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Manga name Miira
Alternate names Miira
Demon King Mira
Debut Fanga: "Time Meddlers Revealled! I Am Miira!!"
Appears in
Resurrection (SSJJ)
Race Bio-Warrior (contains DNA of Saiyans, Frieza's race, Demon Realm race, Earthlings, Namekians, and Majins)
Gender Male
Date of birth Before Age 900
Date of death Age 2000 (revived)
Allegiance Time Breakers
Affiliations Mira (Xeno World & Bio-Android counterpart)
Towa (Creator/Wife)
Fu (Son)
Dabura (Predecessor/Brother-in-law/Subordinate)
Psidevilman (Subordinate)
Towa: Time Duplicate (Absorption Victim/Permanent fusee)
Dark God Mira (alternate counterpart/absorption victim/permanent fusee)
Fusions Mira (alternate counterpart/fusee of absorption victim)
Dabura (Time Rift) (fusee of absorption victim)
Demira (absorption victim/permanent fusee)
Damira (absorption victim/permanent fusee)
Fin (temporary absorption victim)
Demigra (genetic source)
Putine (genetic source)
Robelu (genetic source)
Broly (genetic source)
Kale (genetic source)
Frieza (genetic source)
Frost (genetic source)
Videl (genetic source)
Future Bulma (genetic source)
King Piccolo (genetic source)
Grand Elder Guru (genetic source)
Evil Buu (genetic source)
Future Evil Buu (genetic source)

Mira (ミラ, Mira) is an artificial being from the future and comes from the Demon Realm. He contains DNA from multiple races of Universe 7. He is the Main World as well as Bio-Warrior counterpart of Mira.

Overview Edit

Appearance Edit

Mira is identical in appearance to his Super Dragon Ball Heroes, Dragon Ball Xenoverse, and Dragon Ball Online counterparts.

After the Dabura and Psidevilman Saga; Mira no longer wore his armour, and wore his red clothing that covers all his body.

Personality Edit

During his first meeting with Dial - Mira remained calm, silent and was a quiet observer most of the time, rarely speaking and keeping a serious expression on his face.

Mira displays a no-nonsense type of personality with the Time Breakers and is willing to use alternative methods to increase the power of his subordinates regardless of their opinion on the matter. Mira also seems to be willing to follow the orders of Towa without protest. Mira displayed knowledge of historical events as he knew that Miss Piiza and her managees never reached the Cell Games and wondered what kind of foolery could've happened if they did.

Biography Edit

Z/Super Saga Edit

Main article: Z/Super Saga (SSJJ)

After the defeat of Turles, Ginyu Frog, and Golden-Masked Gohan - Towa and Mira finally made themselves known to Dial and Vegeta. Mira remained silent during the encounter and simply struck both Dial and an exhausted Vegeta before he entering the Supervillain state after Towa commanded him to do so in order to intimidate Dial and Vegeta.

Mira later appeared with the Time Breakers as they used Dark Shenron to get stronger which he laid down the law with Past Vegeta and forced him to accept the wish that Mira wanted.

Mira later appeared again while Towa was interfering with the Cell Games. Mira battled against Future Trunks while Dial helped the Z-Fighters against an empowered Mr. Satan, Cell Juniors, and Cell. Chronoa later helped Dial arrive at the battle with Mira at some time Dial's past self was at the Cell Games thanks to Chronoa's abilities.

Mira was able to overpower Future Trunks even with Time Patroller at Super Saiyan 3 and fought almost evenly against Fourth Transformation - Dial. However, upon Dial assuming Super Fourth Transformation - he was overpowered along with Agnilasa and entered Supervillain allowing Mira to fight evenly with Dial. Dial easily overpowered Agnilasa and managed to eliminate the fused Android from the fight while Future Trunks decided to aid Dial but simply proved to be just in the way as Mira wasn't fazed by Future Trunks's attacks. After the arrival of his subordinates Slug aided Mira and they were able to overwhelm him until the rest of the Time Patrollers except Turles arrived to aid him allowing Dial to fight Mira alone.

Towa eventually arrived and order a full retreat from the fight after collecting energy from the distortions she created with the Cell Games.

Pre-revamp biography Edit

Towa, and Miira were brought to Age 850 from Age 1000, to help him escape from the Crack of Time, but it was revealed by Towa that she initially refused until being given the ability to use the means to go through time and alter the past.

Towa, and Miira first appear after Ginyu is turned into a frog where she uses her power to transform Ginyu into a Giant form, and gives him the ability to speak. Mega Frog Ginyu attacks Dial, and attempts to kill him only to have himself outmatch due to the Frog not having much power. Dial manages to wipe the floor with Ginyu, and blasts him with a Galick Gun vaporising him.

The taller Demon identifies himself as Miira, and declares battle with Dial. Miira manages to hold his own. Only to find himself dissatisfied by Dial power an attempts to kill him, but Towa convinces him not. Dial returns to the Time Nest, and Supreme Kai of Time explains that the pair are a demon scientist, and sister of Dabura; Towa, and her creation Miira.

They later appear again during to change Age 767, The two are confronted by Dial, and Trunks where they battle him. Prior to battle Dial transforms into his True Form. She watches as both Time Patrollers give him trouble, until Miira transforms into his Runaway form. He fires his Dark Kamehameha at both of them, but they dodge it. Dial uses his Supernova on Miira, and attempts to destroy him. But Miira dodges it, and uses Death Slash cutting the open field, and Dial counters with a Super Galick Gun, and Future Trunks with a Buster Cannon. Realising that he is out matched, Miira leaves the battle with Towa. However back in the Time Vault it is revealed they went to his era after the Cell Games, and are trying to get rid of him.

She observes the battle between Miira, and Dial where he destroys him. She later takes his remaining tissue to be repaired.

Demon Realm Assault Edit

During the Demon Realm Assault; he marries Towa after their son was born as they watch over the invasions from the Towa's Tower. After being restored; he was able to return to his base state and even transform into the Evolved State despite the lack of Tokitoki's egg

He continued to fight on the side of the Dark Empire with his wife until while being imprisoned in the Time Labyrinth - he learned of the truth of Mechikabura's real reason for his invasion and turned on him.

After the death of Atla - he and Dial called a truce, and decided to become rivals following that.

1st Timespace Rift Tournament Edit

During the 1st Timespace Rift Tournament (and before the Demon Realm Assault) - Mira and Towa arrived to observe the Tournament. However, Mira didn't directly get involved instead of a clone of Mira was used instead.

However, sometime after the death of Atla and departure of Vegeta from Age 950 - Mira was forced was summoned by Baby 17 in the Freeform Fusion Machine's network to fight against Team Guitar.

He is eventually killed by a ki blast from Ultra Demitar while Baby 17 was able to survive. He was later revived by Guitar.

Other stories Edit

After the Dabura and Psidevilman Saga; Mira contained the DNA, and pineal glands of Frieza and Chilled (Frieza's Race), Nappa and Vevegeta (Saiyans), Psidevilman (Devil), Nail and Naraku (Namekians), Naraku again (Shinjin), and Master Roshi and Yamcha (Humans).

Further battles Edit

They later faced the Time Patrol again during a fight against Chilled, and were once again defeated in their attempt to gain enough energy. However after Chilled's death; they used his corpse to integrate his DNA into a strange larva, and Mira used magic to copy his pineal gland, and integrated it into his being. He later appeared to take Vevegeta's fused Pineal Gland, and gained the same aura as Future Super Saiyan-Super Saiyan Rosé as his new aura.

During Towa's attack on Future Trunks before Dial's creation; Dial arrives to battle two and manages to put up a better battle their ever before even as Mira absorbed Towa's time duplicate and the Egg of Tokitoki - he was eventually destroyed to the point that he was once again reduced to single piece of himself.

Power Edit

Mira base power was enough to easily defeat True Form Dial and base form Vegeta who was worn out from his Super Saiyan God 2 form. After powering up to his Supervillain state; Vegeta admitted that Mira's power dwarfed even his Super Saiyan God SS Evolved state.

Abilities Edit

  • Flight - The ability to fly with ki
  • Ki Sense - The ability to sense ki
  • Telepathy - The ability to read minds.
  • Ki Blast - The most basic form of ki.
  • Magic - The ability to use Magic.
    • Corrupted Ki Blast - The most basic form of ki enhanced by Magic.
      • Bloody Sauce - An energy sphere of Dark Energy.
      • Seasoning Arrow - A continuous energy bullet.
      • Dark Roast - Mira surrounds himself with an aura of Corrupted Ki before delivering a fast punch to the chest as they attempt to block it and proceeds to maintain the punch while driving them across the sky before grabbing them by their hair or neck and proceeding deliver a second heavy blow to gut before throwing them up into air and grabbing their ankle, and slamming them into the ground.
      • Dark Blanching - A short-range Mouth Energy Wave.
    • Time Breaker mind Control
  • Drawing out Dormant Power - A technique that releases some of a person's hidden power, the technique's potency depends on the user.
  • Mimicry - The ability to mimic other people's abilities.
  • Spirit Bomb
  • Death Ball - An energy sphere used by Frieza and acquired by Mira
  • Death Beam - Frieza's signature attack acquired by Mira.
  • Death Slash - Acquired from Frieza
  • Full Power Energy Wave
  • Shining Friday - Acquired from Raditz by mimicking his powers.
  • Bomber DX - Acquired from Nappa by mimicking his powers.
  • Weekend - Acquired from Raditz by mimicking his powers.
  • Kamehameha - Acquired from Goku by mimicking his powers.
    • Super Kamehameha - Acquired from Goku.
    • Dark Kamehameha - Mira's version of Super Kamehameha.
    • God Kamehameha - A powerful version used in his Runaway forms, and stronger forms.
  • Galick Gun
    • Galick Beam Cannon - A Galick Gun filled with Dark Energy
    • Arcane Galick Beam Cannon - A more powerful magic-infused variation of the Galick Beam Cannon.
    • Full Power Galick Beam Cannon - An enhanced version fired at Full Power.
      • Super Arcane Galick Beam Cannon - A more powerful variation of the Galick Beam Cannon enhanced by even more powerful magic.
        • Super Arcane FP Galick Beam Cannon - A more powerful variation of Full Power Galick Beam Cannon enhanced by magic.
  • Serious Bomb - An incomplete technique used by Mira.
  • Marbling Drop - A explosive/continuous energy bullet used in his "Final" forms.
  • Peeler Storm - An energy disc attack used in his Absorption Evolutions
  • Instant Charge
  • Absorption
  • Telekinesis - The ability to move things with his mind.
  • Dark Smash - Mira launches himself forward, and in an instant, delivers a hard punch to the opponent's stomach before delivering an unblockable kick to the opponent that sends them flying
  • Dark Wrath - An energy blast that combines Galick Beam Cannon and Evil Impulse.
  • Erase (One-time Use) - Mira was able to get Super Shenron to empower him enough to use Erase on the four dark counterparts of Dark Shenron.


Main article: Supervillain (SSJJ)

Mira was able to enter the Supervillain state at will and mostly used when Towa commanded him to use it. While in this state; his eyes glow hot pink eyes and the Time Breaker symbol on his forehead along with a black and white aura while gaining a white and blue hue.


Main article: Rampaging (SSJJ)

Runaway Mira is an enhanced form Mira uses after he loses control of Bardock. In this state, he appears without his armour and has veins over his face, and it serves as a lead up to his Super Saiyan form. Goku and Vegeta compare this state to Broly's Wrathful state.

Super Saiyan E-type

Main article: [Super Saiyan E-type]

Mira was able to achieve a Demonic variant of Super Saiyan due to his Demonic cells. As a result of this form - Mira's hair remains white but spikes up like the regular Super Saiyan form, additionally, his pupils become green and their scleras turn a crimson red. In this state - Mira is vastly more powerful than even his Supervillain state.

Demon God

Main article: Demon God (SSJJ)

Mira was able to achieve the Demon God form thanks to Dark Potara earring supplied by the mysterious X individual. In this state; his hair resembles his hairstyle in the Ultimate Battle Form also wearing Dark red Potara earrings on his ears and an additional pair on a bracelet on each of his arms. He also gains a new outfit which consists of a orange and blue variant of the outfit his counterpart from the Manga version of the Dark Empire Saga (Dragon Ball Heroes) along with black and gold version of wing-like object worn by Baby in his Strongest Form 1 state. Mira was also given a black and gold speared staff with an orb with the Time Breaker symbol on the end of the staff..

Super Saiyan Dark

Main article: Super Saiyan Dark

The result of using his Super Saiyan E-type form while in his Demon God form. In this state; his hair becomes a very dark scarlet colour while gaining dark medium purple magenta, very dark medium crimson, very dark scarlet, and strong khaki aura. This is considered the Demon Realm race version of Super Saiyan Blue and Super Saiyan Rosé. Additionally, the sclera of his eyes become Dark Green.

Giant Demon God

Main article: Giant Demon God

Similar to Demigra - Mira is able to pull every inch of his ki into transforming into the Giant Demon God form. In this state - his jaw, torso, his hands, feet, his tail except for the tip, and the back of his legs stay the same shade of blue as Mira's skin tone while the rest of his body become red while his hair stays white and becomes spiky and long resembling Super Saiyan 3 while retaining a single bang over his forehead. He also gains black and gold section sprawling across his chest similar to Demigra's sprawling markings in his version of Giant Demon God and the orb of the staff is located in the centre of his chest.

Giant Demon God Super Saiyan

Main articles: Super Saiyan Dark and Super Saiyan Dark: Giant

The Giant Demon God Super Saiyan form or simply referred to as "Super Saiyan Dark: Giant" is the result of transforming into Super Saiyan while Mira is in his Giant Demon God form along with the sclera of his becoming Dark green.

Transcended Demon God

Main article: Transcended Demon God (SSJJ)

Mira was able to further evolve his Demon God form into the Transcended God retaining the orb from his staff in the centre of his chest while the lower half of his body is red while his upper body retains Mira's skintone. He also keeps the tail from his Giant form albeit it is completely red in this state. Mira's hair also changes again although remaining white - his hair resemles Shallot's hairstyle.

Transcended Super Saiyan Dark

Main articles: Super Saiyan Dark and Transcended Super Saiyan Dark

The act of going Super Saiyan while in the Transcended Demon God form. His hair and aura are the same colour as his standard Super Saiyan Dark form, however, his muscle mass slightly increases while also his scarlet red bio-electricity.

Dark Battle Form

Prior to the battle with Cell-X - Transcended Super Saiyan Dark Mira absorbs his Bio-Android counterpart while his counterpart was in his Weakened Battle Form as a result of absorbing an alternate Demon Goddess Towa and take on a similar form.

In this form - Mira's hair grows similar to the Ultimate Battle Form while retaining his aura and the colour of his eyes from his Transcended Super Saiyan Dark form. He gains the bottom portion of Towa's outfit from his counterpart's Weakened Battle Form as his upper body gains a broken infinity symbol while also gaining Towa's earrings and wristbands that his counterpart possesses. Additionally, he gains Towa's red magic sceptre with a spiralled end and a green orb in the middle that she possesses in her Demon God Second version state. Mira's tail gains a black tip and Mira's skin to light blue, and changes his eye colour to purple.

Main article: Rampaging (SSJJ)

Runaway Mira is an enhanced form Mira uses after he loses control of Bardock. In this state, he appears without his armour and has veins over his face, and it serves as a lead up to his Super Saiyan form


After integrating pineal glands from five different races; he became even more powerful, and was able to produce the aura of Future Super Saiyan-Super Saiyan Rosé. His power allows him to rival the Saiyan Beyond God state, and has a larger muscle mass.

Super Saiyan E-type
Main article: [Super Saiyan E-type]

Mira attained his own Super Saiyan transformation after going berserk. Due to key physical features, this form is classified as an entirely different as a unique Super Saiyan transformation.

Super Saiyan 2nd Grade

Mira is capable of accessing the Super Saiyan 2nd Grade Form. He increases his muscle mass, and hair becomes longer. He is able to fight evenly against Third Form - Fear Accelerated Dial, but was outclassed by his Ultimate F Form.

Combined Sorcerer Evolution

After integrating pineal glands from enough races; he was able to construct a grimoire for those said races, and access a more powerful form. Towa stated that if Mira was in another form prior to using the Grimoire like the Sorcerer God Ritual will require the user access the form the user was in prior to Evolution, and their form will mutate. Mira's case he's muscle mass stays the same, but increases in height, and becomes significantly faster. He gains two horns atop his head, and top half of his red suit tears.

Ultimate Battle Form
Main article: Ultimate Battle Form

Mira's evolved state is achieved by absorbing the Time Duplicate of Towa, and Tokitoki's Egg. Mira's skin becomes a lighter blue colour, and his eyes become purple. He also gains Towa's Dark Potara earrings, and the bottom portion of her outfit. He gains white fur all over his body, and his hair grows out similar to Super Saiyan 4. He gains a true infinity symbol on his chest, and gains a significant power boost.

Weakened Battle Form
Main article: Weakened Battle Form

A weaker version of the Absorption Evolution after losing Tokitoki's Egg, and as he still retains the duplicate of Towa - he is able to enter form freely. In this state; the infinite symbol transforms into the Time Breaker Symbol while his skin returns to Mira's skin colour, and his aura becomes the same as the Future Super Saiyan-Super Saiyan Rosé aura.

Combined Battle Form
Main article: Mayugosentou Form

After absorbing the Bacterial Spores - Mira takes on his Mayugosentou Form. His aura become gold-like while his fur also becomes gold while retaining his skin tone. His hair becomes more rigid while his muscle mass increases in size.

Shinmaiyan Form
Main article: Shinmaiyan

While in this form; Mira's fur and hair become gold while maintaining a jagged golden aura while he has Red pupil-less eyes. The bottom portion of Damira's outfit and boots replace Towa's bottom portion of her outfit while the Infinity Symbol completely disappears. He gains a blue-coloured ring resembling the Metamo-Ring around his arm.

Demon God
Main article: Demon God (SSJJ)

After being sealed away - Mira was able to tap into the Demon God power that he absorbed Dark God Mira and the Time Duplicate of Towa to access his own Demon God form. In it; his form returns to the same length as his Majakukasentou Form while gaining a black and red uniform with spiked boots similar to Mechikabura's outfit in his Dark King outfit. Unlike the other Demon Gods - his form doesn't come with a weapon.

Super Saiyan Dark
Main article: Super Saiyan Dark

Mira was able to achieve Super Saiyan Dark due to his extensive power and his training during the time he spent in Time Labyrinth. His hair becomes very Dark Scarlet and gains a dark medium purple magenta, very dark medium crimson, very dark scarlet, and strong khaki aura while the user's eyes become Dark red with the whites of their eyes becoming dark green. His aura is jagged and flame-like while making the user's clothes appear darker than normal. His hair becomes longer and spiky like regular Super Saiyans, but the prime difference is that it is more demonic in appearance.

Fin absorbed

Main articles: [Dark Mira] and [Fin]

During an Extra Edition of Dragon Ball Advanced; Mira travelled to the Xeno Timeline and absorbed Fin after the Xeno Mira expelled him before proceeding to attack his counterpart.

  • Sealing Jar - Mira was able to gain a jar with sealing properties that can seal a large number of people at once.

Kills Edit

  • Numerous Namekians - Killed when he destroyed New Namek in Age 851
  • Psidabura - killed him with a Corrupted Ki Blast
  • Mutant Namekians (Dark Namekian) - Killed them with various Martial Arts techniques after Naraku refused to follow his plans
  • Tagoma - Killed him with a Corrupted ki blast after he was unsatisfied with Tagoma's failure to capture Dial.
  • Captain Ginyu - Killed him after he revived him after he was unsatisfied with his power.
  • All remaining Dark Namekians excluding Naraku - Destroyed their ship with a Death Ball after they failed to capture Dial.
    • Bibra - Bibra was one of the Dark Namekians killed by Mira.
    • Vic - Vic was one of the Dark Namekians killed by Mira.
    • Tanta - Tanta was one of the Dark Namekians killed by Mira.
  • Cocoa Amaguri - Killed with a Ki blast. (revived)
  • Deadly Dark Shenron - Erased from Existence while empowered by Super Shenron
  • Atramentous Dark Shenron - Erased from Existence while empowered by Super Shenron
  • Revenant Dark Shenron - Erased from existence while empowered by Super Shenron
  • Kaolin Dark Shenron - Erased from existence while empowered by Super Shenron
  • Mira (Xeno) - Killed with his Galick Beam Cannon.
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