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ミャク, Myaku
Detailed Information:
Appearances: Across the Universe

Extragalactic Containment Protocol



Dragon Ball: Heart of the Dragon
Nicknames: Lecculini’s Son

Species: Cambion
Gender: Male
Birth Power Level: 211
Maximum Power Level: S-- Tier (as of Age 778)
Personal Pronouns: ぼく
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 92.37
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Indeterminate
Favorite Food: Corrupted Kaiju fruit

Myaku (ミャク, Myaku) is a cambion who inhabits the multiverse. He is the protagonist of Time-Eater and features as a major villain in Dragon Ball: Heart of the Dragon.



When describing him, Sukan said of Myaku: “A diminutive thief he was: blue-skinned, with wild jet black hair, a thin, pointed tail, a stub for a nose, a slit for a mouth, and wide, round eyes, as if he were a child. Indeed, his head was noticeably proportionally larger to his scrawny body than should be the case. There were three things about the child’s looks, however, that made the Supreme Kai’s blood run cold: his black curling horns protruding out from above his forehead; his broad black wings, folded around his shoulders; and his unusually long arms, which left his claws ever more terrifyingly in reach.” His eyes shimmer with color, never settling on anything specific. Myaku wears nothing but black shorts. His favored stance is with his shoulders thrust forward, his arms hanging down, his wings warming his shoulders. When he moves through dimensions, his arms and legs hang and move at awkward angles, almost as if he is being controlled remotely by someone else. Myaku's aura is pacific cyan.


In most circumstances, Myaku is a rather shy boy who keeps to himself. He does not like prying eyes watching him hunt. He is a ferocious, deliberate, savage hunter who will maim and eat any beings he fancies. As a cambion, Myaku has a ravenous appetite, and so he is often feeding. His addiction to the corrupted Kaiju fruit shows the intersection between his addiction to the power the fruit provides and free will (as he hates the taste). The way Myaku interacts with the universe, and the other beings within it, is childlike, naïve, and a bit careless and brutish. In this way, he takes on a trickster role in his interactions with the living world. He does not mind that his Timewound technique routinely damages the very fabric of space-time, nor does he care about the moral or legal ramifications of murder. Myaku does not speak much, although when he was trapped on Kheriedu in Extragalactic Containment Protocol, he pleaded with Vizzer in a sing-song voice to set him free out of sheer desperation.


Across the Universe[]

In the first scene of chapter 4, in a flashback, Jeinu, Universe 17's God of Destruction, and Vodek (later known as Xiros), his attendant, visited a planet that had been wiped of all life. It was about to explode from the damage it had taken. Xiros noted that it was the third planet that week that had suffered that fate. Soon, they came across the culprit. He was a boyish demon with long black wings and blue skin. He was crouched over a dead native, eating it. Jeinu confronted the beast. He let out a wordless scream before jumping into a portal to escape. As Jeinu went after him, a sudden white pulse overtook everything in the universe. All of Universe 17 was erased in that moment, leaving nothing but Xiros behind.

Extragalactic Containment Protocol[]

In the fourth scene of this story, Vizzer visited the ancient white-stone temple on Planet Kheriedu. He climbed up the steps and then was confronted by the time-distorted cambion, Myaku. The boy asked Vizzer to help set him free. When Vizzer responded in confusion, the boy bit him on the elbow. Ingesting the power and blood of a mortal broke Myaku's chains to the temple, and he was set free for the first time in millennia.


In the first scene of this story, Sukan, a Supreme Kai apprentice, was enjoying tea underneath a Kaiju tree when he noticed Myaku lurking in its branches. Myaku was holding a blackened Kaiju fruit, which appalled the Kai. He demanded the demon hand it over, but he pocketed it. Enraged, Sukan shot at Myaku with a flying kick, but he dodged it by jumping out of the tree, landing in a stream below. The Kai followed him down there and tried to attack him, but every punch he threw went through the cambion's body. Myaku hit him into the river, then pounced, savaging the apprentice. Before he could damage the god too much, a Teamaster and his disciples appeared down the road, spooking Myaku. He fled, leaving a searing orange streak in the sky.

In the second scene, Agu and Sukan, his apprentice, went to Geene's world to meet with him and Martinu. Geene was most displeased to be interrupted while eating a meal. Agu claimed that no Demon Kais or Demon Supreme Kais had been born in Universe 12 in more than three million years, according to his records. Before then, they had been born infrequently, but consistently. Geene wondered if their universe's rising mortal level had played a factor in that, but Agu disagreed, stating that Sukan had seen the beast who had taken the last corrupted fruit. Sukan blurted out that the fruit Myaku had stolen had been black, indicating that it was likely to be a Demon Supreme Kai. Martinu questioned why the apprentice had been unable to stop Myaku. Sukan admitted that the demon had far outclassed him and that he had only been saved by the Teamaster and his pupils scaring off Myaku. Martinu speculated that Myaku could be a Demon Kai who was "saving" the other Demon Kais from banishment. Agu apologized for keeping this information from Geene, not realizing its significance beforehand. Geene got to his feet, slurped down the rest of his soup, and ordered Martinu to take him to wherever Myaku had run off to. Since divine energy is rare, he expected it wouldn't be hard to track the demon down.

In the third scene, Geene and Martinu tracked Myaku to Dhul Girinjapur. They realized he possessed an ability to shapeshift, as he was disguised as a local. They followed him to an alleyway in a metropolis, where they saw him savage a native. The boy noticed them. Geene forced him out of his false form, then demanded to know what he had done with all of the Kaiju fruit. When Myaku refused to answer, Geene noted that Divine Energy was rare in the universe, and thus it would not be hard for him to find Myaku again. It would be impossible for him to run. He demanded the demon hand over the fruit in his pocket. Martinu watched on, curious about Myaku's new appearance. The boy attacked Geene, but he was defeated in only a few blows. The God of Destruction fired a pair of finger beams into his chest, and he collapsed in a heap of rubble and blood. Once more, Geene asked him where the fruit was, this time conjuring Energy of Destruction. Myaku called him a fool, then vanished through a Time Rift. Geene was incensed that Myaku had broken that divine taboo as well. He swore if he ever saw the demon again, he'd destroy him. Geene asked Martinu what exactly Myaku was, but the attendant was unsure. The God of Destruction was unconcerned, as he knew he could kill Myaku regardless.

In the fourth scene, Myaku arrived upon a ruined island on Julahi. Bleeding and wounded, he (somewhat unwillingly) devoured the Kaiju fruit, wondering what Martinu and Geene thought he was stealing them for.


In the third scene of this story, Somen arrived inside the throne room on Melirion. There, he found Telnauki soldiers surrounding Emperor Haimaru on his throne. Somen finished off the first bottle of beer as he watched them. Into the room strode Admiral Nectarian. He held an onyx dagger in his hand. As he approached the throne, he bowed. The young Arcosian seated there told him to rise. Nectarian declared Haimaru, son of Cooler, the rightful heir to the Planet Trade Organization. The bugs screamed "blood for blood". Nectarian repeated the phrase and called forth the Time-Eater, Myaku, to give Haimaru a boost in strength.

Dragon Ball: Heart of the Dragon[]


Non-combative Moves[]

Offensive Moves[]


  • Myaku is the only living mortal being who has visited Universe 17 before Zeno destroyed it.

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