defeated by him and watches his wife getting owned by Bardock, he also refuses to help his daughter while Bojack was bearhugging her (as she thought mystic powers are not needed) it seems his cockiness is still there.


    • The idea of him being a bad guy is a homage to ARDBZ, where "mystic Gohan" is a loser, and is mocked by everybody.
    • After calming down by Bartek, this Gohan looks like GT Gohan in the Shadow Dragons Saga, complete with glasses, no hairbang and orange/yellow GI but without the kanjis.
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