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This article, Mumba (Kuzon the 3rd Legendary Super Saiyan), is the property of Ultra Kuzon.

"Hi, I'm Mumba and I like people and cheesecake."
— Kuzon Saga

Mumba is a character in Kuzon the 3rd Legendary Super Saiyan.



Mumba is the friend of Kuzon and a expert spaceship creator of his race.


Mumba has dark green hair and wears a light green sweater most of the time, sometimes he wears a dark green suit of Saiyan armor when in battle. (Thanks to Kuzon's Parent's). Mumba also wears green shoes and has brown horns in his head (like Shenron). He (like all other race members) is about only 3 feet tall. A foot and a few inches shorter than Kuzon.


Mumba was born to 2 unknown parent's of his race (Mumba's Unnamed race). Mumba apparently grew up like a normal being of his race (Grew up like a human, as nothing is known of his life before he met Kuzon). Then he met Kuzon when he was 5. (They're the same age) Mumba noticed Kuzon training with his father all the time and Mumba always wanted to be a fighter and so he went to say hi to Kuzon, which for Kuzon being a Saiyan ended badly, but soon Kuzon and Mumba became best friends. Mumba started training with Kuzon and his father and soon got a green pair of saiyan armor (as metioned above). Through time Mumba went to college and became a expert spaceship engineer which led to Kuzon visiting Earth with him controlling the spaceship.


  • There is not much known about Mumba's race, neither does it have a name and the planet his race is from does not have a name. Though there is a estimated population of 20,000 members of the race.
  • It is not known who Mumba's parents are, though Mumba mentions his great grandfather being a spaceship maker.