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Moon Fang
Alternate names Getsuga
Piercer of the Moon
Inventor Ruttus
Users Ruttus

Moon Fang (月牙天衝, Getsuga) is Ruttus's own original Ki wave and also his signature move.


Moon Fang is a powerful energy attack that fires concentrated, blood crimson-colored blasts of chi energy in the shape of a crescent moon. While in Super Saiyan, these destructive blasts are violet and their paths can be controlled by heat, becoming faster and more powerful with an extended range. Ruttus can fire these as singular blasts or can fire them in streams to increase their range and destructive power.

Moon Fang is a technique which can become more powerful when Ruttus expels more energy into it. It uses a large amount of Ruttus's vast ki power, which is why in situations where he has expelled too much energy, he cannot use the technique effectively.

Appearance and Power[]

In Ruttus's normal form, Moon Fang's blasts are crimson streaks which carry to varying ranges. The power of the attack is capable of carving a large furrow in the ground. When used on an airborne target, the attack takes the form of a crescent moon-shaped blood red blast. However, when used on the ground, it instead rages forward like a wave of water, crushing the ground as it advances.

Once in Super Saiyan it becomes much more powerful, changing color to violet. Unlike the normal version, the direction of the Super Saiyan version can be homed in on energy signatures and heat, providing greater range and accuracy. Often, upon contact, it will engulf the foe and create a gigantic explosion.