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Manga name Mornpagne
Debut Fanga: "Parallel Quests!! Defeat Saibamen!!"
Appears in
Dragon Ball Advanced (SSJJ)
Race Angel
Gender Male
Status Alive
Affiliations Whis (brother)
Awamo (brother)
Sour (brother)

Mornpagne (モーンペイン Mōnpein) is an Angel that was captured by the Time Breakers.


Mornpagne's name is a pun of the white sauce - Mornay as well as Champagne.


Mornpagne appears to resemble Master Roshi's Jackie Chun disguise as he has the same hair, bread and moustache, and has an aged suit. He also has a lean build and wears the usual Angel attire.


Mornpagne has a cold and stoic demeanour which can be attributed to his capture. He is also known to be relentless, unflappable, impatient refusing to impose his will after he speaks once, and undeterred.



Mornpagne was an Angel that was once eradicated due to breaking Angel Law, however, he was revived by Super Shenron thanks to Demon God Demigra and imprisoned. Towa proceeded to use the Super Dragon Balls to grant her a wish that would allow Mornpagne to violate Angel's laws without being eradicated which was in the form a cage that Mornpagne couldn't leave.

Z/Super Saga[]

Turles and Slug approached Mornpagne's cage in order to gain more Tree of Might seeds and he later approached again by Towa as she requested a new fighter and "red" Time Rings that her Time Breakers could use. Slug approached him after she left and asked him to restore his youth.

Towards the end of the Z/Super Saga; Mornpagne suddenly vanished from his cage without trace.

Super Bardock Saga[]


  • Flight - The ability to fly with ki.
  • Ki Blast - The basic form of ki.
  • Ki Sense - The ability to sense ki.
  • Magic Materialisation - The ability to magically create physical matter out of thin air.
    • Life Creation - Mornpagne was able to create life threw this power.
  • Device Alteration - Mornpagne is able to alter the magic, and/or technical abilities of a magic object or scientific object. He was able to grant the Time Breakers access to the power of the "red" Time Ring which enables the wearer to access destroyed Timelines.
  • Rejuvenation - Similar to the Eternal Dragons - Mornpagne can restore one's youthful allowing Slug to become young.